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4 December 2018 | 11.30 am | PSDC

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am very pleased to be here with all of you today. First and foremost, I would like to extend my appreciation to His Excellency Count Nikolaus Graf Lambsdorff, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany for coming all the way from Kuala Lumpur to join us in this special session. We really appreciate the commitment of the German Government in supporting this initiative.

I would also like to thank the PSDC and the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) for initiating this GDVT Engagement and Industry Dialogue session. This is the second engagement that we are having this year. I believe constant engagement and consultation with our stakeholders is not only necessary but is a critical factor in ensuring the consistent growth of the business environment in Penang. This is a platform for the Industry, the State Government, and the accreditation bodies to connect and have a meaningful discussion so I look forward to hearing more from all of you during the dialogue session later this afternoon.

The State Government recognises the importance of talent development in sustaining and accelerating Penang’s economic growth. As such, we have been actively involved in driving the GDVT program together with the PSDC since the initial stages. The RM2 million allocation from the State Government to sponsor the course fees between RM3,000 to RM4,000 per student will see creation of 500 – 600 skilled talents through close partnership with PSDC and the industry. On top of that, we have also made available financial provisions for marketing and promotional activities to raise awareness and promote GDVT to school students.

We do believe that the GDVT program is one of the most effective and sustainable way to create a multi-skilled future workforce for the Industry as shared by Encik Muhamed Ali earlier. We are making good progress in this program and, we can certainly do more with your support and commitment to build and strengthen our talent pool in Penang for the industries in Penang. I was informed that in this year alone, we launched 2 new specialised GDVT programs, namely the Electronics in Automation Technology Program under the Technical track and the Industrial Management Program under the Commercial track, on top of the existing Mechatronics Program. I also had the privilege of witnessing the graduation of the first 2 batches of apprentices from the Mechatronics Program earlier in July.

I am also very pleased to know that the Host Companies have not only improved the talent retention of their existing employees through this program, but they are also successfully developing a consistent supply of technically-competent future employees in their talent pipeline. I would like to encourage the companies here today that have yet to sign up to capitalise on the availability of such a special program here in Penang and duly consider its benefits, especially as you hear the testimonies of the Host Companies. The State Government is committed to work with the Industry and all the stakeholders to make GDVT a success and to support your talent development needs. By working closely together, I trust that we can create and sustain a healthy and thriving business ecosystem in Penang.

Thank you.


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6 December 2018
GBS@Mayang, Bayan Baru, Penang

Good morning. It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you here today for the official launch of GBS@Mayang, a premier global business services landmark in Penang’s strategy to maximise growth potential in the services industry.

GBS@Mayang by PDC signifies an important milestone in the Penang State Government’s initiatives in providing MSC-status facilities - creating higher value jobs, leveraging on Penang as an international and intelligent city as well as a destination of choice for investors. This is in line with Penang 2030 action plan especially under the second thrust of “Upgrade the economy to raise household incomes”.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Penang has had industrial experience of more than 45 years with many highly-skilled talents with cumulative residual intelligence. While the manufacturing sector continues to grow, many have since expanded and diversified their business activities in manufacturing activities to services. Many companies, led by the numerous MNCs here, have expanded from the manufacturing base to include global business services (GBS). Penang will continue to increase our participation in the third wave of development of the services sector, encompassing Global Business - GBS/SSO, BPO, Research & Development (R&D), Design & Development (D&D), and smart manufacturing, encompassing IoT and Industry 4.0.

In the latest Principal Hub Investment Report by States released by MIDA in 2016, Penang received the second largest investments for Global Establishments for Services or ‘Principal Hub’ after Kuala Lumpur with an investment value of RM4.1 billion. Penang currently hosts a vibrant GBS community with over 50 GBS companies providing more than 10,000 high income jobs for knowledge workers and high-skilled workers - serving both regional and global markets. Job opportunities are expected to grow in tandem with more investments in this sector. During InvestPenang’s GBS Talent Outreach held few weeks ago which I launched, it is clear that GBS companies in Penang have strong confidence in our talents and these companies continue to move up the value chain, further enhancing the skills and knowledge for our talents in Penang.


