Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 2.1.2016

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Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 2.1.2016

The traffic congestion during the holiday session and huge traffic jam yesterday caused by a minor accident where a car overturned on the First Penang Bridge, will be a regular feature as Penang emerges as a regional and national tourist, services and manufacturing hub. If we do not want traffic congestion to be a regular feature for our children, there is a need for a paradigm shift towards a concept of “moving people instead of moving vehicles” that entails huge investment in public transportation and infrastructure. 

The Federal government realises how serious traffic congestion is in Penang, and has dangled a LRT system only on the island, with the Prime Minister himself promising 3 times to build one. However, just like his previous empty promises to abolish the Sedition Act, the Prime Minister has not kept his word to Penang. 

We will not allow the Federal government to choke Penang to death with traffic congestion. For this reason the Penang Pakatan Harapan state government has no choice but to take the initiative to do a comprehensive public transport system on our own that involves both the mainland and the island, and not just only the island.

The Penang state government understands concerns amongst some segments of the public about the scale and scope of a Transport Master Plan(TMP) that involves a huge sum of RM27 billion, because the TMP caters for the whole state of Penang and is not just island-centric. However these concerns stem for justifiable fears that the whole exercise will follow the BN approach of enriching BN cronies with hugely inflated costs that finally does not benefit public interest. 

Similar concerns were expressed about why would Penang need the RM300 million sub-terranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition(sPICE) Centre in Bayan Baru. However despite severe criticism, the decision of the state government to press on in building sPICE has been proven correct with the refurbishment carried out sold out bookings for sPICE.

The Penang state government can allay such concerns about the TMP by adopting the CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency of conducting open competitive tenders, full disclosure of information under the Freedom of Information Act; and public hearings to gain public feedback BEFORE the state government decides whether or not to proceed. 

The people of Penang will make the final decision and if they choose to reject the RM27 billion TMP, in accordance with democratic principles the state government will humbly accept their decision. The state government has come out with the TMP and we are willing to “fail trying” than fail to try.

Questions have also been raised why we would adopt a 5-in-1 solution involving buses, taxies, LRT/monorail, water taxies/ferries and cable car. To improve connectivity, we must try to have as many links as possible between both the mainland and the island to reduce traffic bottlenecks. The ferry service has failed abysmally to perform its public duty under the Federal government and the traffic accident in the First Penang Bridge yesterday only underlines the importance of the proposed under seabed tunnel and the cable car.

To win the future, we must invest in the future. To invest in the future is not about investing in building a new underground city but investing in people, education and public transport. There is no doubt that an efficient public transport benefits the poor more than the rich. This is the rationale why the public in Penang has so far being overwhelmingly positive, even though the RM27 billion cost will have to be financed through land reclamation.

The Penang state government is not surprised at Penang BN’s new-found opposition towards land reclamation when they had issued out land reclamation contracts to their cronies when they were in power before 2008. Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia(LKIM) is now opposing land reclamation allegedly to protect fishermen in Penang, despite supporting the tens of thousands of acres of reclamation recently approved by other BN-controlled state governments. Can LKIM explain whether there any difference between Penang fishermen and those fishermen from other states? 

Malaysians are not so gullible to believe in such double-standards and hypocrisy by BN and LKIM. The present Penang state government has even secured a higher compensation payout to fishermen for the Tanjung Pinang land reclamation project approved by the previous BN state government – the highest in Malaysian history. 

Penangites want a secure future for their children – to be able to live in a liveable city that is clean, green, safe and healthy free from crime and traffic congestion. Only a clean leadership and good governance can transform Penang into an international and intelligent city.

















2016 New Year Message By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 31.12.2015

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2016 New Year Message By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 31.12.2015

2016 A Transformational Year For Penang

Penang is emerging as a national and regional hub for tourism, services and high-tech manufacturing. The continued investment by global companies into services and manufacturing shows the success of the state government’s emphasis on quality that focuses on high-value, high-tech and capital intensive rather than quantity that relies on labour-intensive that only results in foreign workers. Our focus continues to be on breeding innovation and entrepreneurship as catalysts for economic growth.

The influx of tourists during this holiday season is best epitomised by crowds at Penang Hill which broke the previous record of 1.36 million tourists last year and is expected to reach 1.5 million this year. Tourism in Penang may be a transformational year for 2016 with the completion of renewal projects worth hundreds of millions of ringgit on Komtar and Penang Hill. Many hotels have recorded an occupancy this year as good as last year despite the poor economic conditions and the tragic triple airline disasters involving MAS and Air Asia planes last year.

2016 holds out hope for a more promising year. However success bring its own problems with traffic congestion being the critical challenge. When the present Pakatan Harapan government won power in 2008, we identified 3 major challenges – cleanliness, crime and traffic congestion. We have succeeded against all odds in making Penang clean again and together with the police brought down the crime rate. However we need to work harder to make Penang the cleanest and safest state in Malaysia.

However traffic congestion can only be overcome if Penang is allowed to implement our RM27 billion Transport Master Plan(TMP), a five-in-one public transport solution involving LRT/monorail, ferry/water taxis, taxis, buses and cable cars. The TMP was undertaken at the Penang state government’s initiative following the failure of the BN federal government to fulfil its promises made 3 times in 8 years to build the LRT, but was never implemented. 

Penang will be heading for a transformational year that will either help to resolve our traffic congestion problems or else proves whether the Federal government acts on national or the people’s interest but instead practices the politics of vengeance. The Penang state government regrets the political vengeance by some national federal agencies against the proposed land reclamation to finance the TMP, when they had previously made no similar objections against land reclamation approved by the previous BN Penang state governments or the tens of thousands of acres of land reclamation by other BN-controlled state governments.  

