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27th Jan, 2015

1. Good afternoon, everyone. And welcome to this launching and inaugural meeting of Penang State Shared Services & Outsourcing & Creative Multimedia Content Council (PSSCC).

2. I would like specially thank all of you for your presence here this afternoon. Your presence here clearly confirms that Penang is on the right track in promoting and pursuing the Shared Services Outsourcing (SSO) & Creative Multimedia Content (CMC) Industry as one of our focus area.

3. Penang has experienced 2 growth transformations to achieve successful industrialized economy. First growth was Penang as Malaysia's first Free Trade Zone in Bayan Lepas in 1970s. Second growth was, the expansion of industry clusters, Electronic & Electrical, semiconductor, and the set up of many SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to support the MNCs, based in Penang in the 1980-1990s. Now Penang’s economy is targeted to move up the value-chain driven 3rd growth wave of knowledge intensive and innovation-led services. We are now starting to see that transformation taking place in Penang. Penang is ready to propel itself further up the value chain by focusing on high value-added industries such as shared services and outsourcing (SSO) and creative multimedia content (CMC).

4. The global Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) sector has seen an increased growth recently with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) services worldwide expected to grow to RM517.9 billion and RM898.4 billion respectively in 2015 (Gartner). In tandem with the SSO industry, the global animation and gaming market is forecasted to grow to $242.03 billion by 2016 while the revenue of Malaysian creative multimedia content industry is forecasted to reach RM23.847 billion by Year 2017.

5. Penang is working very hard to fully tap this huge potential to achieve its aspirations of becoming an International and Intelligent City. In working towards this achievement, we recognise the importance of developing the SSO & CMC hub in Penang.

6. To realize Penang’s vision as an international and intelligent city, we are also diligently promoting higher value activities to enhance Penang as a highly modern and intelligent working location in tandem to other developed countries worldwide. This will help us to keep our young and talented generation back in Penang and attract other foreign talents to come and work in Penang.

7. Penang’s potential to attract SSO business has been recognized for several years. Among the prominent companies providing global shared services in Penang are First Solar, Citigroup Transaction Services Malaysia, IHS, Wilmar, Osram and AirAsia.

8. Penang has the potential to become a promising destination of choice to the SSO & Creative industry because of the many attractive features offered here. At the top of the list is the fact that Penang has the requisite conditions of 3Ts of Talent, Technology and Tolerance of new ideas to succeed in the new innovation-based economic transformation, in addition to the excellent infrastructure.

9. With the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and Temasek to develop the BPO Prime and Penang International Technology Park (PITP) valued at RM11.3 billion, as well as the launching of Creative Animation Triggers (CAT) in the heart of George Town, we are optimistic that the State’s SSO & Creative sector will flourish to a greater level.

10. We are also interested in applying cloud computing, Big Data Analysis (BDA), an internet of things (IOT) – new growth areas valued at hundreds of billions of dollars.

11. Penang with its capacity as a knowledge driven state and its effort to move up the value chain has the potential to become a strong SSO & animation cluster for Malaysia in the future.

12. The promising growth in these industries enabled SSO and Creative Multimedia Content (CMC) to become the core focus in the economic development of Penang towards achieving a high-income and knowledge-based economy.Amongst state’s initiative includes launching of BPO-ITO hub and Creative Animation Triggers (CAT) in March 2014, PDC-Temasek MOU in May 2014, leasing of Wisma Yeap Chor Ee from Wawasan Open University in June 2014 to support the development of the Creative Animation Triggers (CAT) and Penang Science Cluster, revitalization and rejuvenation of Bayan Lepas Industrial Park and Bayan Baru with the development of Innoplex Complex/Motorola, SME Centre, Osram’s Skill Development Centre and Technocentre to support the growth of high end activities such as R&D, design, SSO & CMC as well as a few series of conferences and business matching to nurture the growth of local players and help them move up the value chain.

13. To spearhead a more focused growth of the SSO and CMC sectors in Penang, the State has established a high level Penang State SSO-CMC Council (PSSCC). The PSSCC provides direct advocacy and advisory to the State Government to enhance Penang as destination of choice for investments in the SSO, Creative Multimedia and other related sectors as well as to steer planning, development & promotion of these ecosystems in Penang. Advocacy & advisory :-
• Custodianship of State’s master development plan in SSO and creative multimedia
• State level, planning, coordination and monitoring of development, operation and process of MSC Cybercity/Cybercentres & SSO sector in Penang
• Planning development, implementation of the digital creative animation sector including the Creative Animation Triggers (CAT) projects.

