17th EPCON Asia VIP Forum & Dinner

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Speech by Chief Minister Of Penang

17th EPCON Asia VIP Forum & Dinner

sPICE Convention Centre

6 August 2018, 7.00 p.m.

Mr Vincent Phillips - Chairman, Knowledge Group of Companies

Mr Selva Nagappan - Managing Director, Knowledge Group of Companies

Trainers & Speakers of 17th Epcon Asia Conference & Workshop Series

Distinguished Guests

Members of the Press

Ladies & Gentlemen

Good Evening.

1. This evening’s VIP Forum and Dinner ushers in the 17th EPCON Asia Conference and Workshop Series in Penang. Judging by the presence of many industry captains from various multi-national corporations with us tonight, it is a welcomed indicator of Penang’s regional and global standing as a key centre for exhibition of E&E (electronic and electrical) industry.

2. With nearly 50 years of industrialization record and equipped with a vibrant E&E ecosystem of 3,000 well-diversified and competent local suppliers contributing about 8% of back end semi-conductor output globally, Penang continues to be a cornerstone of Malaysia’s thriving electronics manufacturing scene. Having significantly contributed 12.8% out of the RM244.2 billion in Malaysia’s manufacturing revenue in 2015, the state remains home to almost all the top names of E&E with nearly 1,000 factories.

3. Nevertheless, just like time and tide, the electronic industry too waits for no man. Constant significant progress in the E&E sector naturally challenges industry players to come up with better technologies and inventions. I’ve been made to understand that the competing focus in the electronic industry is to choose between developing a world-class product or a platform that becomes the industry standard. It is no easy feat.

4. This is where Penang steps in with a competitive advantage. Regardless of the platform or product or both, we have the ecosystem to support your companies’ direction. Our robust supply chain, proven track record and critical support services that help to provide shorter development cycles, steeper learning curves, reduced cost and time to market are further strengthened by one important element – a valuable pipeline of talent capable of embracing rapidly changing technologies. Understanding the needs of this ever demanding sector, the state government agencies are coming together and moving forward with schemes and learning opportunities that will transform our industry workers into robust workforce in tackling the global demand for E&E.

5. The remarkable emergence of Industry 4.0 worldwide must necessarily mean that the Malaysian E&E players should embark on initiatives which include the digitalisation of manufacturing. We need to move up the value chain to become front end manufacturers such as wafer fabrication or IC design. In the face of a robust industrial evolution, I hope that the SMEs in Penang will also be elevated and included as part of the thriving ecosystem.

6. With those challenges in mind, I am sure the 300 participants from 120 represented companies will look forward to the next 3 days for insights on various topics from speakers coming from, among others, Singapore, USA and United Kingdom. I dare not imagine I’ll understand anything on PCB Assembly, Soldering, IC Packaging, Process Optimization and Printed Circuit Board but I believe delegates will receive sound guidance and discourse on some of the latest technologies in the E&E sector. 

7. I wish all of you an enjoyable time at the 17th EPCON Asia Conference & Workshop Series. Thank you.

Thank You.