PWCC Gala Dinner

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PWCC Gala Dinner

19 Mei 2018

Jen Hotel

Salam Harapan & a very good evening to all of you.

First of all, I would like to thank the Penang Women Chamber of Commerce (PWCC) for inviting me to grace your momentous first anniversary celebration. When the acronym PWCC cropped up in the invitation card I received and for me to discover what the 4 letters stand for, I know without the slightest doubt that the event of this evening is not one that I should give a miss. 

The reason for this is simple. I will be in the midst of the many successful women of substance and significance in the state who have contributed greatly towards the economic success of Penang. Such an opportunity is hard to come by.

And I have been proven right by the sheer scale and success of this gala dinner. Penang is a successful place because of you, the resourceful business and working women, and for the same reason, I believe the men who are also here with us in this ballroom right now are successful men because they chose the right partner in life. I know that for sure and that's the reason my wife is here with me this evening.   

The success of Pakatan Harapan in taking over Putrajaya in the recently concluded GE14 resulted in revived vigour and aspirations for a new Malaysia. In many fronts, we are all witnessing the renewed dynamism that Malaysia was once equated with especially in the 80s and 90s. But this dynamism in its current form is the fight against corruption by those who wielded unwarranted influence, those who walked the corridors of power in the old regime, the abolishing of laws that stifled press freedom, individual freedom and to a certain extent, laws that even prevent one from distinguishing what's real and fake. 

Given this renewed dynamism working its magic around us everyday, one important area that none of us must overlook is the empowerment of women and gender equality in Malaysia. This is best reflected by the appointment of Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the nation's first Deputy Prime Minister and also the Minister for Women and Family Development by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. At state level, this same dynamism is most apparent in the changes I made to certain portfolios of the State Executive Council sworn-in only 3 days ago (May 16). The addition of 'Gender Inclusiveness' for your adviser, YB Chong Eng's portfolio, is testimony of the will of the state government for women to have a louder voice, to have more say in the matters that most affect them whether at home, at the workplace, at schools but above all, the right to self-determination in making the right choices in life.    
I thank all of you for the confidence and trust given to me in leading the state of Penang. I also thank all of you who have voted in Pakatan Harapan and whose unwavering support had enabled a change of federal government for the first time in 61 years. I now urge all of you to walk alongside me in this path of continued excellence for Penang. Together, we can make Penang scale greater heights and ensure all Penangites have a deserving share of this great place.  

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Datin Annie Chin and your dedicated team of great women for a job well done not only for the gala dinner event but for making the first of many bold steps in getting the voice of your fellow women heard loud and clear.