The Signing Ceremony of The German Dual Vocational Training Programme between PSDC and The Industry in Penang

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Speech by the Chief Minister of Penang At The Signing Ceremony of The German Dual Vocational Training Programme between PSDC and The Industry in Penang On 6 October 2015

Vocational Students EXEMPTED From Paying Fees And PAID To Study At RM900 Per Month.

On the 18th of September, the State Government signed a RM 2 million sponsorship agreement with the Penang Skills and Development Centre (PSDC) to support the German Dual Vocational Training programme in Penang. I am proud to say that Penang is the first State government to have initiated the German Dual Vocational Training and is even supporting its development in kind and in money.

Once again Penang Leads, In other words, these students are exempted from paying fees and with the monthly stipend of RM900 from the participating companies here, they are practically paid to study.

As the next milestone of the implementation of the German Dual Vocational Training Programme in Penang, today I am pleased to witness the signing ceremony between the vocational training school, PSDC, and the participating local training companies; plus welcoming the students in the first batch. We hope to have open application from students not working in companies because the state government hopes to take in 500-600 students through our sponsorship.

Malaysia is undergoing challenging times. The Ringgit has dropped a quarter of its value against the US Dollar this year. Falling oil price and a slowing Chinese economy put further pressure on our economic growth. Therefore, with the RM 2 million state contribution, I am pleased to see that the industry players do its part to commit themselves to a sustainable educational development of their staff and towards a higher skilled workforce in Penang. The State’s sponsorship is a significant step for increasing our talent pool in Penang and keeping Penang as the most competitive State in Malaysia.

Our competitiveness has weathered past economic uncertainties. The previous financial crisis hit in 2008. Nevertheless, during the 7 year period from 2008 to 2014, we managed to achieve RM48.2 billion worth of investments, which is almost double the RM24.9 billion invested from previous 7 year period from 2001 to 2007. I strongly believe that good ideas and innovative enterprises can only prosper within a good conducive environment. Hence, my government has embarked on a change in governance towards clean, accountable and transparent governance. So, since taking over in 2008, our good governance policy has proven to be received well by international investors.

Whilst many businesses in Penang are exported orientated, many Small and Medium Enterprises are not. But to remain competitiveness, all businesses have to continue to invest in capital and in talent. As such, the Penang State Government has realized that the commonality of all these businesses is that they tap on talents in Penang. Therefore, I am proud to say that the State Government’s sponsorship is open to all companies in Penang, irrespective of whether it is a SME or a MNC. The students however, have to be Malaysians but with a preference being given to Penangites.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The American President Barack Obama praised Germany for its Dual Vocational Training System in his State of the Union address in 2012. The country has been long famous for its well-developed work-based education.

All over the world, people regard the words "Made in Germany" as a seal for high quality products. It is now the State Government's aim to establish "Trained in Penang" as a new benchmark for high quality training in Malaysia and globally. This will increasingly become more relevant as the ASEAN Economic Community takes form and Penang plays a regional role.

The State government also believes in inclusive training. Hence I am very happy that half of the first batch of students is female. Besides, I also found out that out of the first 22 students, 20 students are Malays and two are Indians.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The German Dual Vocational Training programme in Penang is truly unique within the Malaysian education system. While being hired by the training company as a regular staff with a monthly salary, the students get trained concurrently at the training institution to enhance their theoretical knowledge. This means, that while learning on the job and benefit from experiences of senior colleagues, the trainees will also acquire a comprehensive picture of general business and economic connections. With this, students will become generalists and specialists at once. This combination of theory and practice gives the students a real head start in their career.

This dual concept of learning, while working, generated a world-class workforce in Germany. The fact that more than two thirds of all school leavers in Germany go on to start a vocational training programme is a proof for this. With Mechatronics being the first programme under the GDVT scheme in Penang, the State Government sets high standards for itself and follows the German model by partially funding the vocational school.

An essential characteristic of the dual system is the cooperation between private companies, on the one hand, and public vocational schools on the other. Support and enthusiasm from parties are important. Therefore with a strong manufacturing cluster in Penang built up over the past 40 years, we have a higher chance of replicating the German system successfully. This will serve several private and public objectives well and with the end result being a stronger manufacturing cluster that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

In Germany, one can choose from a variety of more than 350 officially recognized training programmes. Therefore, I hope more programmes will be offered in the future and the variety will result in more specialists for our local labour market.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Penang's unemployment figures offer encouraging signs. Penang has been constantly experiencing lower unemployment rates than the country as a whole. Despite the global economic crises between 2007 and 2009, Penang's unemployment rate remained well below the natural rate of unemployment of four per cent. It fluctuated between 2.4% and 1.7%. We now record the lowest unemployment rate in Malaysia and Malaysian history at 1.2%. This shows that the labour market in Penang has been competitive and robust thus far. With this programme - the first of its kind in Malaysia - the State Government will ensure that Penang remains the country's premier destination to invest, learn, work and live.