14. The PSSCC will be chaired by the Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng and will consist of leaders and expert in these fields. Proposed council members includes; Dato’ Lee Kah Choon, Special Advisor to the Chief Minister of Penang; Dato’ Azman Mahmud, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), Dato’Rosli Jaafar, General Manager of Penang Development Corporation (PDC), Ms Loo Lee Lian, General Manager of investPenang and two from the industry, Mr Ooi Kok Seng, Partner of KPMG and Mr. Mark Chang of Jobstreet.

15. The collaborative effort of the government agencies, including Federal Authorities and industry representative through the establishment of Penang State SSO & CMC Council are expected to garner a stronger relationship and support between the government and the industry players as well as support the State’s programme for the Rakyat.

16. As the State Promotion Agency and State Cybercity Manager (CCM), investPenang will be managing and supporting activities of the PSSCC including overseeing all the investments and development related to SSO & CMC sector in Penang.

Ladies and Gentleman

17. To win the future we must invest in our children's education. To build the future we must build a sound education system in Science and Technology! The various educational initiatives have seen a growing number of school-children benefiting from the Penang International Science Fair held at sPICE Stadium, the best and biggest in Malaysia, the Penang Science Cafe teaching robotics and the introducing STEM teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

18. I strongly believe that Malaysia and Penang in particular are well-positioned to be a major player for SSO and Creative Multimedia because Penang offers the best in terms of conducive business environment and quality lifestyle.

19. I believe the Penang State SSO and CMC council will take the lead to enact a greater focus and create powerful synergies between the agencies and industries for the benefit of the Rakyat.

I wish all of us a promising and successful endeavor ahead.

Thank you.

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槟城经历了两次的发展转型。首次是在70年代,峇六拜工业区成为马来西亚首个自由贸易区。第二阶段的发展转型则是从1980至 1990年代期间,位于槟城工业集群的扩展、电子及电气业、半岛体及许多为支撑跨国公司而设的中小企业纷纷林立。目前,槟城的经济目标锁定于提升价值链,以推动第三波的发展转型,也即是以知识密集型及创新主导的服务。在槟城,这类的转型已开始产生了。槟城已经做好准备进一步提升自身的价值链,专注于高增价工业,如共享服务外包,以及创意多媒体内容。

全球共享外包服务领域可预见有着增长的趋势。根据全球技术研究及咨询公司Gartner的报告显示,商业业务流程外包(BPO)及通讯科技外包(ITO) 的全球服务,在2015年将分别创下5179亿令吉及8984亿令吉。而全球动画及游戏市场,也预料将在2016年创下2兆4203亿美元的记录,而马来西亚在创意多媒体内容工业的市场,则预料在2017年达到2兆3847亿令吉。



在槟城设立共享服务的公司包括第一太阳能公司、花旗集团马来西亚交易服务、IHS公司 、欧欧司郎(Osram)\丰益国际(Wilmar)、亚航的资源共享服务外中心。


随着槟州发展机构与新加坡淡马锡签署备忘录,共同发展商业流程外包,以及价值113亿令吉的槟州国际工艺园区, 同时在乔治市心脏创设动画中心,我们乐观地相信,有关领域将能在未来更上一层楼。






Ponggal Festival of Kampung Buah Pala

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Speech By Y.A.B. Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister during the Ponggal Festival of Kampung Buah Pala at 7.30pm on 25th January 2015 In Kampung Buah Pala, Penang

Freedom Works - Freedom From Fear As Well As The Freedom To Pursue And Reward Excellence.

The terrorist attacks by extremists who have exploited the good name of Islam, has struck fear because the terrorists are targeting at the fundamental base of success of the West – freedom from fear. Freedom is seen by some as an alien value and a threat to the power and status of established groups.

Malaysians must endorse the fundamental value of freedom that helps to create a successful, progressive and prosperous society, as commonly shared by all developed countries. Freedom does not mean absolute freedom but the freedom from fear as well as the freedom to pursue and reward excellence.