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Last year, responding to the growing needs of the GBS industry, the State through Penang Development Corporation has undertaken a proactive initiative in allocating RM10 million to refurbish this building to turn it as a premier GBS hub in Penang. The refurbishment works included major facelift of the building facade, improvement of amenities and most importantly, infrastructure upgrades in line with MDeC’s MSC Malaysia Tier 1 Cybercentre standards. An approximate total of 125,000 square feet of MSC Malaysia Cybercentre office space were made available after the upgrading.

The MSC Cybercentre Status Recognition that will be presented today by MDeC on behalf of the Minister of Communication and Multimedia is an award given to niche business locations that meet MSC Malaysia standards and criteria to deliver the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees to MSC Malaysia-status companies. With this status, GBS@Mayang would strengthen its foothold as an attractive choice for companies wishing to be located in a prime area and enjoy the benefits that come with being MSC-status certified.

Today, we are able to witness the realization of GBS@Mayang as a GBS hub with four global names already operating in this building. These companies are global leaders in their respective industries which are Jabil, Swarovski, Cerium and Tesla. I understand that more than 80% of this building are already tenanted or pre-let, and more GBS companies will be moving in to run their GBS activities here.

In addition to infrastructure, this building is already centrally located in the heart of Bayan Baru’s business district with good connectivity, where the majority of our GBS/SSO players and more than 200 MSC Malaysia companies are housed in the Penang Cyber City. Penang is 2nd after Klang Valley hosting the highest number of MSC Malaysia Status companies in Malaysia.


In closing, I wish to congratulate Penang Development Corporation and InvestPenang in their commitment and initiative in the transformation efforts of GBS@Mayang, and their continuous efforts to spur the development of investments in Penang and facilitation of investors’ needs.

On that note, I am pleased to launch this GBS@Mayang as a MSC Malaysia Cybercentre.

Thank you.

The Island Hospital Expansion Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

At The Island Hospital Expansion Groundbreaking Ceremony

2 December 2018

International Medical City Site, Lebuh Peel, Penang


YB Dato Seri Haji Farizan Bin Darus, Penang State Secretary

YB Dr. Afif bin Bahardin, Penang State Executive Councillor

Mr Mark Wee, Chief Executive Officer of Island Hospital

Mr Benny Lim, Director of Island Hospital

Mr CJ Lee, Managing Partner of Affinity Equity Partners

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Tan Kok Ping, Life Honorary President, Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Yang Berbahagia, City Councillors of Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang

Members of the Island Hospital Board of Directors and Board of Visitors

Doctors and Heads of Departments

Distinguished guests

Members of the media

Ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to be here today for the Island Hospital Expansion Groundbreaking Ceremony, as the precursor to the establishment of Island Medical City (IMC) in Penang. This is indeed a big milestone for Island Hospital, and another great achievement for Penang.

Part of Penang state government’s Vision Penang2030 is to increase liveability to enhance quality of life and this medical city supports this pillar of our vision of the state.

As the Chief Minister of Penang, I am proud to announce that this landmark project spearheaded by Island Hospital will be the first-of-its-kind and the biggest medical hub in Malaysia. It will be an expansion to the current medical facility, which will encompass in total, a 600-bed medical complex, medical suites, as well as a medical tourist hotel as part of its facilities. With its state-of-the-art facilities and new cutting edge medical technologies, I am glad that the hospital will have all these advancement readily available to cater to the people of Penang, as well as medical tourists to the state.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I wish to note that, at the end of the lease of 99 years, when Island Hospital surrenders her own freehold land to be amalgamated to the state portion, the state actually gains more land than they originally alienated.

Being one of the largest medical tourist hubs in Southeast Asia, this project will provide Penangites with over 2,000 job opportunities. I believe that our up and coming young medical professionals are excited for the new opportunities at the Island Medical City. Not only that, medical specialists, especially those practicing overseas, will now have a reason to come home to set up their long-term practice in Penang. This is a good opportunity to attract back our talents who have since left the country.

This growth and revenue not only generate higher household income for our people but also additional tax income and boost in medical tourism for the state. The economic value of the project is expected to exceed RM7, with benefits spilling over to other industries as well, creating a sustainable progress for Penang.

We are excited to see Island Hospital grow and give their very best to elevate our healthcare standards and economic standing. I wish you the very best as you see to the completion of the new Island Medical City, which we will no doubt be very proud of.

Thank you!