Introducing the German Dual Vocational Training in Penang also serves a social objective by upskilling another segment of our workforce. This is important to reduce income inequality in Penang. Although Penang’s income inequality, as measured by Gini Coefficient, is lower compared to that of Malaysia, I believe that all segments of Penang’s labour force should be given the right support to improve and increase their wage level further. On this, I am confident that the German Dual Vocational Training will narrow income inequality further.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to end my speech by thanking all participating companies for making this programme possible in Penang. I am very confident, that our Penang-based business community and PSDC will take their responsibility with their usual excellence and I wish all the participating students good luck as well as a fruitful and exciting training period. I hope, that more of our companies will join this program as a training company and I am delighted to see that more Malaysians will begin their careers on German high standards "Trained in Penang".

Thank you.












Kenyataan Akhbar Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng pada 6.5.2015.

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Kenyataan Akhbar Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng Di Komtar, George Town Pada 6.5.2015.

Jumlah Kontrak Yang Dikeluarkan Oleh Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang PR Sebanyak RM8.3 Bilion Sepanjang 7 Tahun Sejak 2008 Adalah Lebih Besar Daripada Keseluruhan Nilai Projek Yang Diberikan Sepanjang 50 Tahun Oleh Kerajaan Negeri BN Sebelum 2008.

Jumlah kontrak yang dikeluarkan oleh kerajaan negeri PR Pulau Pinang Sebanyak RM8.3 bilion sepanjang 7 tahun sejak 2008 adalah lebih besar daripada keseluruhan nilai projek yang diberikan sepanjang 50 tahun oleh kerajaan negeri BN sebelum 2008. Daripada nilai projek RM8.3 bilion ini, RM7.8 bilion diberikan secara tender kompetitif terbuka, manakalah bakinya sebanyak RM496 juta adalah secara sebutharga.

RM7.8 bilion atau 94% daripada nilai projek kerajaan negeri RM8.3 bilion telah diberikan kepada kontraktor bumiputera. Ini sekaligus menangkis fitnah dan penipuan oleh pemimpin UMNO dan BN yang cuba mainkan sentimen perkauman bahawa kontraktor bumi tidak dijaga oleh kerajaan negeri atau tak mendapat kontrak kerajaan negeri PR. Malah calon UMNO Permatang Pauh Suhaimi Sabudin sendiri mengakui boleh cari makan sebagai kontraktor di Pulau Pinang dan tidak berani menafikan bahawa syarikat berkaitan dengan beliau juga menerima projek yang diberikan oleh agensi kerajaan negeri.

Kemampuan kerajaan negeri PR mengeluarkan projek bernilai RM8.3 bilion yang dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan negeri adalah bergantung kepada sistem urus tadbir Cekap Akauntable dan Telus atau CAT yang membolekhan pengurusan yang bersih dan amanah. Bukan sahaja CAT telah membolehkan projek bernilai RM8.3 bilion dikeluarkan, maka telahpun mencatatkan lebihan Belanjawan sebanyak RM 453 juta dalam tempoh 6 tahun di antara 2008-2013. Sekali lagi, lebihan Belanjawan sebanyak RM453 juta dalam tempoh 6 tahun ini, adalah jauh lebih besar daripada lebihan Belanjawan sebanyak RM373 juta dalam 50 tahun sebelum 2008 di antara 1957-2007!

Di samping itu, rakyat Pulau Pinang boleh menilai prestasi kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang bila nilai pelaburan meningkat sebanyak 93.6% kepada RM48.2 bilion untuk tempoh 7 tahun di antara 2008 ke 2014, berbanding dengan tempoh 7 tahun sebelum ini di antara 2001 ke 2007 sebanyak RM24.9 bilion. Pada masa yang sama hutang kerajaan negeri pun berjaya dikurangkan sebanyak 90%.

Selain daripada projek, kerajaan negeri telahpun mengagihkan RM 287 juta daripada lebihan Belanjawan RM453 juta terus kepada rakyat dalam bentuk wang tunai. Bayaran program emas kepada warga emas, ibu tunggal, suri rumah pelajar-pelajar sekolah rendah, menengah dan mahasiswa serta pemandu teksi dan penarik beca telah membolehkan lebih 200,000 rakyat Pulau Pinang mendapat menfaat terus daripada kerajaan negeri.

Itulah yang harus dinilai oleh rakyat dari segi aspek hasil dan prestasi pentadbiran kerajaan negeri yang bawa perubahan – bukanlah persaingan mainkan sentimen perkauman dan ekstrimis. Kerajaan negeri akan menjawab fitnah dan penipuan ekstrimis dan perkauman dengan fakta seperti tuduhan liar anti-Islam dengan fakta bahawa peruntukan untuk hal ehwal agama telahpun dinaikkan lebih 100% berbanding dengan BN yang diperuntukkan pada 2008.

