Grand Opening Of Iconic Hotel, Penang

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

At The Grand Opening Of Iconic Hotel, Penang

08 September 2016 At 7pm

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Iconic Group of Companies for the grand opening of Iconic Hotel today. I believe with the opening of this hotel, the hotel industry standard in Seberang Perai in Penang will be elevated to a new level.

There have been many new hotels in Seberang Perai since we took over in 2008, such as Aroma in Butterworth, The Light in Seberang Jaya and Ixora in Prai.

Iconic Hotel Penang is a 4 star premier business hotel with 195 rooms. The rooms has a total of 3 different unique design, 2 Food & Beverage outlets, meeting and convention facilities and other leisure facilities such as gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna and many others.

The hotel has open for business since June 2016. The total investment cost is RM60 million. With the opening of the hotel at this very vibrant Icon City which was also developed by Iconic Group of Companies, and with the continuous growth of many global MNC here, Penang will now be one of the most attractive place to stay, visit and invest in.

Once again, congratulations to Iconic Group Of Companies, leads by its’ Chairman, Dato’ Tan Kean Tet on your successful opening.

Thank you.


Annual Luncheon Dialogue of MICCI

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Speech By Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng
At Annual Luncheon Dialogue of MICCI

on 8th September 2016 at Equatorial Hotel


Development vs Environment : Can we achieve a Balance?

A very tough and hyper-sensitive subject. Everyone wants a better lifestyle, higher income, a roof over their heads and the list goes on. But the real question is “What are they willing to sacrifice to achieve this?”. Not everything we do today that is to save for tomorrow has to be controlled by the government. There are many things that you yourself can control in your everyday life that will contribute to that of your children and grandchildren. And I’m not talking about material wealth.

How many of you present own a car? Maybe 2 cars? And how many of you present here today have used public transport in Penang in the last 6 months? 1 year? So what are all of us here today doing about reducing our carbon footprint?

Penang’s efforts for a “Cleaner, Greener, Healthier and Safer Penang” comes to nought without all of us putting an effort. Recycling is not only collecting the old newspapers, bottles, plastic containers, etc.. It is how we re-use them or recycle them into something usable.

Coming back to the topic of the day. The Penang State Government has achieved some milestones since 2008 in making Penang among the top 10 city or island in many areas. These are accolades that we have achieved by working together and complementing each other. But we now have to plan for the future as well. We need to develop Penang for our future generations such that they will look back and say thank you for the effort as we are doing today to our forefathers, who invested in Penang in the years gone by such that today Penang is a thriving business hub.

Development brings more jobs. More jobs means more people. More people means need for more homes, This in turn means there should be a higher economic growth for the state. Very good. But then again if there are more people how do they get from point A to point B with out transport. Not all of us have the luxury of working from home. So then we have the problem of connectivity. If everyone drives then the roads are going to be continually congested. We’ll have traffic jams 24 / 7.

It is for this reason that the Penang State Government has proposed the Transport Master Plan, which covers the Penang Transport Master Plan, Bayan Lepas LRT, Pan Island Link (PIL) and Penang South Reclamation (PSR). The PSR is basically to be able to raise funds so as to be able to pay for the 1st 3 projects. We can’t have one without the other.

The plans are all ready and will be submitted for approval at Federal level. Once approval is obtained there will be a Public Display and objection period. There will also be public consultation. Currently the online poll indicates strong support for this project. The PTMP blueprint are plans for the next 3 years, it may be changed or expanded according to the situation.

Penang’s challenges for these projects is ‘lack of good quality land’.

But what is the State Government doing to ensure that a balance is maintained, such that development does not encroach and “eat away” our environment?

We may have found the balance by emphasizing Penang as an on entrepreneurial and welfare state. The entrepreneurial and welfare state model is only possible because we record annual budget surpluses through clean administration. Penang’s CAT administration of Competency, Accountability and Transparency has allowed annual budget surpluses and our reserves to increase from RM850 million to nearly RM1.6 billion in 8 years. Penang’s government debt has been reduced by 90% to only RM69 million – the lowest in Malaysia. We also have one of the lowest income inequality with Gini coefficient at only 0.37 compared to the national average of 0.40 as at 2014. Further Penang’s unemployment rate of 1.5% offers many job opportunities.

We are taking baby steps right now. Remember that 59 years since independence all of us happily went about our daily lives without a care of what would happen to the trees or animals around us. Suddenly we have awoken from our slumber and are now aware that we need green to grow. We need our flora and fauna to sustain the environment. We need to control the carbon footprint we leave. Or our world as it is today, or when we were growing up will be no more. We’ll have something like what we see in the Mad max movies –devastation.

