Majlis Perasmian Pameran ‘Resonance of Magical Moments-Donation from the Estate of Tan Choon Ghee’

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Ucapan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang

Sempena Majlis Perasmian Pameran ‘Resonance of Magical Moments-Donation from the Estate of Tan Choon Ghee’

Tarikh : 09hb. September 2017 (Sabtu)
Masa : 4.00 petang
Tempat : Galeri BSLNPP Paras Bawah Dewan Sri Pinang, 10200 Lebuh Light Pulau Pinang


Salam Sejahtera dan Selamat Petang.

I am most glad to be here for this historic exhibition.

Tan Choon Ghee’s fondness of sketching the beauty of Penang’s street scenes and ports makes these works most interesting and extraordinary. Even in his worldwide sojourn to places like Barcelona, London, Venice and Paris, he captured the uniqueness and beauty of buildings in those countries through the production of remarkable sketches and paintings that impressed everyone who has seen them.

Although Tan Choon Ghee left us on 28 December 2010, his works are still highly sought after, viewed, treasured and appreciated to this day. He will always be remembered as Malaysia’s best watercolour artist of his generation.

To Madam Kam Hye Sin, the widow of the late Mr. Tan Choon Ghee, I, together with all Penangites would like to express our sincere gratitude to her for generously donating 124 pieces of her late husband’s works to the Penang State Art Gallery’s permanent collection. This noble act is highly appreciated and will hopefully be emulated by all local artists and art lovers, especially by those from Penang.

I sincerely hope that all artists and art lovers will take advantage of this golden opportunity to appreciate and be inspired by Mr. Tan’s works, which will further enhance the vibrancy of the visual art scene in Penang. The late Mr. Tan was one of the Penang artists who inspired and motivated the Penang State Government to cultivate new talents and to develop art and culture.

The Penang state government hopes to make Penang a hub for art, culture and heritage in Malaysia. Apart from gaining UNESCO World Heritage city status, the Penang state government will be building this hub through our RM20 million Penang Art District project. A city can only be regarded as an international city when it is also a centre of art and culture.

We believe that art and culture can be one of the economic game changers that drive Penang's transformation into an international and intelligent city. In light of the planned RM20 million Penang State Museum restoration project, it is hoped that these two projects will place Penang prominently on the international art and cultural front.

Thank you.

Malay version:

Terlebih dahulu saya berasa amat berbangga kerana telah dijemput untuk merasmikan pameran yang cukup bersejarah ini bersempena dengan sumbangan sebanyak 124 buah karya mendiang Tan Choon Ghee oleh balu beliau iaitu Puan Kam Hye Sin bagi dijadikan Koleksi Tetap Balai Seni Lukis Negeri Pulau Pinang (BSLNPP).

Walaupun pelukis Tan Choon Ghee telah meninggalkan kita pada tanggal 28hb. Disember 2010, hasil- hasil karyanya masih terus dicari, disimpan, ditatap, dihayati dan dihargai sehingga ke hari ini. Beliau senantiasa dikenang sebagai seorang pelukis cat air yang terunggul di negara ini dalam era generasi beliau. Hasil- hasil karya Tan Choon Ghee yang gemar melakarkan keindahan dan suasana pemandangan di lebuh - lebuh serta pelabuhan- pelabuhan di Pulau Pinang merupakan sesuatu yang sangat menarik dan luar biasa untuk dihayati. Malah, sepanjang pengembaraan Tan Choon Ghee ke seluruh dunia seperti di Barcelona, London, Venice dan Paris, beliau telah mengabadikan keunikan dan keindahan bangunan-bangunan di negara-negara tersebut melalui penghasilan lakaran- lakaran dan lukisan-lukisan yang mempesonakan setiap mata yang menatapnya.

