Penang Chefs Association 3rd Anniversary And 30th Anniversary Of Penang Chefs

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Speech by Chief Minister Of Penang
At Penang Chefs Association 3rd Anniversary And 30th Anniversary Of Penang Chefs 
6th December 2017

I can recollect exactly a year ago in December at the Olive Tree Hotel together with the Ambassador of Norway where I officiated a Norwegian Seafood Council event jointly co-organized by the Norwegian Embassy and Penang Chefs. Here I am this evening to congratulate the Penang Chefs Association on the occasion of its 3rd Anniversary.

The Penang Chefs fraternity was formalised in 1987 – 30 years ago and where the Association was once known as the Chefs Association of Malaysia - Penang Chapter. I am delighted with this milestone and an achievement that needs to be celebrated!

Your 30 years as volunteers, giving up your valuable time to the profession in the hospitality industry, to the society in times of need especially during the recent natural disaster in the history of Penang. The Penang Chefs Association teamed up with Food Aid Foundation and Mutiara Food Bank to cook and serve over 6,500 packet of hot meals for flood victims and volunteers over 3 days. On behalf of the state Government, I would like to thank Penang Chefs Association for all your hard work and contribution.

Just 2 weeks ago on 20th November, we witnessed the MoU signing between Penang’s pilot Mutiara Food Bank with Food Aid Foundation to feed low-income families. The signing of this MoU is an important step to expand the Mutiara Food Bank operations next year and it will also involve assistance from the Penang Chefs Association and the Malaysian Association of Hotels – Penang Chapter too.

Thank you for partnering with Penang International Halal Hub for 5 years running to co-organise the Penang International Halal Chefs Challenge. Your involvement recently in the state Chinese New Year Heritage enclave celebration and also the Penang International Food Festival 2017 Cooking Competition is also appreciated.

As for your young and aspiring chefs, kudos to all of you to have brought glory and fame to Penang. You have won gold medals this year at the Philippine Culinary Cup, Silvers at the recent International Food Hotel China Gourmet Table in Shanghai and the President himself Chef Audee led Penang as Overall Champion in the 3rd Thailand Culinary World Challenge as Highest Scoring Team in Day 1 and VIP Vote for Day Two – 2 years ago in Bangkok.

The Penang Chefs Association has also entered into a first-of-its-kind Memorandum of Understanding between LiFE Academy and DISTED College where PCA through its extensive experience, will provide industry-relevant review and input into the academic syllabus, as well as continuing the professional development courses.

It is not easy to stand out when Penang has the best street food in the world. But the Penang Chefs Association have made Penang proud. Let me again congratulate you on your perseverance and dedication to Penang and the world of culinary.

Thank you and best wishes.