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Hon. Zairil Khir Johari
State Executive Councillor (Works, Utilities and Flood Mitigation)

Hon. Dato’ Seri Farizan bin Darus
State Secretary
Penang State Secretariat Office

Mr. Afzal bin Abdul Rahim
Chief Executive Officer
TIME dotCom Berhad

Ms. Nur ‘Aishah binti Md Norodin
Principal Assistant Secretary
Local Government Division

The Penang government on August 29 last year outlined its plans for the state with a vision called Penang 2030: A Family Focused, Green and Smart State to Inspire the Nation. This vision contains four themes.

The first theme is to increase livability to enhance the quality of life. The second is to upgrade the economy to raise household incomes. The third thrust is to empower people to strengthen civic participation and, last but not least, is the initiative to invest in the built environment to improve societal resilience.

The fourth theme includes the need to strengthen connectivity and digital infrastructure with the aim to integrate all smart city initiatives and technologies for digital growth.

 Internet connectivity is the foundation of digital growth and fiber optics is the most vital infrastructure. Currently, Penang is 50% fiberized with 3,217 km of fiber optic cables installed by several parties including TIMEs’.

TIME dotcom has been collaborating with the Penang State Government since 2013. Through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, TIME has provided high-speed fiber broadband to Penang Digital Library 1 and Penang Digital Library 2 which I have officially opened recently.

Today, in order to expand fiber coverage and facilitate Penang State towards becoming a Gigabit City, TIME has come with a proposal to roll out fiber infrastructure within the next three (3) years to put Penang at the forefront of the digital era.

A first for TIME, this initiative will include the expansion of coverage beyond multi-dwelling units (“MDU”) to encompass landed property and shop lots. This collaboration will also see TIME facilitating Penang’s move towards becoming a Gigabit City.

With this move, Penang is primed to ensure all citizens’ well-being through digital development. This is in-line with one of the key targets under the last theme I have mentioned earlier which is to strengthen connectivity via digital infrastructure.

In tandem with the 4P partnerships namely public, private, people and professional, the Penang State government has always encouraged any parties to work with us to ensure the realization of Penang 2030: A Family Focused, Green and Smart State to Inspire the Nation.

We would like to thank TIME for their continuous support and diligence as well as their dedication to always going the extra mile to achieve the best results for Penang.

Thank you.

The Officiating Ceremony of Westlite Dormitory, Bukit Minyak, Pulau Pinang

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Opening Speech by Chief Minister of Penang
At The Officiating Ceremony of Westlite Dormitory, Bukit Minyak, Pulau Pinang

29 January 2018


Yang Berhormat Jagdeep Singh Deo
Penang State Executive Councillor for Local Government, Housing and Town & Country Planning

Yang Berhormat Goh Choon Aik
Assemblyman for Bukit Tambun

Mr. Tony Bin
Managing Director for the Accommodation Business of Centurion Corporation

Members of the Municipal Council and Authorities

Honourable guests

Our media friends

Ladies and gentlemen

Firstly, I would like to thank Centurion Corporation Limited (Centurion) for inviting me to officiate the opening of the Westlite Bukit Minyak Purpose-Built Workers Accommodation (PBWA). My heartiest congratulations to you and the team for the successful completion of the project. I am really pleased to be here and it is indeed an auspicious start for 2019 to hit the ground running with the opening of pioneering projects.

A special welcome to the Centurion team and guests who have travelled all the way to be here from Singapore, Johor Bharu and Kuala Lumpur. Welcome to Penang and don’t miss out on what the state has to offer during your stay here.

Relevance to Pulau Pinang’s vision and 2030 Plan

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today’s event is indeed a milestone for both Centurion and for Penang itself, as Westlite Bukit Minyak PBWA is the very first for our beloved state. It also ranks amongst the first of such developments in the country and represents the seventh for Centurion to date. We look forward to welcoming more PBWA projects as the state government continues to strengthen the star quality environment for Penang especially via the provision of excellent infrastructure.

As a business-friendly state government, we have every reason to believe that private-sector led development is critical to the growth of our state. Penang is an ideal hub for many types of industries and activities and is well-supported by a skilled workforce. As a state, we have positioned ourselves as a preferred economic nerve centre, especially for the Electrical and Electronics (E&E) industry as well as life sciences. Underpinning our success is our strong, dynamic and efficient ecosystem that has supported the presence of many local and multinational companies with their respective large workforce. Moving forward, we have also continued to grow our Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO), which will further cement our position as a ‘Preferred Technology Hub’.

Our focus moving forward is to continue building on the solid foundation of the state and to further facilitate the growth of business, especially in areas of manufacturing. The “Penang 2030” action plan which I unveiled last year in late August has a specific focus on improving liveability, the economy, civic participation and societal resilience to achieve “A Family-focused Green and Smart State to Inspire the Nation”. The action plan also calls for the involvement of stakeholders – from government, corporation, community and public, to push for economic, infrastructural and socio-cultural development in our state.

