Matta Fair September 2017

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

At Matta Fair September 2017 

13 October 2017

Straits Quay Convention Centre 


I am honoured to be with travel trade partners and guests to celebrate this opening of Malaysia’s favourite travel consumers fair, the MATTA Fair Penang 2017. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate MATTA President, Datuk Tan Kok Liang for being elected as MATTA President for the term 2017 – 2019, last July.

Tourism in Penang has grown tremendously as can be seen by the growth of both Penang Hill and the Penang International Airport (PIA). Before 2008, Penang Hill was carrying around 200,000 passengers yearly. This year we are expected to hit 1.7 million passengers. PIA was expected to reach its full capacity of 6.5 million passengers in 2020, but in 2016, this maximum capacity was exceeded at 6.7 million passengers. This year PIA is expected to witness 7.1 million passengers, needing an expansion of the PIA urgently.

With MATTA, Penang continues to be promoted domestic and internationally and ensure that Penang to be one of the top holiday destinations in Malaysia. MATTA Members have put out together exciting tour packages promoting Penang. MATTA recently had a successful fair at the national MATTA Fair September 2017 in Kuala Lumpur with over 100,000 visitors and RM205M sales turnover – Congratulations to Datuk Tan and team.

Each destination pride itself of offering varied and attractive product experiences. Penang is no exception offering new and exciting products, events and experience.

To visitors at the Fair, take advantage of the best price offers available for your year-end holidays, with friends and family. Once again, congratulations to MATTA and I hope that you will hold the Fair again next year, maybe a bigger Fair in Penang.

I wish you all a good MATTA Fair ahead – Thank you.