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27 November 2018, 12.30pm – 2pm

Olive Tree Hotel, Bayan Baru, Penang


Good afternoon. It gives me a great pleasure to join all of you at the Penang SME Connextion 2018 organised by investPenang. This is the 5th edition of the Penang SME Seminar, which investPenang has refreshed and reinvigorated this year using the term ‘Connextion’, reflecting the trajectory for Penang small and medium enterprises to embrace the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 revolution. As the Chairman of investPenang, I am also encouraging more connections to be made among the SMEs, between the SMEs and government and supporting agencies. I am pleased that the event today has provided a meaningful platform for that.

Robust investment performance driven by domestic and foreign investment.

In 2017, Penang was the second top recipient of total manufacturing investment among states valued at RM10.8 billon. Penang showed robust investment performance with total investment growing by 151% year-on-year compared to 2016. Domestic investment driven by our local large companies and SMEs, also grew by 92% year-on-year to reach RM2.3 billion in 2017.  

Penang is also the top recipient among states, with approved manufacturing investment FDI in 2017 valued at RM8.5 billion, a growth of 209%, year-on-year. BBC in their feature video also named Penang, as the next Silicon Valley of Asia and highlighted the experiences of our local entrepreneurs, who ventured into tech-related industries to support the multinational corporations.  Penang is now home to more than 300 MNCs and more than 3,000 supporting SMEs.

The State continues to recognize our SMEs as significant contributors to the growth of our twin engines of growth - the manufacturing and services sectors. The SME Corp 2017/2018 Annual Report stated that Malaysian SMEs showed a robust growth of 7.2% in 2017, and Penang’s 66,921 SMEs represented 7.4% of total SME establishments in Malaysia.

The State’s support for SMEs and key growth areas

The State Government has a three-prong strategy to nurture the SMEs in Penang. The establishment of SMART Centre serve as a one-stop centre to facilitate SMEs to expand their business. Secondly, the State Government has set-up a 4-storeys 160,000 sq. ft. building in Bayan Lepas Industrial Park to nurture the SME to move up the value chain and reduce the cost of SME doing business by providing the option to rent at subsidized rental rates. Thirdly, a 150 acres SME Villages are developed by PDC in Batu Kawan Industrial Park to better serve the needs of SMEs to get closer to the MNCs. Lately in March 2018, the State has also initiated USD1 million Penang i4.0 Seed Fund to nurture and accelerate the growth of technopreneur start-ups in Penang. 

Penang’s industries growth continues to be anchored by the growing E&E industry, besides our emerging success in the medical devices, LED, avionics, food and halal sectors. Penang is also attracting more global business services (GBS) investments providing knowledge-based, high value opportunities in Penang. We encourage the SMEs to continue to partake in these sectors and take the opportunity especially with the localization of business activities from the MNCs.

We heard of Industry 4.0 in just several years and in the past 2 years, we have seen fast momentum moving worldwide and it gives a huge impact on the global industrial and manufacturing including the SMEs. In the National Budget 2019, in order to drive the Industry 4.0 transformation agenda forward, the Federal Government has allocated RM 210 million to support the transition and migration to Industry 4.0 in the next 3 years, RM2 billion to incentivize SMEs to invest in automation and modernization and RM3 billion fund with subsidy incentive of 2% for adoption of smart technology.

This morning, the seminar has also provided various discussion sessions with agencies and companies namely MIDA, MDeC, MATRADE, MIDF, SME Corp, Robert Bosch and Inari. I would like to urge the acceleration of the allocation to support the growth of local enterprises especially in high value-added industries. The incentives and support by these agencies are important as means to achieve the desired goal.

Digital Transformation Acceleration Program (DTAP) - a new joint initiative between MDeC & MIDA to provide support and incentives in the form of Matching Grant (1:1), targeted to Malaysian companies and focused on manufacturing and logistics. 

With all these assistance in place, I encourage the businesses present today to place innovation, creativity, the bigger goal of making your enterprises a successful business model and continue to create more footprints of “Powered in Penang” companies in Penang.

We are confident that Penang will remain a thriving growth hub for

many years to come and this is in line with the Penang2030 aspirations aimed at making Penang a model for the nation and the world.  Themed “A Family-focused Green and Smart State to Inspire the Nation”, the policy package is the state’s four-prong vision to increase liveability to enhance quality of life, upgrade the economy, empower the people to strengthen civic participation and invest in the built environment. 

Closing Remark

I would like to thank the speakers from various agencies and companies today for supporting this event, which also marks the continued commitment to facilitate the growth of our SMEs.  I hope all the companies here today will go back with better knowledge on market access and opportunities, enhancing competitiveness as well as enhancing access to funding.

Thank you.


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YB Yeoh Soon Hin
Penang State EXCO for Tourism Development, Heritage, Culture & Arts

Dato Neoh Chong Poh
Secretary, Penang Chingay Association

Distinguished guest

Ladies and gentlemen

A very good evening to all.