On this front, I applaud Centurion for pioneering the development of PBWAs in Penang and in doing so, broke new ground in the infrastructure quality and standard in our state. The availability of such facilities will also add on to the pull factor of our state to companies and businesses with a large foreign workforce. The provision of international standard accommodation offers conducive living conditions for its residents to “Live, Learn & Play”.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Companies and businesses today need to look at their businesses holistically with a view for long-term sustainability. Human Capital, is without doubt, the most important asset for all of us, business or otherwise. As such, safeguarding the welfare and wellbeing of our workforce is vital to the productivity and overall success of an organisation.

As such, I am truly encouraged and inspired to see that this project has come to fruition and another is well on its way. I am confident that this pioneer PBWA project in Penang will be one of the reasons to inspire the nation as outlined in Penang2030 while we continue to pursue strong, sustainable and equitable growth and development across the country.

Lastly, it has been a pleasure to be here, to officiate the opening of Westlite Bukit Minyak, the first Purpose-Built Workers Accommodation in Penang, and to address all of you who are here today. I look forward to learning more about Centurion and its assets as well as officiating more of such projects in time to come as more partners join us in our quest to helm the state towards becoming an international and liveable city. Congratulations for a job well done!

Thank you.




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27TH JANUARY 2019, 5PM

A very good afternoon to all of you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being here despite it’s taking place on a Sunday afternoon. I know time could have been better spent with family and friends or to explore our beautiful state. But today is a historic day for George Town and I am excited to be sharing the experience with all of you! I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to those who have had a hand in shaping the transformation of the public spaces of this beloved city of ours.

First of all, I would like to commend the efforts of the Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP), and George Town Conservation and Development Corporation (GTCDC) in this mission to bring us back to a time forgotten by reinstating a public asset within George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This area where we are now gathered is the site for some of the oldest, important and significant structures of George Town. With such a renowned range of attractions nearby and a big green open space that has hosted many of our festivals, celebrations and events, it is no wonder that this area is a place for families and visitors to relax and linger. The green field all of us know as Padang Kota Lama or Esplanade, is an important public space located in the inner city of George Town, with a huge space for families and people from all walks of life and ages to carry out recreational activities.

This fountain standing before us has been with the city for almost 135 years, and now it stands tall and will once again be the pride of Penang.

As we all know, George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of our Outstanding Universal Values (OUVS), both tangible and intangible. And as part of our commitment towards strengthening and enhancing our OUVS, in restoring this historic garden, we are abiding by the guidelines set forth in the Florence Charter. The Charter which was developed in 1981 by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and since adopted by UNESCO, is meant for the preservation of historic gardens.

The Charter outlines strategies for conservation and restoration of gardens, including their layout, vegetation, structural and decorative features, and use of water. It recommends protecting the fabric and cultural message of such gardens.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Quality public spaces are a vital component to the liveability of a city. They are spaces where people can take a breather from the mundane confines of the office, and the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also a place where ties between communities and people are nurtured or even rekindled.

The Fountain Garden is the first historic garden restoration project in Penang and it was guided by available old photographs and records. The scope of the restoration work includes reinstating the original design layout and the positioning of structures within the site. The entire cost of its restoration work amounting to RM400,000 was fully borne by Think City since work began on 14 Feb 2018.

Its restoration falls under the George Town North Seafront Masterplan. This Masterplan is part of the Special Area Plan (SAP) approved by the local authorities in September 2016.

As the State Government is serious in pursuing a network of green public spaces to increase connectivity, walkability and social interaction; together with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI), and Think City, through the establishment of GTCDC, we have developed the North Seafront Masterplan to pursue the objective of creating quality public spaces that are amenable, attractive, safe and inclusive to all.

Other projects under the initiative include the restoration of Fort Cornwallis as a national monument, the reinstatement of the Fort Cornwallis Moat, restoration of the Queen Victoria Clock Tower, strengthening of the Esplanade Seawall, improvements to Lebuh Light promenade, as well as improvements to Dewan Sri Pinang and the surrounding precinct.

Once completed, this initiative will significantly expand the limited public spaces of the city and improve public amenities in the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. Upon completion, the entire plan for the seafront will be one of Penang’s most significant public spaces.

This effort also complements our recently announced Penang Green Connectors Project, which will see the development of various parks and amenities providing seamless connectivity to the hills and along the coasts.

In conclusion, I hope that by restoring this historic fountain garden for the people of Penang, you will find a small piece of joy and respite whenever you are seated here. Perhaps this would bring back fond memories of old Penang for you too. We encourage you to bring your friends and family here to admire its stately beauty, and to explore what our charming city has to offer.

Thank you.