Launching of Penang Science Cafe @ Heritage

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Speech by The Right Honourable Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Launching of Penang Science Cafe @ Heritage, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, Penang on 5th Dec 2015.

Good morning.

Today marks another milestone for Penang’s STEM education initiative. Today, the Penang Science Cluster is launching our biggest and most sophisticated STEM education and innovation center right here at the Wisma Yeap Chor Ee - officially known as the Penang Science Café @Heritage.

First, let me talk a bit about the Penang Science Cluster:

When the present State Government first took office in 2009, we received a lot of feedback from industry captains that the main constraint for Penang’s industrial growth lies in the lack of human talent – the shortage of high quality science and technical based human resources. Indeed, there was great concern that the interest of school students to take up studies in the STEM subjects was declining.

This was especially so for Penang, whose economic success depends primarily on the size and quality of the State’s talent pool. Further during my visit to National Instruments I had an interesting conversation on what industry can achive by promoting science education. Therein lies the seeds of collaboration between the private sector, schools and government under a Public-private Partnership(PPP) framework to drive science education forward. As a result, the Penang State Government initiated the formation of the Penang Science Cluster in 2010 with the mission to inspire the spirit of innovation in Science and Engineering into the community, especially among the young. Also at that time, I came to the conclusion that while this program is strongly supported by the State Government, it had to be led by industry. I believe that that the best way to make a real difference is by letting the experts lead. Looking at what has been achieved since then, I can say that we have made the right decision.

All these were 6 years ago. Today, the Penang Science Cluster is impacting approximately 15000 young people each year through the following programs:

Embedded tech-mentor programs to 120 schools that are spread equally between the island and mainland for robotics, embedded systems and coding. That’s over 1000 students per year with over 180 team projects to compete in our annual Young Innovator competition.

Conducted external outreach programs that have reached close to 10,000 young people through science carnivals, local fairs, school and community visits.

Reached close to 3000 young people through the Penang Science Café programs this year.

Conducted 4 STEM classes per week at the Penang Youth Development Center for poorer children. This program impacted 250 children each attending classes for 6 months.

Impacting more than 500 entrepreneurs and innovators via technology, innovation and entrepreneurial training and sharing events at our science cafe

Raised funds to offer “on the job vocational training” scholarships for 150 academically weaker students to provide them with necessary vocational skills to grow their careers.

As all of us already know, two weeks ago we had our 4th Penang International Science fair and achieved another record for hosting approximately 60,000 visitors. Once again, the fair highlighted the tremendous unmet need for STEM education. As we have said before, this need cannot be addressed by an annual science fair as a stand-alone initiative.

What is needed are STEM education centers – called Science Café’s, spread out around the State to serve STEM knowledge to the community all-year round, especially for young kids. We have to catch them young to rekindle their interest in science and technology. We launched our first small café in 2013 at Krystal Point and today we launch our headquarters right in the middle of George Town’s heritage enclave.

The Penang state government has invested heavily in this heritage building spending more than RM23 million for refurbishment and a 30-year lease. Further more than RM2 million in cash from industry, the State Government and friends of Penang, to fully outfit the center with world class teaching and maker-space infrastructures, equipment and tools. According to industry colleagues, this space may indeed be one of the most unique and impactful learning space in Malaysia – even in the world.

Over the last year, the Penang State Government has invested significantly in the restoration of this beautiful heritage building, and provided the ground floor to the Penang Science Cluster to build this heritage science café to serve the Penang community.

Today, the official launch this iconic Penang Science Café @Heritage is the culmination of a long 2-year journey of intense collaboration between the Penang State Government, Industry and the Community,

I will leave Dato’ Gooi Soon Chai, from Keysight Technologies, who is heading the pillar for the Science Café initiative to brief you on the details of this center.

Finally, I would like to state my deepest appreciation to Keysight Technologies who is the pillar lead for the Science Café initiative for their contributions to help make this vision a reality. In addition, I would also like to thank all the gold sponsors and all the friends of the Penang Science Cluster for their cash and equipment donations.

Thank you.



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I am very pleased to be here on this fine morning, to see the eagerness of our local tech start ups and to see our accelerator program taking a baby step forward towards the digital future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) together with Penang @CAT, TE4P and Khazanah to come out with IoT Accelerator Lite, a startup pre-accelerator program in Penang. Thank you for bringing together ideas and resources to allow our thriving local creative start ups to move up a step further in building their business and the next generation of smart devices.


Over 40 years Penang has thrived with our manufacturing cluster especially in the electronics industry, and we have come a long way in making this state one of the most livable cities in Malaysia.

With the emergence of the digital revolution we see a huge potential in the creative technology industry. To transform Penang into an international and intelligent city, we must embrace this new future of digital technology, especially in the growing fields of Big Data Analytics (BDA), cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to the convergence of the manufacturing, services and public sector, the establishment of @CAT will unleash new synergies in both new and existing industries. I believe that in order for Penang to win the future, we have to invest not only in education but also master disruptive technology, innovation and automation. The @CAT is one of our initiatives to put us on track in BDA, cloud computing and IoT.

