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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

Chung Ling Centenary Invitational Art Exhibition

10/06/2017, 4pm, Penang State Art Galery


Chung Ling High School established in 1917 is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. I congratulate the school.

Students of Chung Ling are known to excel in the sciences. Many of its alumni are successful professionals and business entrepreneurs. They contributed to the success of our nation and particularly our state Penang. I am very glad to note that Chung Ling also excels in the arts. This exhibition is a testament to that fact.

I am told that there are 76 artists’ works showcased in this exhibition. They are made up of teachers and students of Chung Ling High School.

Most of the artworks exhibited here are donated to the soon to be built Chung Ling Art Museum. I am told that another exhibition is currently held at the Chung Ling’s School Hall. The artworks exhibited there are for sale and the proceeds will go towards an art fund for the school’s art museum.

The state government has earmarked a 9 acre site for the RM30 million Penang Art District. There will be a new Penang State Art Gallery built at the PAD. The plan is to have a 50,000 square foot exhibition space showcasing Penang art, 5 times PSAG’s existing size. I hope that Chung Ling artists will be similarly enthusiastic in contributing to the PSAG. The family of one of Chung Ling’s artists, the late Tan Choon Ghee has led the way and very generously donated 124 artworks to the State Art Gallery. The works are currently on exhibition on the ground floor of the State Art Gallery. I hope that many artists will emulate that generosity and follow suit.

I extol the Chung Ling alumni for their love for their alma mater. Chung Ling has an admirable school motto, 爱吾锺灵 Love My Chung Ling. Earlier this year, the Penang State Government also launched the I Love Penang campaign. It is my hope that, just like how the old boys of Chung Ling love Chung Ling, the people of Penang, including the old boys of Chung Ling, will love Penang, and will continue to work together for a Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Healthier Penang and a more Creative, Innovative and Arty Penang.

I congratulate the organizers for putting together this worthy exhibition that I know will inspire the community.

I declare this exhibition open.