Malaysians should rejects extremists who preach hate, intolerance and violence. Instead we must respect the rights and dignity of our Malaysian brothers and sisters who shares the same aspirations of justice, democracy and economic prosperity and suffer the same problems of corruption, abuse of power and discrimination.

Politics should not be about confrontation and exclusion but about collaboration and inclusion. For this reason, good governance play a very important role by implementing good policies that can determine good outcomes and delivery that improves people’s lives.

In the politics of government, winning is about generating good and creative ideas that can capture the imagination for a brighter future. BN and UMNO is losing the future by focusing on appealing to our primordial fears and hate that dehumanises minorities. This politics of hate is intended to avoid real problems such as the 1MDB scandals or RM1.4 trillion in illicit funds flowing out of the country from 2003-2013. Or that Malaysia household indebtedness (87.1% of gross domestic product as at September 2014) is the highest in Asia by the World Bank's estimates, having ballooned to RM854.3 billion (86.8% of GDP) in 2013 versus RM243.2 billion (67.2% of GDP) in 2002.

Simply, Malaysians must punish bad behaviour and reward good behaviour. Do we want a society where extremism in the defence of race is no vice, but moderation in the defence of justice no virtue?

--BM Version --

Teks Ucapan Y.A.B. Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang pada 7.30pm, 25 Januari 2015 di Perayaan Pesta Ponggal, Kampung Buah Pala, Pulau Pinang.

Kebebasan terbukti berkesan! Kebebasan dari rasa takut, dan juga kebebasan untuk menuju dan memberi ganjaran untuk kecemerlangan.

Serangan pengganas oleh kumpulan ekstremis yang telah mengeksploitasi nama baik Islam telah menimbulkan ketakutan, kerana para pengganas memang mensasarkan asas kejayaan barat, iaitu kebebasan dari rasa takut. Bagi sesetengah orang, kebebasan dilihat sebagai satu nilai asing, dan juga suatu ancaman kepada kuasa dan status kumpulan-kumpulan sedia ada.

Rakyat Malaysia harus menyokong nilai asasi kebebasan yang membantu membentuk masyarakat yang berjaya, progresif dan makmur, sepertimana banyak negara-negara membangun. Kebebasan tidak bererti mutlak, tetapi kebebasan daripada rasa takut dan juga kebebasan untuk menuju serta memberi ganjaran untuk kecemerlangan.

Rakyat Malaysia mesti menolak para ekstremis yang menyebarkan dakyah kebencian, sikap tidak toleran dan keganasan. Sebaliknya kita mesti menghormati hak dan maruah saudara seMalaysia yang berkongsi impian keadilan, demokrasi dan kemakmuran ekonomi, serta terkesan dengan masalah-masalah akibat rasuah, salah guna kuasa dan diskriminasi.

Politik tidak sepatutnya berkisar tentang konfrontasi dan kerja mengasing-asingkan, tetapi seharusnya berkisar tentang kerjasama dan keterangkuman. Atas sebab ini, urustadbir yang baik memainkan peranan penting dengan melaksanakan dasar-dasar yang baik, yang menjanjikan hasil yang baik serta penyampaian yang memperbaiki kelangsungan hidup rakyat.

Dalam politik pentadbiran, soal menang ialah mengenai kerja menghasilkan idea yang kreatif dan bagus untuk menangkap imaginasi ke arah masa depan yang lebih cerah. Masa depan akan terlepas dari capaian BN dan UMNO kerana ia sedang menumpukan kepada usaha menakut-nakutkan kita dan membangkitkan kebencian yang mengurangkan nilai manusia dari kalangan warga minoriti. Politik kebencian ini bertujuan untuk mengelak daripada membincangkan masalah-masalah yang lebih nyata seperti skandal 1MDB atau aliran keluar wang haram mencecah RM1.4 trilion antara tahun 2003-20013. Atau soal isi rumah Malaysia berhutang pada kadar 87.1% daripada KDNK setakat September 2014, yang tertinggi di Asia berdasarkan anggaran Bank Dunia, setelah membelon menjadi RM854.3 bilion (86.8% daripada KDNK( pada tahun 2013 berbanding RM243.2 juta (67.2% daripada KDNK) pada tahun 2002.

