IEEE International Microwave, Electron Devices, Solid- state Circuits Symposium (IMESS) 2017

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

At IEEE International Microwave, Electron Devices, Solid- state Circuits Symposium
(IMESS) 2017

PSDC, 5 Oct 2017


I am pleased to be present this morning to officiate the annual IEEE International Microwave, Electron Devices, Solid-State Circuits Symposium IMESS 2017 here in Penang. The theme of this year IMESS is "IoT and Industrial 4.0 - The Pathway to Smart Cities and Manufacturing".

I am delighted that the inaugural IMESS 2016 was a successful event and has been narrated in IEEE magazine conference reports circulated worldwide. The second IMESS symposium this year has made Penang visible as an electrical and electronic engineering hub in global engineering fraternity.

I wish to offer my heartfelt appreciation to IMESS Chair Ir. Bernard Lim Kee Weng and his team for their commitment and hard work, Penang Skills Development Center and fellow sponsors for their undivided support to make this symposium a success, and free-of-charge to benefit the technical community. I hope IEEE Penang will make IMESS as an annual symposium and look forward to it being recognized as one of the premier technical conference on microwave theory, electron devices and solid state circuit in the region.

IoT is the next big thing in manufacturing and will induce big change on business models and automating processes across a number of industries. IoT devices and sensors collects and analyzes huge data of environment that will be used to improve infrastructure, public utilities and services in urban areas.

To succeed in Industry 4.0, we must focus on education of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This year, the State has also announced the formation of Penang STEM Sdn Bhd. as the umbrella organization of 6 Centres of Excellence (COEs) to spearhead STEM such as :-

-Penang International Science Fair – the largest science fair in Malaysia which is organized in SPiCE Indoor Arena
-Penang Tech Dome – our science and tech discovery centre
-Penang Digital Library – the first digital library in Malaysia – open 24-7, 365 days a week. A library without books that allow our children and adults alike to explore knowledge through e-book and digital databases. 
-Penang Science Cluster – A space to spark and ignite ideas and innovations complemented with space for Science Café and Makerspace. 
-@CAT Penang – A platform and launch pad in bringing the tech-startup community under one roof, providing necessary support and services to build a strong ecosystem.

The State Government has invested RM 68 million in these scientific initiatives. Talent pool in STEM is crucial to keep Penang competitive on a global scale. We recognize that talent retention is our biggest asset, and we have embarked on the journey to retain talent through the Penang Future Foundation three years ago. Scholarships are offered to all eligible Malaysians regardless of race, religion and gender in selected STEM and other fields of study. Upon successful completion of studies, the sponsored scholars are required to work in Penang.

Another program launched late year is the first State-sponsored Malaysia Meister Program with allocation of RM6 millon. This skill development program, based on the world renowned German vocational training module, will see apprentice hired by and working in factories (with guidance from experienced tutors) and studying in designated centres such as PSDC.

In this symposium, distinguished speakers will share their works on IoT for smart manufacturing and cities, I hope delegates will benefit from these sessions. Moving forward, these initiatives will allow Penang to progress forward as an international and intelligent city.

Wishing all a productive and fruitful symposium!