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It is my privilege and honour to join members and associates of REHDA Penang who have collectively contributed significantly to the real property and housing industry in Penang. I wish to congratulate the organizing committee for the excellent manner in organizing REHDA’s 41st Annual Dinner Celebration.

We hope that REHDA can assist in fulfilling the state government’s aspirations of providing quality housing at affordable prices for the benefit of all the people of Penang.

The state government is aware of escalating property prices in Penang and has initiated pro-active steps to provide quality housing at affordable prices. The Penang State Government is actively pursuing the challenge of providing affordable housing which will see 22,515 homes being built over the next 5-7 years with another similar number to be built by the private sector.

The Federal Budget is disappointing for the affordable housing sector because it fails to address the 2 main issues haunting home buyers and developers in Malaysia as well as the stubbornly discriminatory and oppressive refusal of the Minister for Housing to grant approvals of Advertising Permits and Developers License (APDL) to private developers. The 2 main issues bedevilling the housing industry is the high rejection rate of application for housing loans, especially for lower and middle-income groups buying their first homes.

Many low-cost or low medium cost houses and affordable homes remain vacant not because of insufficient applicants but because they could not get loans. Why can't the loan requirements be relaxed for these houses to help first-time buyers? At present, the commercial bank’s rejection rate for housing is at about 50% to 60%.

We can build all the affordable homes we want but all our efforts would come to nothing if the rakyat who are in need of affordable homes are unable to get loans. The Penang state government has proposed that Bank Negara and commercial banks come up with specialized bank loan packages with low interest rates and easier approval process for affordable housing applicants.

The high loan rejection rejection is compounded by the refusal to lift the ban of Developer Interest Bearing Scheme (DIBS) for affordable homes and implement the government financial guarantee of commercial bank's loans for low-cost or low medium cost homes. As if these difficulties are not enough, the Housing Ministry have refused to approve APDL application within 2 weeks as is the practice.

There are now 47 APDL applications outstanding as at July this year, the longest a year in the waiting. This is unfair to developers and intended to punish Penang. That is why for the 3rd year running there is also nothing in the 2016 Budget for Penang!

In our pursuit to be an international intelligent city, the Penang State government has aggressively promoted Penang as a destination of choice for investment in higher value-added technology. Many multi national corporations have now made Penang their base for research, design and development.

Penang recorded RM 8.2 billion in investments in 2014, a 110% increase compared to RM 3.9 billion in 2013. For the 7 years period between 2008-2014, Penang recorded an investment of RM 48.2 billion, a 93% increase compared to the previous 7 years period 2001 to 2007 of RM 24.9 billion.

Further we have also signed a joint-venture agreement with Sime Darby Bhd to develop a RM3 billion High Technology Small and Medium Enterprises Industrial Park. We are also promoting Penang as a hub for shared services and outsourcing, particularly in business processing outsourcing (BPO).

Penang has signed a RM 11.3 billion joint-venture agreement with Temasek, Singapore’s national sovereign wealth fund with a portfolio worth SGD266 billion, to develop a high-tech industrial park in Batu Kawan and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) hub called BPO Prime in Penang. With a GDV of RM1.3 billion, the new BPO Prime will create thousands of high-paying jobs in the services sector and spur the growth of our knowledge economy cluster.

Besides being one of the largest global electronics manufacturing hub, Penang is also a tourist destination with a world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our talented and friendly people, good food and cultural heritage are our treasures that attract investors and tourists to Penang. Recently we were listed by Lonely Planet as the No.4 charismatic city in the world, beating out cities like Bombay, Manchester, Rotterdam and Rome!

We are also carving a niche as a leading provider of medical tourism for healthcare and currently have several major private hospitals that provide high-quality yet affordable healthcare to both local and foreign patients.

The state government listens to all and believes in advocating a better quality of life for the people of Penang through consultation and dialogue. The Penang State Government continues to uphold accountability in the affairs of the state as well as public policies.