How are we going to achieve this. How is Penang State Government going to achieve this? Well Rome was built in a day. Remember when we implemented no plastics bag – oh the hue and cry over it. But now most Penangites have adapted. Visitors to State are also aware of it. Other states have followed suit. We have planted trees and when we need to widen roads we have uprooted and transplanted trees in other areas so they can continue to thrive. We encourage household to separate their waste. We have built a water treatment plant, which has shown improvement in the quality of water surrounding the island. We are working to resuscitate our rivers, especially Sungai Pinang and Sungai Emas.

On 1st of June this year, we have marked another milestone with the implementation of Waste Segregation at Source Policy in our quest to make Penang the first green state of Malaysia. We are proud to achieve the highest recycling rate of 32% in 2015, which exceeds both the current national recycling rate of 10.5% and the national target of 22% recycling rate and that only by 2020. Penang hopes to achieve the international benchmark of 40% recycling rate by 2020 and that can only be achieved by successfully implementing the Separation at Source Programme.
In line with the State Government’s implementation of Waste Segregation At Source Policy, remember we can only be an international and intelligent city when Penang is a green state.

In our quest to make Penang the first green state of Malaysia, Penang is the first state to ban free plastic bags at shopping centers, ban polystrene boxes and achieve the highest recycling rate of 32% in 2015.

We are trying. Are you?

We are definitely not going to please everyone but we aim to please the majority. Whether we achieve a balance is questionable but we are definitely trying to.


Fitnah Jahat BN Ke atas Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang Ialah Seperti Anjing Menyalak Bukit Dan Tidak Akan Menutup Skendal Rasuah Terbesar Di Dunia Sehingga Amerika Syarikat Bertindak Merampas USD1 Bilion Aset Mereka Yang Terlibat Dengan 1MDB (BM/CN)

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Kenyataan Akhbar Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng Pada 5.9.2016 Di Komtar, George Town.
Fitnah Jahat BN Ke atas Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang Ialah Seperti Anjing Menyalak Bukit Dan Tidak Akan Menutup Skendal Rasuah Terbesar Di Dunia Sehingga Amerika Syarikat Bertindak Merampas USD1 Bilion Aset Mereka Yang Terlibat Dengan 1MDB.

Fitnah jahat BN ke atas kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang ialah seperti amjing menyalak bukit dan tidak akan menutup skendal rasuah terbesar di dunia, sehingga Amerika Syarikat bertindak merampas USD1 bilion aset mereka yang terlibat dengan 1MDB. UMNO memang berhak untuk mahu merampas balik kuasa Pulau Pinang dalam pilihanraya besar yang akan datang.
Tetapi janganlah ingat rakyat begitu bodoh sehingga percaya fitnah jahat BN bahawa BN adalah parti bersih sedangkan Pakatan dan DAP adalah yang korup. Dakwaan terbaru adalah kes yang melibatkan ayah kepada ADUN DAP Sungei Pinang Lim Siew Khim. BN tidak mahu menyebut bahawa pihak yang didakwa membayar “duit kopi” tidak berjaya diluluskan rumah kos sederhana rendah oleh kerajaan negeri kerana mereka tidak layak.
Ini membuktikan prosedur kerajaan Pulau Pinang berkesan untuk memastikan hanya yang layak akan berjaya mendapat rumah. Mana ada kes rasuah kerajaan negeri bila yang dakwa membayar “duit kopi” tidak dapat rumah? Yang ada kes jenayah ialah kes penipuan di antara individu perseorangan, yang membayar dan menerima wang. Macam mana ia melibatkan rasuah kerajaan negeri bila kerajaan negeri dan rakyat Pulau Pinang tidak rugi kerana rumah kos rendah tidak diberikan kepada mereka yang tidak layak atau yang membayar duit kopi?
Ini bukan macam kes “lembu dan kondo” Ketua Wanita UMNO kerana akhirnya suami beliau dapat kontrak ternak lembu ratusan juta, yang menyebabkan kerugian pulohan juta kepada rakyat. Di sini pihak yang mendakwa membayar duit kopi kepada ayah Lim Siew Khim tidak pula dapat rumah, dan pembayar duit kopi harus buat laporan polis ke atas mereka yang buat penipuan.
Satu lagi contoh ialah tindakan UMNO mempolitikkan agama Islam dengan mengecam pameran “United Buddy Bears” daripada Jerman yang sedang berlangsung sekarang di Padang Kota Lama. UMNO mendakwa kerajaan negeri tidak menghormati Islam kerana dua beruang ada tulisan Arab berkaitan dengan Islam. Akan tetapi beruang yang sama telah dipamerikan di Kuala Lumpur bila United Buddy Bears datang kali pertama di Malaysia pada 2011.
Mengapa UMNO tidak membantah dan mengecam kerajaan persekutuan kerana membenarkan pameran United Buddy Bears di Kuala Lumpur pada masa itu? Kedua-dua beruang berkaitan tidak dikeluarkan langsung, tidak seperti yang dilakukan oleh penganjur di Pulau Pinang yang mengeluarkan dua beruang terlibat demi mengelak mencetuskan kontroversi.
Sehingga sekarang UMNO masih belum meminta maaf kerana gagal membantah pameran yang sama di Kuala Lumpur pada 2011 ddan membenarkan dua beruang yang didakwa hina Islam terus dipamerkan, bukan macam di Pulau Pinang yang telahpun keluarkan dua beruang tersebut. Sikap hipokrit dan double-standard BN ini memang terserlah bila tindakan diambil ke atas Namewee, tetapi tidak ada sebarang tindakan diambil ke atas Ridhuan Tee kerana menghina masyarakat Cina dan pemenang pingat perak Sukan Olimpik ataupun Ahli Parlimen UMNO Langkawi yang menghina DYMM Yang di Pertuan Agong.
Contoh lain ialah bantahan terhadap pemuliharaan warisan di George Town yang ada suatu pejabat khusus bukan macam di Melaka yang sudahpun tutup jabatan warisan mereka. Dan juga membantah isu tambakan laut di Pulau Pinang sedangkan di negeri-negeri bawah BN, tambakan laut yang dirancangkan adalah tiga kali ganda lebih besar daripada Pulau Pinang.  
Nescaya media massa BN akan terus siarkan fitnah untuk memburuk-burukkan DAP dan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang. Kami yakin bahawa permainan taktik kotor berdasarkan fitnah jahat, tidak berprinsip dan double-standard tidak akan memujuk rakyat Pulau Pinang sokong balik BN. Rakyat tahu semua menfaat yang mereka perolehi di bawah kerajaan negeri Pakatan akan hilang sebaik sahaja BN mengambil balik kuasa dengan sistem pentadbiran kroni dan rasuahnya.


