This Girl Can STEM - Girls Recognizing Our Worth Through STEM

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

This Girl Can STEM - Girls Recognizing Our Worth Through STEM

21 July 2017 @ PSC@HERITAGE


Let me first bid a warm welcome to students from SMK Permatang Tok Labu and SMA Al Mashyor Perempuan to Penang Science Café @ Wisma Yeap Chor Ee.

All of you should feel very lucky.  Because today, all of you will have the opportunity to learn some new skills that will come in handy no matter what careers you decide in future. 

In this full day program, you will learn about Embedded System and Arduino specifically, and Coding with Python. Your world in future will be dominated with IOT and computing devices, and having the skill sets to understand and program them will be a tremendous asset.

This program today is organized by Penang Science Cluster, an initiative by the Penang State Government and industry to spark interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and get our young students excited about pursuing STEM careers. Penang Science Cluster organizes day long workshops for hundreds of schools free.

Last year, 18,000 students attended PSC’s workshops or participated in our TechMentor programs where PSC recruits volunteer engineers to go to schools to mentor students in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Coding over 6 months. You are also welcome here at Penang Science Cafes where equipment and tools are available to create your projects. On 11th and 12th November, Penang Science Cluster is organizing a Penang International Science Fair with a special theme “Jobs of the Future”. 60,000 people attended last year. So, don’t miss it.

You are doubly lucky today, because we have a special guest, Nadira Mohd Yusoff, CEO of GirlsinTech Malaysia, to share her story with you. Nadira is not just a CEO of GirlsinTech, but she is also an entrepreneur who has built a successful business in technology. I hope that her speech today will inspire you to pursue a STEM career or be an entrepreneur.Penang State Government wants to prepare you for the future, and build a future for our young.

Thank you.