We have established an outcome based administration and governance based on the principles of competency, accountability and transparency. We have taken the important steps of institutionalizing the fundamentals of rule of law, good and clean governance, as well as integrity in leadership.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate REHDA for taking the lead in assisting the less fortunate inmates from charitable homes through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. I strongly urge all developers and associates present here this evening to inculcate a CSR culture in all your companies. It has been demonstrated that it is possible to be profitable while also being socially and environmentally responsible.

In conclusion, I would once again want to thank REHDA for your invitation and your efforts in working closely together with the State Government to develop Penang. Together we look forward towards a brighter future for Penang.

Thank You



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24 OKTOBER 2015

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan selamat menyambut Ma’al Hijrah kepada mereka yang beragama Islam dan selamat datang kepada semua penerima sumbangan yang terpilih pada hari ini. Terlebih dahulu, saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Yang Berhormat Tuan Phee Boon Poh, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kesihatan, Kebajikan, Masyarakat Penyayang dan Alam Sekitar, Tuan Pengarah Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Negeri atas penganjuran Majlis ini.

Hari ini Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang akan menyampaikan Sumbangan Bantuan Pengurusan Jenazah Waris OKU sebanyak RM1000 kepada waris OKU yang telah meninggal dunia. Di kesempatan ini juga, saya ingin mengucapkan takziah kepada semua waris-waris di sini yang baru kehilangan ahli keluarga tersayang.

Hadirin yang dihormati sekalian,

Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Harapan Pulau Pinang yang memerintah sejak 2008 adalah Kerajaan yang “Competent, Accountable and Transparent” dalam melaksanakan urus tadbir dan amanah rakyat. Pencapaian Pulau Pinang dipuji oleh Transparency International sebagai Kerajaan pertama di Malaysia yang memperoleh pengiktirafan tersebut.

Dalam tempoh lapan tahun Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Harapan memerintah Pulau Pinang, Kerajaan berupaya membela secara saksama dan memberikan keadilan kepada semua rakyat tanpa mengira kaum, agama, jantina atau latar belakang politik. Kerajaan Negeri mampu menjalankan program sosial kerana dapat mencatatkan rekod pertumbuhan ekonomi yang mampan dan inklusif sehingga Oxford University baru baru ini juga turut menjemput saya untuk menerangkan:

a)Macam mana dapat menikmati lebihan belanjawan setiap tahun sebanyak RM473 juta dalam tempoh 6 tahun di antara tahun 2008-2013 berbanding dengan lebihan RM373 juta untuk 50 tahun memerintah di antara 1957-2007. Jelas sekali 6 tahun memerintah lebih berkesan daripada 50 tahun.

b)Macam mana dapat mengurangkan hutang kerajaan negeri sebanyak 90% sedangkan kebanyakan negara mengalami beban hutang kerajaan yang meningkat 100% termasuk Kerajaan Persekutuan Malaysia.

c)Macam mana dalam keadaan pengangguran tinggi, kadar pengangguran di Pulau Pinang dapat dikurangkan kepada 1.2%, yang terendah dalam sejarah Malaysia – sebenarnya menghadapi kekurangan pekerja.

d)Macam mana dapat mengurangkan jurang ketidaksaksamaan pendapatan di antara yang kaya dan yang miskin dengan Gini Coefficient yang terendah di Malaysia sekadar 0.37 pada 2012

Program sosial dan pemberian wang sumbangan ini telah diperuntukkan melalui hasil lebihan bajet Negeri, membolehkan sumbangan sebanyak RM1000.00 setahun diberikan kepada Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU); warga emas, ibu tunggal, pelajar tahun 1 dan 4 dan Tingkatan 1 dan 4 serta Bantuan “One-Off’ sebanyak RM1,000.00 setahun ke atas urusan jenazah, pelajar yang belajar di IPTA dari Negeri Pulau Pinang sejumlah RM1,000.00 setahun dan penghargaan Anak Emas Pulau Pinang mulai 1hb Januari 2011 sejumlah RM200.00 sekali sahaja telah dapat dilaksanakan dan mendapat sambutan yang amat menggalakkan daripada orang ramai.