First of all, a warm welcome to everyone today to the “Penang Chingay, Lion Dance and Dragon Dance Parade 2018”. I can see a number of foreigners here. I'm sure many of you have never seen this before anywhere else. This is Penang, the melting pot of multiculturalism in food, festivals and faiths.

I am very delighted to be here tonight to witness a very important tradition that has been celebrated since the 1920’s. I believe every Penangite has very vivid and pleasant memory of the annual Chingay Parade, as it is part and parcel of Penang’s cultural heritage. Although it started as a religious parade, today the parade is a celebration of Penang’s multicultural society with participants from various races and background.

I was informed that this year we have the parade consist of 36 teams: 12 Chingay Teams, 15 Lion Dance Teams and 5 Dragon Dance Teams from various associations and neighbourhoods around Penang. They have started the parade from Padang Brown at 7pm and have walked around the city through major roads such as Jalan Dato Keramat, Jalan Penang and Lebuh Chulia.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants of the parade tonight for taking your time to join this exciting parade. I would like to also thank and congratulate everyone here tonight for keeping the Chingay tradition alive for our generations to come.

With that, I hope you will enjoy the performances tonight.

Thank you.


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16 DECEMBER 2018


Mr Solomon Lee
Founder & Group CEO of Intellect Group of IP Companies

Ms Joanne Loh
Group COO of Intellect Group of IP Companies

Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen

A very good afternoon to everyone.

It is a great pleasure for me to join all of you tonight to celebrate Intellect Group of IP Companies’ 25 excellent years in the Intellectual Property field. Congratulations to Intellect Group of IP Companies’ Founder and CEO Mr Solomon Lee, the Co-Founder and COO, Ms Joanne Loh, the management and all the staffs for the invitation to officiate this historical milestone of the company.

Over the past 10 years, the Penang State Government has launched numerous initiatives to create a robust, vibrant and conducive ecosystem, not only to increase FDI to the state, but also to create and grow more local businesses.

In August this year, I have launched the Penang2030 vision, which focuses on 4 key initiatives: improving liveability, economy, civil participation and balanced development, to achieve a family focused, green and smart state. The second initiative of economy emphasises on upgrading the economy to raise the household income, by preparing local manufacturing industries towards the digital age, diversifying sustainable agriculture and building a fertile ecosystem for the creative industry.

In enhancing the growth of Penang’s technology ecosystem, the State Government has launched the Penang i4.0 Seed Fund in March this year, with an allocation of RM4 million, which offers up to RM250,000 to start-ups. For the first batch of applicants in August, funding was awarded to 16 companies, each receiving minimum of RM50,000. The subsequent batches of applicants are still on-going.
In line with that, the Federal Government had also launched the National Policy on Industry 4.0 in October this year, with a 4-pronged strategy of increasing the level of productivity in manufacturing industry per person, elevating absolute contribution of the manufacturing sector to the economy, strengthen the country’s innovation capacity and capability, and increasing the amount of high skilled workers.

Intellectual Property (IP) administration and management remains a key factor in the success of businesses, regardless of the industry. Businesses should not only know how to create and build their IP portfolio, but more importantly they need to master the art of integrating it into their business strategy to optimize its potential to maximize the value of the organization.

In recent years, the emergence of China as the top applicant of patents, trademarks and industrial designs has changed the geographic of IP activities. ASEAN countries continue to play a pivotal role in developing the recognition and enforcement of IP rights in the region. For example, recently Lazada has established an IP protection framework with the Korea IP Protection agency (KOIPA) to work on a process of reporting and removing fake goods from their listings, which will cover 6 ASEAN countries including Malaysia.

I’m proud to understand that Intellect Group of IP Companies, being a Penang home-grown IP consulting firm, is playing an important role in the field of IP, in contributing to the success of the initiatives of the State Government and Federal Government. Businesses in Malaysia and the region need capable, trusted and dynamic IP consulting firms like Intellect to be able to maximize their IP’s full potential.

Intellect has grown from a team of two staffs, comprising of Solomon Lee and Joanne Loh in 1993 to more than 30 workforces in a span of 25 years. During the timeframe, Intellect has expanded its range of IP services from IP registration to IP Expansion, IP Commercialization, IP Management and IP Training.

It amazes me that Intellect has recently invested in e-commerce to stay relevant and competitive in today’s global digital business trend. I believe this specially designed online service called ipon9 will reach wider customer base especially young entrepreneurs and start-ups with small capital and enable them to protect their IP at a much lower price, thus benefiting more businesses and the economy at large. I have no doubt that the technology-based platform will enable Intellect to continue to be a significant player in the IP industry in the coming years.

I also understand that Intellect has widen its customer base particularly in the ASEAN countries and have strategic partners in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, that enables businesses to protect and manage their IP understand a common platform. As the Chief Minister of Penang, I am proud to know that Intellect has chosen Penang as its main management and operations hub, and as a homegrown brand plays an important role in assisting many international clients to expand their brands to Penang if not the whole of Malaysia and vice versa.

As I conclude, I wish to congratulate Solomon, Joanne and their passionate team for achieving this remarkable milestone. Happy 25th Anniversary and many more successful years to come!

Thank you.