Penang Lantern Festival 2017

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

Penang Lantern Festival 2017

7 October 2017

A very good evening to everyone here today and welcome to the Penang Lantern Festival 2017.

The Lantern Festival also known as Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake festival is also a special day of reunion for family members to get together to admire the full moon. There are many interesting programmes and performances lined up for this evening including famous performing groups specially invited from Sanya, Chengdu and Juizaigho. We also have a food stall from Chengdu as an addition to the 20 food stalls here serving delicious Penang food. We hope we can organize more direct flights to these cities from Penang.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the international performers tonight for your visit to Penang and for being with us tonight to share your talent and culture with us Penangites. The State Government will continue to organize the Festival annually. Lastly, I hope everyone will have a good time and enjoy yourselves at the festival.

Thank you.