Hadirin yang dihormati sekalian,

Saya ingin memaklumkan seramai 8,664 klien OKU yang berdaftar dengan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Negeri Pulau Pinang melalui sistem i-sejahtera Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dengan mendapat sumbangan RM100 dan secara keseluruhannya, Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang telah membelanjakan sejumlah RM866,400.00 untuk sumbangan kepada OKU yang berdaftar melalui sistem i-sejahtera bagi tahun 2015. Tempoh pembayaran ini adalah mulai 16 Oktober 2015 sehingga 27 Oktober 2015 dibuat melalui bank GIRO-BSN. Manakala, pada majlis hari ini juga, bagi sumbangan pengurusan jenazah seramai 53 orang waris OKU akan menerima bantuan tersebut dengan peruntukan berjumlah RM53,000.00. Setiap waris akan menerima sebanyak RM1000.00 tunai seorang.

Kerajaan Negeri juga amat prihatin terhadap rakyat yang tidak berkemampuan dengan menyalurkan bantuan kewangan bulanan kepada yang layak melalui Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat di bawah Agenda Ekonomi Saksama(AES). Sebanyak 1909 orang penerima telah mendapat manfaat daripada bantuan ini dengan peruntukan berjumlah RM5,032,674.00. Mangsa bencana juga tidak dilupakan. Sebanyak 32 kes bencana telah dilaporkan dan menerima sumbangan berjumlah RM86,790.00.

Ia juga sebagai tanda Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Harapan tidak pernah melupakan atau meminggirkan golongan OKU di Negeri Pulau Pinang dan Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Harapan sentiasa peka dan mencari jalan untuk membantu semua rakyat Pulau Pinang lebih-lebih lagi golongan OKU.

Hadirin yang dihormati sekalian

Di kesempatan ini juga, saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah di atas usaha JKM dan semua ADUN usaha membantu rakyat mencapai hidup yang sejahtera. Komitmen dan kesungguhan yang tinggi dalam merencana hasrat Kerajaan adalah sangat dipuji.

Akhir kata, saya dengan berbesar hati merasmikan Majlis Penyerahan Sumbangan Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang iaitu Sumbangan Bantuan Pengurusan Jenazah Waris OKU sebanyak RM1000 kepada waris OKU yang telah meninggal dunia.

Sekian, terima kasih.



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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang
On 24 October 2015 at Malaysian-German Society


This evening, we are here to celebrate this spirit of brotherhood and togetherness and I want to thank the Malaysian-German Society for holding this great festival in Penang continuously for 43 years, a record in Malaysia, and perhaps S.E. Asia too.

I want to congratulate the joint efforts between Germans and Malaysians working together as a team to make the annual celebration not only the longest but the biggest Oktoberfest event in this country.

After 3 years of hard work, the Penang government has finally launched Malaysia’s first German Dual Vocational Training Programme on 1 September 2015. The Penang state government is contributing RM2 million to pay school fees for 500-600 students, whilst the students have the benefit of an allowance of RM900 monthly by the participating companies. The State Government bear twenty (20) percent of the total tuition fees charged for every participant who enrolled a diploma course under the GDVT Programme in Mechatronics and the Participating companies bear the balance 80%. We are inviting more companies to participate in this programme.

We intend to open up more places for not just Penangites but for all Malaysians. We are willing to spend another RM2-4 million more if necessary to build new talent. Talent must be enabled with rights and responsibilities. To do that we have to grant them freedom, freedom of equal opportunity, freedom to be the best they want to be and realize their potential.

I also like to encourage you all to learn from one another the good values and practices from each culture and continue to meet through the social, cultural and language learning activities organized by MGS at this spacious premises here owned by the Penang government.

Finally, let me thank the organizing committee and all parties involved for the hard work to arrange this celebration and wish you all having a great time this evening of German culture and entertainments.