Penang Recorded The Highest Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) In Malaysia Of RM 2.3 Billion As At 30 April 2011

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Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 27 June 2011.

Penang Recorded The Highest Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) In Malaysia Of RM 2.3 Billion As At 30 April 2011.

Penang recorded the highest FDI in Malaysia of RM2.3 billion as at 30 April 2011 far exceeding other states. Penang recorded a total of RM3.24 billion leaping from No. 4 in March to No. 2 in April. The increase of RM1.4 billion in one month from RM1.8 billion in March 2011 is the second good news for Penang following the announcement by Robert
Bosch Solar last week of a RM2.2 billion to set up a 3rd generation solar plant for photovoltaic production.


Penang has recently rebranded itself as a location of choice for investors and destination of choice for tourists. There are 7 key factors that accounts for our success as a location of choice for investors:-


1. Ready availability of human talent;

2. Effective and efficient supply chain management

3. Competent and reliable logistics and communications hub

4. Strong Intellectual Property protection

5. Good governance and effective leadership

6. Building creativity and innovation in science and technology, and

7. Livable city

3 key aspects that deserve attention

·         Capability  in inspiring innovation and ideas

·         Expanding growth of small-medium scale enterprises(SME)

·         Building and retaining human talents especially in services, science and technology.


Towards expanding growth in SMEs, Penang has set up free expert advisory services, building a RM40 million SME Centre that rents out prime lots in the Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone at nominal rates and a SME Village for SMEs.


SMEs are an integral part of Penang’s industrialization programme and the State Government has always envision to have more local SMEs that are able to provide world-class standard products and services to the MNCs. The presence of a matured SMEs base with the right technological know-how and capabilities to support the MNCs is a major attraction for Penang.

With this in mind, the State Government has launched a few initiatives such as the SME Market Advisory, Resource and Training (SMART) Centre to hand hold SMEs and the Penang SME Centre in Bayan Lepas Industrial Park to nurture and spawn SMEs.

The development of local SMEs will be further supported and enhanced through the creation of SME village located within the well-developed Bukit Minyak Industrial Park and the well planned Batu Kawan Industrial Park.  PDC is embarking on new projects with the objective of providing ready built units of various sizes with shared services facilities and better infrastructure provision for local SMEs. The units will also be available for rental to ease their financial burden during initial stage of business.  We hope that more business units can thus be created to strengthen the supply chain and enhance homegrown manufacturing base.

Project 1 -     Penang Science Park SME Village

          Project area          :         67 acres

          Project component         :         47 plots

                                                 20 units of semi-detached factory

Project time line         :   May 2012


(Note : 24 plots have already been identified for allocation to 24 local companies)    



Project 2 -     Bukit Minyak SME Village


          Project area          :         4 acres


          Project component         :         12 units of semi-detached factory and

                                                 12 units of terrace factory


Project time line         :   Tender will be call within 3 months and expected for completion in 12 months

Project 3  -    SME Village Batu Kawan Industrial Park


Project area          :         150 acres


Project component         :       


     (1)          SME Village Service Centre


          The Centre will provide shared services facilities, which includes:


-                     Management & maintenance office

-                     Exhibition space

-                     Meetings and seminar rooms

-                     Restaurants and food court

-                     Convenience store – mini market

-                     Banking facilities

-                     Restrooms

-                     Security office

-                     Surau


(2)            Ready built SME factories


-           Terrace factories (90 units)  (2000 – 3000 sq ft)

-           Semi-detached factories (104 units)(5000-8000 sq ft)


(3)            SME plots for individual building

-                     Plot size from 0.5 – 1.5 acres  (56 units)



(4)            Project time line


The whole 150 acres earmarked for SME Village will be developed in 3 phases and will be completed in 5 years.


The first phase comprising the service center, 70 units of ready built factory and 30 plots of land are expected for completion in 24 months