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18 AUGUST 2018

YB Steven Sim Chee Keong
Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports cum Advisor of MRCS Penang State

Datuk Wira Dr Hj Bahari bin Datuk Abu Mansor
Deputy Chairman of National Headquarters

Dato’ Sayed A. Rahman bin Sayed Mohd
Secretary General of National Headquarters

Dato’ BJ Yeang
Chairman of MRCS Penang State

Mr Yasushi Kasatani
Organising Chairman of MRCS Annual Dinner 2018

Mr. Tetsuya Iga
Co-Organising Chairman of MRCS Annual Dinner 2018

Dato’ Lim Tiong Chin
Deputy Chairman, MRCS Penang State

Mr Loh Nam Hooi
Vice Chairman I, MRCS Penang State

Dato’ Khoo Cheok Sin
Vice Chairman II, MRCS Penang State

Distinguished guests

Members of the press

Ladies and gentlemen

I would like to thank the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Penang for inviting me to their MRCS Annual Dinner 2018 and giving me the opportunity to say a few words.

I have been associated with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society Penang for many years as they never fail to invite me to Flag-off and officiate the MRCS Heritage Walk. If time permits, I will also take part in the Heritage Walk.

I have followed the humanitarian work of MRCS Penang whose members always rise to the occasion in times of disasters and road accidents. I know that they train their members to be competent in first aid and rescue work.

The Penang State Government has always viewed the MRCS Penang as an important partner in rescue work in times of disasters. Each year, the Malaysian Red Crescent Society Penang organises activities to train its members in first aid, pre-hospital care and disaster relief; and implements several humanitarian projects for the less fortunate people in our community.

One activity which is outstanding in terms of service to the community is the ComBase project. This is the community-based ambulance service based in three centres - in Batu Maung, in Butterworth and in Permatang Tinggi. The MRCS ambulance responds to calls from the Government hospitals and attends to the road accident victims before sending them to the hospitals for further medical treatment. Upon requests, the ambulance also takes patients to hospitals for treatment or sends the patients home from the hospitals. Such patient transfer service helps the family members to ensure that their family are well taken care of from home to hospital and vice versa.

The ComBase project is professionally run and is staffed by well trained paramedics. These paramedics undergo constant training to upgrade their skills so that they can give their best to serve those who need medical care.

To carry out these activities, MRCS Penang collects funds and receives donations from individuals and corporate organisations who believe in the humanitarian work of the MRCS. This Annual Fund-raising Dinner is one of the many projects to raise funds.

The Penang Government gives encouragement and some financial support to the MRCS Penang. However, I understand that more funds are needed each year, hence the MRCS Penang actively organises fund-raising projects as part of its activities.

The goal of MRCS Penang is to always be ready and be on the alert to spring into action whenever required. The aim is to save lives and to serve those in need of help.

From the crowd here tonight, it is clear that all of you support the good work of MRCS Penang. I hope you will continue to support MRCS so that they will continue to provide ambulance service and other humanitarian work to the people of Penang.

Thank you.