The Senior Citizens’ Day

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang
At The Senior Citizens’ Day

on 8 October 2017

At Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged 

Senior Citizens’ Day is celebrated annually at Silver Jubilee Home to recognize the contributions of these senior citizens to our family and society. As the Chinese proverb goes, “when you drink the water, remember its source”.

For all that they have achieved throughout life and what they continue to accomplish, we owe these senior citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute. We should show our gratitude by showering them with love, time and patience.

Here, at Silver Jubilee Home, the 160 over residents’ welfare is filled with tender loving care and treatment. Ever since its establishment in 1935, the General Committee Members, supported by some 50 over full time staff, have worked tirelessly.

The various facilities that are of world-class standard attests to the excellent and efficient management of the Home as well as allowing the residents to live with proper care, with hope not despair. The Home's expenditure comes up to RM 2, 170, 763 million annually, all which are raised from the public. Thank you.

Silver Jubilee Home also opens its doors to potential residents and the Public for 365/366 days a year. At the 2 medical wards, i.e. male and female wards, residents are cared for by nursing staff for 24 hours a day. We can be proud that this is the best run government senior citizens welfare home in Malaysia!

The Home stands on a piece of 22.5 acres of land donated by Mr. Cheah Leong Keah. We thank the family members of Mr Cheah for this generous donations.

However, this could not have been possible without the strong, generous and continuous support, and most importantly, donations, from the Public which enabled the State Government not to have to make significant contribution. On behalf of the State Government, we thank these contributions from the public. Some of the donors are :-

a. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Tan Kok Ping
b. Dato Tan Su Chin
c. Dato Seri Richard Koh
d. Super Tanker Food Court Sdn Bhd
e. Kamsen Construction Sdn Bhd
f. SD Design & Management Sdn Bhd
g. District Grand Lodge of the Middle East
h. Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd
i. Conaire Engineering Sdn Bhd
j. Maple West Sdn Bhd
k. CYC Management Sdn Bhd
l. Yeap Leong Hai Trust
m.Yeap Leong Chooi Trust
n. Guangdong Blue Sky Lions Club
o. Lim Lean Teng Foundation
p. Berjaya Corporation
q. Mr. Ang Bean
r. Mr. Cheung Wing Shing
s. Dr. Choong SIm Poey
t. Dr. Heah Kwee Hong
u. Mr. Cheah Wee Khye
v. Mr. Choo Sin Fook
w. Mr. Yeo Khee Huat
x. Mr. Yap Soon Hin
y. Mr. Teoh Beng Seng
z. Mr. Sri Tjandra@ Chan A Tjong
aa. Mr. Lim Kok Seng

I wish to congratulate the past and present General Committee Members for their commitment in ensuring the steady growth of Silver Jubilee Home to continuously provide excellent care and treatment for the needy senior citizens.

Lastly, I take this opportunity to wish all senior citizens present here, “Happy Senior Citizens’ Day !”