Saya juga ingin merakamkan ucapan ribuan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada balu mendiang Tan Choon Ghee iaitu Puan Kam Hye Sin diatas kemurahan hati beliau dengan mendermakan sebanyak 124 buah karya suami kesayangan beliau kepada BSLNPP bagi dijadikan sebagai koleksi tetap. Semangat ini wajar dicontohi oleh semua kerana setiap karya yang dihadiahkan kepada BSLNPP bagi dijadikan sebagai koleksi tetap secara automatiknya akan menjadi aset negeri. Karya-karya ini akan disimpan dengan baik dan akan dipamerkan kepada pelawat- pelawat BSLNPP dari masa ke semasa. Kita berasa amat bertuah kerana kita kini mempunyai koleksi karya-karya terbaik pelukis tersohor Tan Choon Ghee. Jika kita ingin membelinya mungkin nilai keseluruhannya akan mencecah jutaan ringgit.

Selain itu, saya juga ingin merakamkan ucapan syabas di atas penerbitan monograf Tan Choon Ghee: Resonance of Magical Moments-Donation from the Estate of Tan Choon Ghee. Monograf ini akan menjadi satu rujukan yang istimewa berkenaan dengan karya-karya beliau.

Terima Kasih.

The Opening Ceremony of Penang International Green Carnival 2017

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

At The Opening Ceremony of Penang International Green Carnival 2017

on 9 September 2017 
 at Setia SPICE Arena:


Good Afternoon and welcome to Penang International Green Carnival 2017, the biggest platform for environmental education in Northern Malaysia. The carnival’s theme this year - “Against Climate Change Together (Acct), Now!”, aims to raise environmental awareness and motivate people to tackle the cause and effect of global warming and create a net impact on fighting climate change.

The carnival is a family day with inspiring educational and awareness programmes and activities. It is a platform to promote green ideas, sustainable solutions and practices, products showcase, technologies and organisations.

Penang State Government has a vision of making Penang a “Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Healthier, and Happier”. Since 2010, we kicked start a series of environmental initiatives to promote resource efficiency such as free CAT BUS, No Free Plastic Bags Every day, total ban on polystyrene food containers, giving incentives to green buildings, building cycling lanes and enforcement of Waste Segregation at Source policy.

Penang has achieved the highest recycling rate in the country of 38% as compared to the national recycling rate of 22% and we hope to increase the recycling rate to 40% by 2020. On June 1st this year, we have marked another milestone with the enforcement of Waste Segregation at Source Policy in our quest to make Penang the first green state of Malaysia. In Penang, an average of 1,700 - 1,800 tonnes of waste are sent to Pulau Burung landfill every day. The estimated landfill life span is 42 years if it is equipped with the Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) and could last for 60 years if food waste converter is equipped as well. Waste segregation at source is one of the ways to sustain the environment and to reduce waste generation to the Pulau Burung landfill.

We are the first state to oppose Nuclear power energy plants in Malaysia and will continue to do so. We hope that Malaysia will abandon building nuclear energy plants like Germany. We will not permit any nuclear energy reactors to be built in Penang and the Federal Government has agreed to our decision. Many developed countries such as Germany have gradually opted out nuclear power plants. Whatever the environmental protection and safeguards imposed, the risks are too great!

We had never allowed logging on permanent forest reserves, the only state in Malaysia where not a single square inch has been touched. And we have planted more than 274,000 new trees in Penang since 2008. Penang State Government has also stopped serving sharkfin soup to protect our natural biodiversity. We are well on our way to be the first green state in Malaysia.

Tomorrow, our state exco YB Phee Boon Poh and leaders of the two local government – Dato’ Maimunah and Dato’ Sr Haji Rozali will be meeting you here for a public dialogue on climate change - “Who cares? We care!”. We hope that you will take this opportunity to raise your concerns to help us make better decision for the future.

