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It is my pleasure and privilege to be with you once again as we come together to show our support for our “warriors” – family, friends, loved ones who have, with their utmost bravery and determination, battled cancer and won.

Just looking at the crowd today, and feeling the positive energy in the air, is indeed a truly heartening moment for me. We are all focused in the belief that the war against cancer can be won. That all is not lost for those of us who are afflicted with the genetic disease and with a positive attitude and proper medical care, we can survive, we can recover, we can live a deserving full life that was once nearly taken away.

So, the ‘warriors’ are not just cancer survivors; it is all of us. So, we ought to celebrate this shared victory which allowed many among us, a renewed glimmer of hope and a zest for life.

As Mr. Ivan mentioned earlier, the World Health Organisation lists cancer as the second leading cause of mortality globally. In Malaysia, cancer is the fourth leading cause of mortality.

While this information is solemn, it highlights the fact that there is a critical need for us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Tobacco use, alcohol use, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity are major cancer risk factors worldwide and are also the 4 shared risk factors for other noncommunicable diseases.

To all of you, I urge that this run we are having this evening goes beyond our show of support towards cancer survivors and cancer patients. Let it be the concrete start of our promise to ourselves to lead a healthier lifestyle. Or, if you have already started that promise, fantastic!

Let this evening be a continuation of that self-imposed commitment because building a healthier, stronger community begins with every member within the community.

We can and will support you by improving public awareness on diseases, educating children in schools on the importance of healthy living, making healthcare services accessible and of high quality.

But it is only through the combination of our efforts and yours, that the outcome will be even more significant.

The theme this evening is “Glow with Hope”. It is a powerful statement. For not only is your participation a sign of hope and support for cancer survivors and patients, it is also a reminder for you to energise your entire being with hope – and channel it towards those who need it most around you.

Penangites, you make me proud.

Gleneagles Penang, I commend you for taking the lead in creating awareness on cancer and bringing the community together as a sign of solidarity.

And with that, let the run begin!


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02 November 2019


First of all, I would like to congratulate Mr Cheah Yew Saik for being honoured with a retrospective by the Penang State Art Gallery (PSAG) as he turns 80 this year.

I am told that the PSAG committee goes through a meticulous selection process to identify the artist they would honour, often with much discussion and debate but in Mr Cheah’s case, his selection was a unanimous decision by the committee.

Mr Cheah is now proudly given the honour as with the previous Retrospective Artists. This is a fitting honour as Mr Cheah has contributed tremendously to the art education of our country. He founded the Kuala Lumpur College of Art in 1968 and helmed it until 2002. As we are all aware, KLCA was an art academy that has influenced several generations of artists in our country. KLCA had nurtured hundreds of outstanding fine art artists, potters, sculptors, art teachers, photographers and even fashion designers who had made their mark in the commercial art field and other art-based professions. The considerable influence and contributions by KLCA graduates had, in a way, made the society we live in a much beautiful and colourful place. And today, quite a number of the alumni are also present to celebrate with Mr Cheah.

Other than his contributions to art education, Mr Cheah is also a prominent artist of our nation. His career spanning more than 60 years is impressive. This retrospective is a testament to his artistic labour of love throughout the decades. The length and breadth of the artworks featured here on this floor and on the third floor show his dedication to his art. Mr Cheah is certainly an inspiring example for many artists and for generations of artists to come.

Penang is now on track to become an international city. For us to realise this aspiration, Penang has to be a centre of arts, culture and heritage. PSAG as the depository of Penang art plays an important role to help us realise this goal. By honouring worthy artists and showcasing their lifetime achievement, we will be able to educate and inspire future generations of artists and the general public.

The state government is, of course, fully committed to develop the arts scene. The 9 acres Penang Art District shows how serious the Penang state government is about art.

There is no great city in this world without a great art gallery. I know the space you have now for the Penang State Art Gallery is not ideal. It is too small and the third floor is not accessible by lift. I know many museums and galleries have gift shops larger than this ground floor space. There is now a plan to build a new State Art Gallery 5 times the size of this current one at the Penang Art District. We look forward to a new PSAG in time to come.

I am glad that the Penang art scene is very active. I am confident that with the cooperation between the state government and the art community, the art scene in Penang will continue to flourish.

2010 is the Experience Penang Year. This retrospective exhibition is a good event to promote so that Penangites and the many tourists who visit Penang can experience the height of fine art in Penang.

I wish Mr Cheah Yew Saik the very best and I wish this worthy exhibition every success.

I hereby declare this Retrospective Exhibition open.


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It is indeed a great pleasure to be here for REHDA’s 45th Annual Dinner and I wish to thank Dato’ Toh Chin Leong for the invitation. I am very pleased to be able to join the committee, members and associates of REHDA Penang. Over the past 45 years, REHDA Penang has been the voice of developers in Penang and has played a significant role in bringing about development for the people of Penang in terms of creating new townships, employment and business opportunities.

The state government, on our part, has always been working with REHDA Penang to resolve challenges faced by the industry. Your active engagement with the state government, state agencies and the local authorities have brought about positive outcomes for both the state government and the housing and property development industry.

Last year, the Penang state government launched an inclusive and holistic action plan for Penang with the theme “Penang2030: A Family Focused Green and Smart State That Inspires the Nation”. It is a people-centric action plan with a focus on improving liveability, the economy, civil participation and a balanced development to achieve a "family-focused, green and smart state". The Penang state government has drawn up 16 strategic initiatives to attract investors and stakeholders to invest in the state in line with the Penang2030 vision. These strategic initiatives would drive the state’s economic growth in a positive direction, apart from enhancing competitiveness and the people’s quality of life. In addition, the initiatives would also provide an opportunity for the public to participate in any government development plans in the state.

Effective partnerships and the continuous engagement with the stakeholders in the relevant fields are important to address existing concerns like inadequate supply of affordable housing which may prevent Penang2030 from becoming a reality. In this regard, support by the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia (REHDA) is crucial in bringing about considerable development in the housing and property development industry in Penang. It is, therefore, pertinent that REHDA and the State Government engage each other to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions, particularly in addressing the housing affordability issue, as we now strive for betterment of life through sustainable property development.

REHDA has consistently implored the State Government to reduce contributions and charges particularly over imposed contributions for non-provision of low cost, low medium cost and affordable housing. There are some states that have raised the ceiling prices for low-cost homes to RM60,000 and low medium-cost homes to RM100,000 but the Penang state government would maintain its low-cost homes at RM42,000, low medium-cost homes at RM72,500 and affordable homes at RM300,000 on the island and RM250,000 for the mainland.

The Penang state government has also written to the Housing and Local Government Ministry to review its decision to stop building the People’s Housing Project (PPR), as there are still many in the B40 category that cannot even afford a low-cost housing unit. Penang has been seeking the Federal Government’s assistance in building PPR projects in the five districts of the state, starting with a site in Jelutong on Penang island. The Penang state government is ready to assist and we have already identified suitable sites for PPR projects.

I wish to assure REHDA that the Penang state government is a business-friendly government that listens to all. We believe in advocating a better quality of life for the people of Penang and the State Government appreciates the role played by REHDA. We hear your views and will give them due consideration. The continued progress and prosperity of Penang can only be achieved through the cooperation of all parties including REHDA through consultation, dialogue and public private partnership.

I would also like to commend REHDA Penang and the organising committee for the commitment towards the less fortunate in our society through your CSR initiatives.

Finally, a big “Thank You” to all REHDA Penang members for your support in making Penang a better place for all and to the organising committee for your commitment in making this annual dinner a success. I wish you all a joyous anniversary celebration and enjoy the evening.