Why do these federal agencies suddently express concern about affected fishermen when they have shown no such interest in the fate of fishermen when much more land reclamation was approved by the previous BN state government or other BN state governments? In fact the Penang fishermen received higher compensation under the present Penang state government compared to that offered by the BN state governments. Such hypocrisy is not only double-standards but also cruel and oppressive because it serves to deny and deprive the rakyat.

Penang will fight against those who seek to deny and deprive the poor from their fundamental economic rights to food, shelter, education and work. In seeking these fundamental economic rights, development must be sustainable and inclusive in an environment that is clean, green, safe and healthy.















Letter(m/c) to PM on Flood Mitigation Project (By Lim Guan Eng)

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PSUKPP/21/0353/20 Klt.4 (59)                

23 Disember, 2015

YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak

Perdana Menteri Malaysia                                     

Pejabat Perdana Menteri                                         

Blok Utama, Bangunan Perdana Putra                     

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan


[No. Faks: 03 - 8888 3444]

Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri,


Dengan segala hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara di atas dan surat permohonan yang sama sebelum ini bil. PSUKPP/21/0353/20 Klt.4 (50) bertarikh 9 Oktober 2015 adalah berkaitan.

2.         Sukacita dimaklumkan  bahawa, Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Negeri Pulau Pinang telah memohon peruntukan di dalam Rancangan Malaysia Ke-11 (RMK11) untuk projek Rancangan Tebatan Banjir (RTB) bagi Negeri Pulau Pinang. Permohonan kelulusan peruntukan ini berjumlah RM997 juta berbanding permohonan sebelum ini berjumlah RM805 juta. Pindaan permohonan peruntukan ini adalah berpandukan kepada beberapa pertambahan skop di bawah RTB Lembangan Sungai Pinang dengan mengambilkira kos bagi perobohan struktur sedia ada, pembinaan sistem pemantauan banjir, menaiktaraf terowong air di cabang Sungai Pinang dan pengindahan koridor sungai. Bersama-sama ini disertakan senarai permohonan peruntukan di bawah RMK11 yang telah dipinda dan dikemukakan kepada Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Malaysia (Lampiran A).


3.         Untuk makluman Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri, peruntukan ini dipohon bagi mengurangkan kejadian banjir dan masalah banjir kilat di kawasan-kawasan penempatan rendah, kesan akibat banjir secara struktur dari aspek pengurangan bilangan penduduk terjejas, kerosakan harta benda dan kerosakan kemudahan awam dalam lembangan sungai. Selain daripada itu, tujuan peruntukan ini dipohon untuk meningkatkan kualiti dan keselesaan hidup penduduk setempat dan seterusnya menaiktaraf sosio ekonomi.

4.         Untuk makluman tambahan Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri, Kerajaan Negeri telah menyelesaikan isu penempatan semula penduduk yang terlibat dalam projek RTB Sungai Pinang dalam RMK10. Oleh itu, diharap dengan kelulusan permohonan RMK11 bagi pelaksanaan projek RTB Sungai Pinang, banyak faedah akan dapat dirasai penduduk yang mendiami lembangan tersebut dengan mewujudkan semula alam sekitar yang bersih, sihat dan produktif. Selain itu, melalui projek ini juga, isu banjir yang sekian lama membelenggu penduduk sekitar Sungai Pinang khususnya, dan Negeri Pulau Pinang amnya dapat diselesaikan.

5.         Kerajaan Negeri menghargai keprihatinan 
Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri di atas kejadian banjir kilat semasa sambutan Hari Raya Haji dan berjanji akan memberikan bantuan. Adalah diharapkan bantuan RM997 juta boleh memenuhi hasrat keprihatinan Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri untuk mengatasi masalah banjir kilat di Pulau Pinang.

6.         Maka, Kerajaan Negeri memohon pertimbangan 
Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri dalam meluluskan permohonan peruntukan RMK11 bagi Negeri Pulau Pinang. Kerjasama Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri dalam meluluskan permohonan ini amatlah dihargai.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang ikhlas,


Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang


[1] YB Dato' Wan Junaidi Bin Tuanku Jaafar

     Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar

     Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar

     Wisma Sumber Asli

     No. 25, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 4

     62574 PUTRAJAYA

[2] YBhg. Dato' Sri Ir. Zainor Rahim Bin Ibrahim

      Ketua pengarah

     Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Malaysia

     Jalan Sultan Salahuddin

     50626 KUALA LUMPUR

[3] YBrs. Ir. Sabri Bin Abdul Mulok

     Pengarah Pengairan dan Saliran Pulau Pinang

     Paras 55, KOMTAR

    10000 PULAU PINANG






要求批准第11大马计划下的9亿9700万令吉给槟城,以进行大马水利灌溉局属下的防洪计划 。


2. 槟州水利灌溉局已经在第11大马计划下,为槟城申请防洪计划的拨款。申请的拨款为9亿9700万令吉,之前的申请为8亿500万令吉。上述申请的修改是由于槟榔河岸的防洪计划增加了几个范围,也考虑了拆毁现有的建筑结构、兴建监督水灾系统、提升槟榔河支流的水道及美化槟榔河走廊。在此附上第11大马计划 下已经修改的拨款申请列表(附件1),有关列表已经提呈给大马水利灌溉局。




4.州政府已经重新安顿了受大马第10计划槟榔河防洪计划影响的居民。因此,我们希望当局批准第11大马计划的槟榔河防洪计划,居民将能够感受到上述计划的好处,实现一个干净、健康及有生产力的环境。此外,通过这项计划 ,长久以来困扰槟榔河岸居民及槟城的水灾问题也将获得解决,


5. 槟州政府对于首相在开斋节期间对水灾的关注并答应给予协助表示感激,这笔9亿9700万令吉的拨款,能展现首相实际关注,解决槟城的闪电水灾问题。