Bagan Adoption Program 2016

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Bagan Adoption Program

On 31 January 2016 at Taman Lucky, Butterworth


Bagan Adoption Program is now in the 6th year. Thank you to all the donors for showing your care to the poor deserving students. This is an excellent effort by the public. Earlier, I had given each student RM100 to 660 students from 22 schools in Butterworth, totalling RM66,000.


This education adoption program is giving hope to the poor students selected, whose names are suggested by the PIBG and endorsed by the school headmaster. This year, 32 students in SJK (C) Kwang Hwa will benefit by being given an  allocation of RM 17,600.00 and 37 students in SJK (C) Li Hwa given an allocation of  RM 27,010.00, Total RM44,610.00


Integrity in administration is very important in all organization and particularly in government. In this project, the money donated is credited directly into the school PIBG accounts. This CAT governance of competency, accountability, transparency fighting corruption have gained the society's support. 


This is the same spirit behind other adoption programs like the “Adoption Dialysis Of Patient”. 


Add in:

No matter how bad the financial constraints in the economy are; we must not / never “starve” or neglect the young, the students, the poor, and the needy. 


Here the donors are prepared to contribute to the education of the students. Let us show our praise for the caring attitude of our sponsors with a round of applause.


This is the authentic Penang Lang Culture.

Bantuan Pelajar Termiskin Sekolah-Sekolah Rendah Dan Menengah Bagi Kawasan Parlimen Bagan 2016

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Bantuan Pelajar Termiskin

Sekolah-Sekolah Rendah Dan Menengah Bagi Kawasan Parlimen Bagan


31 January 2016

SP Arena, Seberang Jaya


Bantuan Sumbangan Pelajar di Bagan

1. Sumbangan ini bermula pada tahun 2011, peruntukan sebanyak RM 55,000 untuk 22 sekolah(17 sekolah rendah dan 5 sekolah menengah)di Parlimen Bagan, setiap pelajar menerima RM100.


2. Tahun ini, sebanyak 30 orang pelajar yang menerima sumbangan pada setiap sekolah, sebanyak 660 orang pelajar menerima sumbangan dan jumlah RM 66,000 mengeluarkan pada hari ini.


3. Sejak tahun 2011 sampai 2016, Ahli Parlimen Bagan perangkap Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang telah memperuntukan sebanyak RM 352,000 kepada murid-murid miskin di dalam Parlimen Bagan.

2011 - RM 55,000

2012 - RM 55,000

2013 - RM 55,000

2014 - RM 55,000

2015 - RM 66,000

2016 - RM 66,000

Total= RM352,000

4. Semua senarai name adalah disediakan oleh pihak sekolah, untuk memastikan semua murud-murid yang menerima sumbangan adalah murid yang miskin.

Senarai Nama Sekolah: 

Dun Bagan Dalam:

SK Sungai Nyior

SK Convent

SK St Mark

SK Kuala Perai

SK Assumption

SJK(C) Chung Hwa 2

SMK Convent


Dun Bagan Jermal:

SK Bagan Tuan Kechil

SK Mak Mandin

SK Bagan Jermal

SJK(C) Chung Hwa Pusat

SJK(C) Chung Hwa 1

SJK(C) Kwang Hwa

SJK(C) Mak Mandin

SJK(T) Mak Mandin

SMK Mak Mandin

SMK Kampung Kastam


Dun Sungai Puyu:

SK Sungai Puyu

SJK(C) Li Hwa

SK Bagan Ajam

SMK Bagan Jaya

SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth

Opening Ceremony Of Infinity House (Penang)

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Speech of Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Lim Guan Eng

Opening Ceremony Of Infinity House (Penang)

on 30th January 2016, Bandar Butterworth



A very good morning to all. It is my pleasure to be here today and I would like to thank Mr. Chan, Managing Director of Infinity & Transport for inviting me to officiate the opening of Infinity House (Penang) and to also officiate the Dragon Heads and usher in the Chinese New Year.


Ladies and Gentlemen, 


Infinity is one of the main players that has brought transshipment cargos from South Thai to Penang and thus helping to create Penang Port as a transshipment hub. Their Penang office total investment is RM 2.8 million, including building cost, renovation, cost IT infrastructure and signage. As of today, they have 70 workers. 


I wish to congratulate Infinity for the initiatives and efforts the company has contributed towards the logistics industry in Penang.


Penang is a state that needs an efficient supply chain in order to assist the import and export activities in Penang. With this, I would like to challenge Infinity to do more; to play a vital role in championing the local logistics industry to cater for the needs of Penang; and go beyond just having transshipment cargos from South Thai that is to reach out to the Andaman Sea region to Penang Port. 


Ladies & Gentleman,


Despite year 2015 being a difficult year in terms of economic & political situation of the country, we congratulate Infinity for achieving an 11% growth in your revenue. 


As we face 2016, I hope Infinity will achieve either equal or a better results than 2015, and one day, we can all be here to witness Infinity setting up a logistics centre in Penang to promote Penang as a service & logistics centre. 

Ladies & Gentleman, 


Penang is a service oriented state and we acknowledge that Logistics service is one of the vital industry for our state.  Penang Port’s relationship with containers started back in 1974 when the first container was discharged at Butterworth Wharves. From a humble annual throughput of 2,994 TEUs then, Penang Port has grown steadily to achieve a throughput of more than 1.3 million TEUs in 2015.


In 2013, Penang Port handled nearly 1.26 million tons of break-bulk cargo. The major break-bulk commodities handled are iron and steel packages, wood moldings, rice, iron and steel billets, machineries and components as well as asbestos products. These commodities either originated or were destined to and from the entire hinterland of Penang Port that stretches from the South of Thailand to northern Perak.


We heard the need for Penang Port to achieve a Free Commercial Zone status. Can the Penang Port Commission (PPC) and Penang Port make this happen?


Apart from this, the State Government recognizes the importance of capital dredging and port extension works. Existing harbours are deepened or enlarged to be able to receive more and larger container vessels. Therefore, Federal Government should not neglect the needs of Penang Port by instructing that dredging works at the sea near the port valued at RM353 million to start immediately to make Penang Port relevant to be called by these bigger vessels. We have waited for nearly 10 years for dredging works.


It is my honor to declare Infinity House (Penang) to be officially open. Thank You.