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11 AUGUST 2017, 11.30AM



A very good afternoon and welcome to “Penang Signature Gold Fair (PSG) 2017”, a new benchmark for the gold and jewellery industry, and all here in Penang.

Malaysia has always maintained a low profile globally as the world is still more familiar with the other countries such as Dubai and India when we talk about gold jewellery trade supplier. But the fact is Malaysia’s gold suppliers have exported about 60 metric tons of finished gold products including jewelleries, ornament and other products each year.

The gold jewellery exports in 2016 for Malaysia is valued at RM7.2 billion, and out of the RM7.2 billion exports, Penang gold & jewellery industry exports contributed about RM6.1 billion exports or equivalent to about 85%. Penang companies have been exporting precious metal jewellery to more than 20 countries and this event can elevate us into the exclusive international arena of gold products suppliers.

Penang gold manufacturers have initiated an alliance making a total investment of RM49.6 million with a total land area of 4.2 acres at Batu Kawan Gold & Jewellery Industrial Park. This investment will create an estimated 730 job opportunities, in addition to the existing 8,000 skilled talents in the industry currently.

In the gold industry, its’ production process is quick, making it possible to produce a high amount of gold jewellery within a short duration, and lesser manpower is needed when compared to the other industries. The growth of the gold and jewelery industry provides another boost to the ‘Powered in Penang’ brand.

I am proud that the first ever International Gold-Focus Trade Show within the Southeast Asia, is taking place in Penang, Malaysia. It is a success to host international gold traders from more than 10 countries in Penang Signature Gold Fair 2017. I would say Penang Signature Gold Fair acts as an important gold trade center to connect worldwide gold traders all under one roof.

Ladies and gentleman, Penang Signature Gold Fair is not merely a platform for the industry players to source for more gold products, but it is an opportunity for the industry players to establish Malaysia as one of the most vital gold trading hub in exporting gold jewelleries to every single corner across the globe. To all of our gold manufacturer, retailers, suppliers and associations, it is time now rise and be part of Penang Signature Gold Fair to shape Malaysia as the one of the countries that people will think of when it comes to gold.

Thank you.