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11 AUGUST 2017, 11.30AM



A very good afternoon and welcome to “Penang Signature Gold Fair (PSG) 2017”, a new benchmark for the gold and jewellery industry, and all here in Penang.

Malaysia has always maintained a low profile globally as the world is still more familiar with the other countries such as Dubai and India when we talk about gold jewellery trade supplier. But the fact is Malaysia’s gold suppliers have exported about 60 metric tons of finished gold products including jewelleries, ornament and other products each year.

The gold jewellery exports in 2016 for Malaysia is valued at RM7.2 billion, and out of the RM7.2 billion exports, Penang gold & jewellery industry exports contributed about RM6.1 billion exports or equivalent to about 85%. Penang companies have been exporting precious metal jewellery to more than 20 countries and this event can elevate us into the exclusive international arena of gold products suppliers.

Penang gold manufacturers have initiated an alliance making a total investment of RM49.6 million with a total land area of 4.2 acres at Batu Kawan Gold & Jewellery Industrial Park. This investment will create an estimated 730 job opportunities, in addition to the existing 8,000 skilled talents in the industry currently.

In the gold industry, its’ production process is quick, making it possible to produce a high amount of gold jewellery within a short duration, and lesser manpower is needed when compared to the other industries. The growth of the gold and jewelery industry provides another boost to the ‘Powered in Penang’ brand.

I am proud that the first ever International Gold-Focus Trade Show within the Southeast Asia, is taking place in Penang, Malaysia. It is a success to host international gold traders from more than 10 countries in Penang Signature Gold Fair 2017. I would say Penang Signature Gold Fair acts as an important gold trade center to connect worldwide gold traders all under one roof.

Ladies and gentleman, Penang Signature Gold Fair is not merely a platform for the industry players to source for more gold products, but it is an opportunity for the industry players to establish Malaysia as one of the most vital gold trading hub in exporting gold jewelleries to every single corner across the globe. To all of our gold manufacturer, retailers, suppliers and associations, it is time now rise and be part of Penang Signature Gold Fair to shape Malaysia as the one of the countries that people will think of when it comes to gold.

Thank you.


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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

At The Official Launch Ceremony Penang Medical Expo & Malaysian Healthcare Policy Conference

(PMEX 2017)

11 August 2017

Good Morning!

While Penang is famed as a food haven, we are also well-known as a medical hub. As such it is timely for us to hold the 1st Penang Medical Expo & Malaysian Healthcare Policy Conference . I welcome all of you to PMEX 2017, organised by the State Government of Penang and Penang Convention and Exhibition Bureau (PCEB), at the Setia SPICE Convention, which is the world first hybrid solar powered convention centre.

This healthcare event will showcase the healthcare system in Penang and aims to establish Penang as one of the main players in reviewing and discussing healthcare policies with 4 academics experts and prominent medical professionals.

Penang has recorded a growth of 14.8% in medical tourists from 302,000 in 2015 to 347,000 in 2016, with a revenue increase by 17.3% from RM390,694,625 in 2015 to RM458,262,629 in 2016. Therefore, this indicates that medical and healthcare based industries have become one of the prominent industries in Penang.

PMEX 2017 hopes to also provide a holistic approach towards healthcare and medical tourism. It is the platform for the industries to promote their high quality medical treatment at affordable prices, ranging from diagnostic and testing to surgery, post-surgery and recuperative facilities. PMEX 2017 will also showcase a range of other services such as cosmetic surgery, hospices and welfare centres.

Apart from stressing on the need to increase the number of doctors and nurses, highly qualified and expert health-care workers, capacity and capability building is important to ensure that the latest medical technology is available. With Penang’s aspiration to become a medical city, a broad range of issues need to be discussed.

Establishing private hospitals as well as having plans to build new ones signify a vote of confidence to put Penang on the map as a medical city. For your information, the Island Hospital Group, a private hospital entity, has invested RM2 billion to build Malaysia’s largest private hospital of 1,000 beds.

We are confident that this event would be beneficial to our participants, industry players as well as stakeholders. I hope the gathering of minds will foster discussions that could lead to reform and eventually transform the landscape of the Malaysian healthcare system.

Thank You.

GTCDC Symposium 2017

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

GTCDC Symposium 2017

5 July 2017


Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the Penang State Government, I would like to welcome all of you to this half-day symposium highlighting the projects of the George Town Conservation and Development Corporation (GTCDC).

GTCDC was established as a tripartite partnership between the Penang State Government’s Chief Minister’s Incorporated, Think City Sdn Bhd and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. Its main objective is to align conservation with development in the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.

GTCDC works in partnership and in close coordination with Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) and other state authorities. At the same time, it encourages the implementation of projects based on extensive consultations with stakeholders and community organisations.

GTCDC is committed to harmonising conservation and development by planning, monitoring and implementing public realm improvement projects that will enhance George Town’s Outstanding Universal Values as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also aims to support, catalyse and develop heritage-related activities that will help strengthen a new economy based on culture. Working in partnership with the public and private sectors, GTCDC hopes to create opportunities for wider participation in the protection and enhancement of the city’s heritage assets.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some early achievements by the State Government, working in partnership with GTCDC and community stakeholders. They include the Gazettement of the Special Area Plan, which started with the development of the SAP’s brief by Francesco Siravo of the AKTC. The GTCDC also helped develop the Public Realm Addendum of the George Town Special Area Plan.

Other projects include the completion of the Padang Kota upgrading works (total RM2,200,000.00) that involved the restoration and upgrading of the underground drainage system. GTCDC worked closely with the MBPP to create new services to facilitate social and cultural activities at the Padang. At the neighbourhood level, the GTCDC also helped in the completion of the Armenian Park (total RM1,500,000.00) and the back lanes (total RM350,000.00), developing a new porous concrete that is now being used in the rest of George Town as well as other cities in Malaysia.

In the near future, the GTCDC will be closely involved in the rolling out of public realm improvement projects in the North Seafront, as well as in the core zone of the World Heritage Site. The Penang State Government is supporting the seawall (total RM1,500,000.00) and landscape upgrading at the North Seafront(total RM20,000,000.00). The North Seafront makes up approximately 85% of all public open spaces in the George Town World Heritage Site.

GTCDC is implementing a 60 metre long pilot area directly in front of the Esplanade, in conjunction with the installation of a new outlet to channel the Padang’s drainage water to sea. GTCDC is also working with the Penang State Museum to implement the Museum (total RM2,000,000.00) and Gallery Network (MAGNET) (total RM1,000,000.00).

MAGNET is an initiative to promote public participation in the creative and heritage sectors. It will be a vibrant network of programmes such as public archaeology, installation art, community archives, performing arts, creative makerspaces, and exhibition spaces. The total cost of projects, which we hope will be shared with AKTC is RM23.5 million. Of this RM23.5 million, about RM5 million has been spent, a major portion by the state government, MBPP and Think City. Going forward, I hope our partners in the GTCDC including the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Think City will continue to develop Penang’s cultural assets.

I am told that we may soon have a Maritime Museum in Penang if we can secure the cooperation of all parties to develop the East Seafront. This will give Penangites more access to the sea creating a full life on the waterfront.

Thank you.