In this 21st century, the millennial generation is creative and the future game changers in the marketplace. We want to help to develop the innovation-driven millennial who want to build their own businesses and tech startups through the platform of @CAT. @CAT and our partners through this IoT Accelerator Lite Program will be an excellent platform for tech entrepreneurs and founders to catapult their company into greater heights. Nine teams with a total of twenty participants were involved in these 2 weeks IoT Accelerator Lite Program. Out of this, 2 of the best teams have been selected and will be sent to Hong Kong to experience the IoT ecosystem there.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our accelerator partner, Brinc, who have travelled from Hong Kong and is the world’s first end-to-end integrated platform designed to support global IoT entrepreneurs. We hope that this program won’t be the last, and instead the first of many more IoT accelerator program. We hope to have Brinc as a permanent accelerator partner.


I believe Penang has a unique tech start-up scene made up of a close community of local start-ups and founders involved in various activities ranging from e-commerce, mobile applications, IoT, and many more. As our local tech start-ups are scattered all over Penang, this @CAT space serves as a platform and launch pad in bringing the tech-startup community under one roof and provide the necessary support and services to build a strong ecosystem.

As for the supply of talent for start-up company, Penang has already started with the ‘Coding Shophouse’ program early June this year. This program is aimed at providing opportunities to Penang’s tech and non tech community in learning programming and improving career marketability.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have always envisaged Penang as a platform for dream makers to make their dreams come true. We also aspire to win the future with our very own unique capabilities. That is why we are now doing as much and as best as we can to lay the foundations to transform Penang into high-income knowledge economy.

We will strive to enhance capacity, capability and competency in Penang’s creative industry because we believe that Penang has the 3Ts to establish a creative cluster, the Talent, Technology and Tolerance of new ideas. We believe that our most passionate value of freedom will allow @CAT to produce world-class content and be a national hub for multi-media information and digital content services.

The Penang State government has invested RM23 millions to refurbish this heritage building and rent it on a 30 years lease. We are open to new ideas to how to make @CAT work.

I wish to thank all of you for finding time to attend this closing ceremony and with a great honor; I now close the IoT Accelerator Lite Program.

Thank you.





我要感谢新创加速器伙伴,来自香港的Brinc 先生,香港也是全球首个支援全球物联网企业端到端的整合平台,我们希望Bric成为新创加速器的永久伙伴。






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I would like to thank you for holding this important event where Penang has been chosen to be the host for the inaugural Maritime International Showcase Malaysia, the first ever Business-to-business(B2B) and Business to Consumer(B2C) Maritime event in the country.

Penang has a long history and connection with the seas, and for many centuries Penang’s development and growth was closely linked to its location as an important trading port in the world and is the right place to host this first ever maritime showcase of its kind.

Being surrounded by the sea brings tremendous opportunities for maritime to thrive in Penang. Penang is a prime location to be a hub for yachting‎ and can be the gateway to the north cruising ground of southern Thailand and the Mergui Archipelago. Penang also has deep water ports to receive yachts from the rest of the world. These, coupled with Penang’s status as a world heritage city, old world charm and of course, our status as a food haven with the best street food in the world puts us on the right footing to become a world class maritime destination.

I understand that this event will showcase many different aspects of maritime, which includes local maritime equipment producers particularly SMEs involved in boat chandlery, boat services, and even boat making side by side with international maritime players. We hope to help develop and inspire more Malaysian maritime companies to become world-class maritime suppliers.

We see tremendous opportunities to further promote the country’s maritime industry, including the building of more marinas, promoting boating activities among people from all walks of life, promoting Malaysia as a cruising destination.

That is why I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the organisers of this event – Reissiger Marine, in partnership with Pen Marine, and Boatshed Asia for their boldness and endeavor to organise this important event.

It is also a source of personal pride for me to know that the joint organiser for this event is a Penang-based maritime company, Pen Marine Sdn Bhd. I understand that Pen Marine has been an active player in the maritime scene in Penang, having organised a yearly maritime event called Nautical Lifestyle in Penang annually.

On behalf of the state of Penang I would like to welcome all participants, including the international and local speakers, exhibitors, and representatives of maritime companies, organisations, bodies and agencies who have made their way to our little island in the sun for this event taking place here at Straits Quay Marina from the 3-6 December.

I would like to also thank the main sponsors of this event - Mercedes Benz, Airbus and Dassault Aviation for bringing this event to Penang, as well as all the organisations who have given their support to this event including -the Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia (AMIM), the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC), Ministry of Transport (MOT), Jabatan Laut Malaysia and the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI).

Penang has been known as a Pearl of the Orient due to our geography as an island and our connection with the sea. In our quest to be an international and intelligent city, Penang with our history of a free port must also be a maritime city with world-class facilities.

Before I end my speech, I would like to once again thank the organisers of MISM for bringing this exciting event to the state of Penang. I hope all Penangites will enjoy this event which I was told includes an exhibition of world class local and international boats, aviation displays with helicopters, sea planes and private jets, beautiful supercars, and lots more.Let us welcome all to a Penang that is clean, green, safe and healthy.

Thank You