Kerajaan negeri akan teruskan projek membina lebih 22,000 buah rumah awam dan mampu milik daripada sumbangan RM500 juta ke RM 1 bilion oleh Penang Development Corporation, di mana harga rumah tidak akan melebihi RM400,000 di kawasan pulau dan tidak melebihi RM250,000 di kawasan Seberang Perai berbanding dengan agensi kerajaan pusat yang membina membina rumah berharga RM1.8 juta di kawasan pulau dan RM800,000 di kawasan Seberang Perai.







槟州民联政府能够颁布总值82亿令吉的工程,是因为我们秉持着能干、公信、透明的原则施政,在廉政的管理下,州政府才有能力承担这些工程的开销。我们的能干、公信、透明(CAT方针)不仅能让我们发出总值83亿令吉的工程,也为我们在2008年至 2013年之间的6年内,创下总额4亿5300万令吉的预算案盈余。这6年内所创下的预算案盈余,远远超过了国阵在过去50年(即从1957年至2007年之间)的3亿7300万令吉预算案盈余!

此外,槟州人民也能够透过外资在槟注资的表现来衡量槟州民联政府的政绩。在短短的7年内(即从2008年至2014年), 槟州的投资额已增加了93.6%,达到482亿令吉。相比之国阵执政期间的7年(即从2001年至2007年),总投资额仅有249亿令吉。与此同时,州政府也成功减债90%


这些都是人民应该评估一个政府的政绩-- 即从州政府的成果及行政表现所带来的改变作出评估,而不是透过玩弄种族情绪及极端主义来博得支持。州政府将会以数据来回应那些极端份子的诽谤及不实言论,比如有指责称州政府反伊斯兰教,我们就会示出证据,证明从2008年起,州政府发给伊斯兰教事务的拨款,实际上是比国阵多出了超过100%



2015 May Day Message by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng

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Penang State Government 2015 May Day Message by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Komtar, George Town On 1.5.2015

Scholarships To Local Universities With A Maximum Of RM100,000 For The Entire Course Through The Penang Future Foundation(PFF) Will Help Bright Children Of Ordinary Workers.

The Penang state government’s decision to establish a scholarship fund through the Penang Future Foundation(PFF) will help workers who are affected by rising prices, rising debt and stagnant wages. Malaysians already suffer from the highest personal household debt in Asia at GDP ratio of 87.9%, or RM940.4 billion as at end-2014. Scholarships with a maximum of RM100,000 for the entire course through the PFF, provided to all Malaysians with emphasis to Penangites, to local universities will help bright children of ordinary workers. 

Financial assistance from the Federal government has been lacking due to wastage, inefficiencies and malpractices. The RM42 billion ringgit 1MDB scandals and the imposition of the 6% GST has only imposed heavier burdens and hardship on the rakyat in the form depressed stock market values, depreciation of the ringgit and rising prices of goods and services.

Whilst there is no doubt that rising prices is due to GST imposed from 1 April 2015, many do not realised that income values are eroded and diminished due to the stock market and our ringgit being the worst performer in Asia in 2014. Despite the 6% economic growth rate recorded in 2014, our stock market declined by 6%. In contrast the Thailand stock exchange increased its value by 15% despite recording a mere 1% economic growth rate in 2014. 

Our ringgit has now plunged to its lowest levels in history. All this can be traced to the 1MDB scandal, which has raised serious questions about our credit rating, ability to pay, current account deficit and commitment to plug leakages such as corruption. Under the prevailing harsher economic climate, it is workers who suffer more and big companies that benefit.

For instance, TENAGA Nasional Bhd's (TNB) net profit for the second quarter ended February 2015 rose 24% to RM2.16 billion from RM1.73 billion a year earlier. This was attributed to higher electricity sales, lower generation cost due to lower coal price and lower usage of the more expensive liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel. 

Unfortunately TNB’s higher earnings have not benefited the rakyat, apart from lower tariffs for 3 months until 30 June 2015, announced on 11 February 2015 by Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili. The BN Federal government has refused to clarify whether the electricity tariff reduction will be extended beyond 30 June 2015. Clearly the announcement of the tariff reduction is timed for the Permatang Pauh by-election, which votes on 7 May 2015.

Whilst the BN Federal Government struggles to manage the economy burdened by corruption, leakages and debt, the PR Penang State Government has not only managed to record a budget surplus of RM453 million from 2008 to 2013, we have also turned this surplus into an anti-corruption dividend through direct cash grants to the tune of RM287 million to help the needy and other vulnerable groups. 

As a result of these people-centric policies, Penang has succeeded best in Malaysia in bridging income inequality, with Penang’s Gini Coefficient improving by 12% in only three years from 0.42 in 2009 to 0.37 in 2012. The Gini coefficient is a measurement intended to represent the income distribution of a nation's residents, and is the most commonly used measure of inequality.

Now, we are taking another big step to invest in the future by starting the RM20 million Penang Future Foundation scholarship programme in order to help deserving Malaysians to achieve their academic dreams and also to reverse the brain drain problem by ensuring they return to work in Penang after completing their studies.

Lim Guan Eng