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槟城首席部长林冠英于2016年9月5日 在槟城乔治市发表声明:


但是,不要以为人民那样蠢,会相信国阵的恶意毁谤、还相信国阵是廉洁的政党、希联及行动党是贪污的。最新的指控就是针对涉及双溪槟榔区州议员林秀琴的父亲 。国阵刻意不提的是,那些支付“台底钱”的人士并没有获批得州政府批准中廉价屋,因为他们不符合资格。




为什么当国际巴迪熊在吉隆坡展出时,巫统不反对及指责联邦政府? 当时他们也没有移走两只熊,不像槟城的主办单位,必须移走两只被卷入纷争的熊,以避免引发争议。







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31st August 2016 @ Esplanade

I wish you all a very good evening and thank you for being present here at the official launching of UNITED BUDDY BEARS PENANG.

“We have to get to know each other better… it makes us understand one another better, trust each other more, and live together more peacefully”

This is the motto of the UNITED BUDDY BEARS that promote tolerance and understanding among nations, cultures and religions. If you look at most countries, they live in a homogeneous mono-ethnic society unlike ours where we have always been living in harmony among multi-cultural societies. And yet we live peacefully together with mutual respect until Georgetown is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Over 140 two-meter tall buddy bears that go on global tours, are now here in Penang for the first time. These buddy bears represent countries recognised by the United Nations. As you can see, each bear is uniquely designed by different artists on behalf of their native countries. And you will also witness a Penang Buddy Bear which will be soon unveiled right here, joining the rest of the globe-trotting bears. The Penang Buddy Bear is actually the winning creation from a Penang Buddy Bear Design Contest that was recently organized by Penang Global Tourism.

Presented by the Penang State Government for the public at a cost of RM862,000.00 in conjunction with Merdeka, Malaysia Day as well as Visit Penang Year, the UNITED BUDDY BEARS will make the Penang Esplanade its home for 2 months from today until 30th October. It’s indeed an ideal day today to have the launching ceremony in celebration of Merdeka. We hope that this exhibition enables visitors to experience a journey around the world while having a great time with family and friends.

The United Buddy Bears Penang is organised by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd and supported by the Penang State Government with the cooperation of the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) and Penang Global Tourism.

I hereby officially launch the UNITED BUDDY BEARS PENANG!

Thank you.