Intel Asia Pacific & Japan’s Online Sales Group Launch

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang
At the Intel Asia Pacific & Japan’s Online Sales Group Launch of its New Capabilities

Friday 21 April 2017


It gives me great pleasure to be here this morning to officiate the launch of the Intel Asia Pacific & Japan Online Sales Group (or in short, Intel APJ OSG) new capability.

I would like to thank Intel for inviting me here today, and my heartiest congratulations to Intel for reaching yet another significant milestone in your 45 years-old journey in Penang.

Penang is the first Intel site outside of the United States. Since coming to Penang in 1972, Intel has continued to expand its presence in Malaysia by growing its assembly and test manufacturing capacity and capability, making it the largest such facility for Intel Corporation, producing the latest Intel products. Intel also added product design and development competencies about 26 years ago, as well as regional and global shared services capabilities to its portfolio here in Malaysia. A couple of years ago, Intel acquired Altera which has a large presence in Penang, including the facilities that we are in right now.

Intel’s continuous growth over the past 45 years is a testament to the capabilities of its people and Penang as an attractive place to invest. This is evidenced by RM39.7 billion FDIs and RM19.5 billion domestic investment, which amounted to a total investment of RM59.2 billion from 2008 to 2016, which is a 73% increase from the total investment of RM34.2 billion recorded for a similar 9 year period from 1999 – 2007.

I am very encouraged to see that Intel APJ OSG is serious in driving a vibrant economy sustained by a diverse and skilled workforce, and being innovative in its capabilities. Earlier this morning, I was brought around to take a look at the Intel APJ OSG new capability. I was very impressed to see that Intel APJ OSG’s workforce actually consist of skilled workers from Malaysia as well as from various countries in Asia Pacific and Japan reflecting Penang’s very diverse culture.

I was also informed that in order to address the challenges in nurturing, attracting and retaining talent to drive Malaysia’s aspirations of achieving a high-income economy status by year 2020, Intel APJ OSG has recently embarked on a pilot Graduate Trainee program in which they hire fresh graduates from universities in Japan to take up job opportunities here in the Intel Penang site.

I also found out that Intel APJ OSG also encourages employees to take an active role in their communities through its flagship Intel Involved volunteering program in the areas of education, environment and capacity building. By volunteering, the employees become more aware of critical local issues and they are empowered to build stronger communities where they live and work.

It is evident that over the last 45 years, Intel Malaysia has made a significant impact in this country; not only in the manufacturing, design & development, and shared services areas but also expanding into sales & marketing capabilities, through capability such as the Intel APJ OSG. The Penang state government has also undertaken several initiatives to establish Penang as a centre of excellence in science and technology, such as RM 28 million Penang Tech Dome, RM 20 million Penang Science Café, RM 6 million Karpal Singh Learning Centre, the annual international Science Fair and the RM 3 million Penang Digital Library.

Penang and its community have certainly benefitted from Intel’s presence. We look forward to having Intel continue its growth in Malaysia, and to have Intel as a valued partner.

On that note, I officially launch the Intel Asia Pacific & Japan Online Sales Group new capability. Congratulations once again, and I wish Intel APJ OSG and Intel continued success for the future.

Thank you.