Secara mudah, rakyat Malaysia mesti menghukum tabiat buruk dan memberi ganjaran kepada mereka yang berbuat kebaikan. Adakah kita mahukan sebuah masyarakat dio mana ekstremisme demi mempertahankan kaum tidak dikira satu kesalahan, tetapi kesederhanaan demi mempertahankan keadilan tidak dilihat sebagai satu kemuliaan?


-- CN version --


自由的意义 — 免于恐惧的自由,还有追求及获得卓越成就的自由。

极端份子的恐怖袭击利用了伊斯兰的宗教名誉,图在散播恐惧,因为恐怖分子蓄意要攻击的就是西方文明最基本的成就 — 免于恐惧的自由。自由被一些人视为外来的价值观,是对创始者权力及阶级的威胁。




在政府的政治里,胜利就是创造良好及有创意的想法,以便让更美好的未来充满着无限想像。国阵及巫统已经失去他们的未来,因为国阵与巫统只专注于挑起最原始的恐惧与仇恨,并去人性化地对付少数民族。这些政治仇恨旨在逃避面对许多真正的问题,如一个马来西亚发展公司舞弊丑闻,或从2003至2013年总值1.4 兆的黑钱外流事件。还有,根据世界银行的估计,马来西亚家庭债务(截至2014年9月为止,占国内生产总值的87.1%),是亚洲最高,经已从2002年的2432亿令吉(占国内生产总值67.2%),飙升至8543亿令吉(即国内生产总值的86.8%)。





Launching of Bukit Jambul Hill Gazebo and Hiking Trail

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Speech by YAB Chief Minister of Penang

Launching of Bukit Jambul Hill Gazebo and Hiking Trail on Sunday, 25th January 2015 at 4.30pm.

I am pleased to be with you on this auspicious occasion, to officially launch the Bukit Jambul Gazebo and hill trail this evening, amidst a very beautiful and scenic setting on top of the hill.

The beautiful scenery here, overlooking the 2 Penang Bridges, Pulau Jerejak and the Bayan Lepas Industrial Park is also a bonus and inspiration to hikers and nature lovers, especially during weekends and holidays.

Indeed, the Bukit Jambul hill is one of the most popular hiking trails in Penang for fitness buffs, inclusive of tourists, who regularly hike up the hill and also exercise on the fitness equipment available up here.

The State Government and PDC in line with its strategy of promoting a cleaner, greener, healthier and safer Penang, is committed to supporting and nurturing this natural fitness centre in Bukit Jambul.

In view of this commitment, I had early last year directed PDC, to come up with some plans to improve the Bukit Jambul Hill, which actually comes under the development area/jurisdiction of the PDC.

Subsequently, in April 2014, PDC started works on a RM270,000 project to improve the amenities, which comprise the construction of 2 gazebos at the hilltop here, constructing safety railings along the hiking trail, demolishing the existing old structures, putting up directional and entrance signages as well as toilet facilities.

I am confident that PDC will continue to assist to make the hill a better place for all, as part of their corporate social responsibility in giving back to the community.

I would also like to thank the Bukit Jambul Hikers Club formed 20 years ago, which I understand has about 120 active multi-ethnic members, for taking the intiative in improving the hill facilities and building teamwork and an espirit de corp among all the hikers and nature lovers of the hill.

I am pleased to note that the Bukit Jambul Hikers’ Club is one of the most active hiking clubs in the Northern Region, and has even organised a hike, by 14 of their members, to the Mt Everest Base Camp in 2009.

The Bukit Jambul Hikers’ Club has been organising the annual Bukit Jambul Hikathon over the past 7 years, whereby in 2014, about 2,500 people took part, inclusive of schools and OKU. In conjunction with the hikathon, funds collected were distributed to charitable bodies.

The club also organises 24-hour search and rescue operations for hikers who are lost or injured, and I would like to record my thanks and admiration for their sense of civil society values in giving a helping hand to all in need.

My thanks also go to the MPPP which has over the years provided full support services such as landscaping and gotong-royong along the hiking trail, inclusive of building washroom facilities at the base of the hill. I am confident that the MPPP will continue to support and work closely with PDC and the Bukit Jambul Hikers’ Club to enhance the hill facilities and services.

With this note, I am please to now officially launch the Bukit Jambul Gazebo and hiking trail.

Thank you.