The Carnival is jointly organised by Penang Green Council (PGC), Malaysian Green Building Confederation (MGBC) Northern Chapter and Green Building Index (GBI). Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Penang Island City Council (MBPP), Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP), co-organisers, sponsors dan partners, the carnival would not have been possible were it not for the strong and continuous support from them.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for sponsoring the Penang International Green Carnival 2017 to showcase their business’ commitment to the environment and quality of life. They are our main sponsors: Solarvest Energy Sdn Bhd, Sunway Property, Wiitrac Elevator Sdn Bhd and sponsors: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Sulomas Utara Sdn Bhd, Apollo Vista Concept Sdn Bhd, Aim Max Media Sdn Bhd, Sunshine Wholesale Mart Sdn Bhd, Genting Hong Kong & Star Cruises, Ninebot Malaysia, Biji-biji Initiative, Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm, Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd, Cenviro Sdn Bhd, Nets Printwork Sdn Bhd and Koo Bros Production.

Finally, we do not inherit the earth but only borrow it from our children. Let us all ACCT (Against Climate Change Together), Now and make Penang a Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Healthier and Happier State!

Thank you.

Lim Guan Eng


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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

Founder Institute Penang Graduation Day – Batch #2

@CAT Wisma Yeap Chor Ee

9 September 2017


A very good morning to all of you.

I was pleased to witness the graduation of the 1st batch last year which successfully produced a total of 7 tech entrepreneurs, 2 of them whose projects were successfully funded by Cradle Fund.

Graduation is a time of celebration & triumph, a proud moment for all of our graduates, the local directors and 19 mentors who have played a significant role in the end result. I would like to congratulate all of you on a job well done and for persevering through one of the most challenging 14-weeks experience to successfully complete the 2nd Founder Institute Penang program.

A big thank you goes out to Founder Institute and @CAT Penang for continuing to spearhead this accelerator program in Penang. Thank you for bringing together the resources and tools to allow our aspiring local technopreneurs to move a step further in building their business into the next generation of technology.


Based in Silicon Valley, Founder Institute (FI) is one of the world’s largest entrepreneur training and idea stage accelerator program designed to assist aspiring tech entrepreneurs to build every aspect of their business and accelerate their growth.

This official 2nd batch program in Penang, held at @CAT, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee commenced on 2nd May, 2017 and ended a month ago, on 1st August, 2017. Today, a total of 9 graduates out of the 31 participants that were accepted at the initial stage will be graduating from this program. This goes to show how demanding and intensive the program’s curriculums are.


To transform Penang into an international and intelligent city, we must embrace this new future of digital technology, particularly in the growing fields of Big Data Analytics (BDA), cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT). I believe that in order for Penang to win the future, we have to invest not only in education especially STEM of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics but also master disruptive technology, innovation and automation.

Since its inception, @CAT Penang has served as a launchpad for tech start-ups & entrepreneurs to gain access to our co-working space & shared facilities, tech community events and entrepreneurship development programs. As of today, more than 500 co-working space applications have been approved and approximately 150 tech community events & entrepreneurship development programs in total were held at @CAT Penang for the benefit of the startup & entrepreneurship community.

The Penang State Government announced the formation of Penang STEM Sdn Bhd. two months ago as the umbrella organization consisting of the RM 60 million spent by the state on science education such as @CAT Penang, Penang Skill Development Centre (PSDC), Penang Science Cluster (PSC), Karpal Singh Penang Learning Centre (KSPLC), Tech Dome Penang (TDP), and Penang Digital Library (PDL).

This is a coherent and synergistic strategy to spearhead STEM, teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in line with our plan to establish Penang as the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Science and Technology. All our efforts in STEM learning and experience will greatly benefit tech-based activities in Penang and ensure a continuous flow of talent pool to support the Digital Economy and 4th Industrial Revolution.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In closing, I would like to once again congratulate the graduates of Founder Institute Penang’s 2nd batch. To the local directors and mentors involved, keep up your excellent work in helping shape our aspiring future tech leaders and entrepreneurs.