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13 April 2018 @ 12Noon


Salam sejahtera and good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am pleased and honoured to be here with all of you today. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the PSDC for the success of the Malaysian Meister Program Level 1 (MMPL1) in Penang. I am proud that in a short span of 2 years since the initial launching of the Malaysian Meister Program Level 1 Mechatronics Program, we have trained 5 batches of apprentices and today, we are officially launching the Electronics in Automation Technology Program here.


Additionally, I am excited to note that this year we will see the first graduates of GDVT students in Penang. Thusfar, 22 students have completed Level 4 (Skills Diploma) and out of which, 12 students went on to pursue the Advance Skills Diploma -Level 5. While 73 students are still studying in Level 2 – 4 under the MMPL1 programme in PSDC.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The Penang State Government recognizes the significance and the importance of this program and we committed to fully support this program since Day 1. In 2015, we signed an initial agreement to provide a RM2 million sponsorship in support of this program to pay for the tuition fees of the participating students. The agreement has since been revised to include the Electronics program and the total sponsorship now covers RM3,000 per apprentice for the Skills Diploma level and RM1,000 per apprentice for the Advanced Skills Diploma level.


The state is going to extend to RM6 million sponsorship when the RM2 million are fully utilized, as a mark of the state`s commitment towards the programme. Besides that, the Penang State Government has also made financial provision for marketing and promotional activities to raise awareness and promote the MMPL1 to school students, especially in the rural areas.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is a well-known fact that the German brand has a long legacy and association to high quality and innovation. Germany is one of the largest economies and one of the highest labour productivity levels in the world. The German dual vocational training system is the foundation of Germany’s economic success and a crucial pillar for recruiting and obtaining employees.


It is one of the core reasons the country has a constant stream of a trained skilled workforce. The combination of work and study has been proven as a successful model in Germany. We are learning from the German example but adapting it to our local context and setting to make it suitable for Malaysians, and we believe that it will make the same positive impact here as it has done in Germany.


The program is only possible with the support of all the stakeholders. I would like to personally thank all existing and new Host Companies for believing and investing into the future of your employees. I am happy to know that 6 Host Companies have already committed to participate in the upcoming new intake for the Mechatronics program, while 2 Host Companies have signed up for the new Electronics in Automation Technology program.


I do echo Dr Schloesser’s sentiments that more companies need to be involved in this. It is my sincere hope that the Industry will capitalize on the availability of such a special program here in Penang. I am very much looking forward to see how the first graduates of the programme will utilize their skills and knowledges within in their companies.


In closing, allow me to once again congratulate the PSDC and all the host companies and it is with great pleasure that I announce the official launching of the Malaysian Meister Program Level 1 Electronics in Automation Technology program.


Thank you.