SYNOD 2019 Opening Dinner

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Address for SYNOD 2019 Opening Dinner


14 OCTOBER, 8 P.M.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening to all of you.

It is my pleasure to be within the midst of the leaders of the Anglican churches in the region of West Malaysia. I am sure that all of you must have visited Penang before, but if this is your first time here, a very warm welcome to the Pearl of the Orient.

It is my understanding that this is the 45th SYNOD and I am honoured to be a part of celebrating the life and witness of the Anglican Church in West Malaysia. Throughout the years, the Anglican Church has contributed much to society, particularly in the fields of education, social concern and the development of the nation. Collectively, there is much to be thankful for, and we celebrate the unity, hope, peace and commitment that have helped to sustain the church and enabled it to contribute towards the state and nation.  

Here in Penang, we have constantly strived to build a bridge between state and church – ties which are bound by our mutual desire to act towards the care and concern for the people of Penang. I have personally been a witness towards the celebration of the 200th Anniversary of St. George’s Church in May this year – the oldest Anglican church in South East Asia and I am sure that other churches within the diocese have partnered with various organisations and institutions to help build and strengthen communities as well as in promoting the message of reconciliation towards one another. We hope to continue working hand-in-hand in shaping our nation, where everyone in spite of our differences, will live in unity, harmony and in mutual understanding of, and for each other.

In all these matters that concern the livelihood as well as the very social fabric of our society, it is my intention when I launched Penang2030 last year that the hallmark of my administration could best be described as the empowerment of the people especially in uplifting our vulnerable communities and reduce inequalities and to boost the participation of our youth, women & seniors in community life.

What the state government would be focusing on, given our stated goals, would be the creation of more platforms for public involvement in our social development and to accelerate programme delivery and institutional reform in our administration.

Hence, the support from all stakeholders towards this vision would be instrumental for the continued success and prosperity of Penang which we now enjoy and more importantly, for us to remain competitive in the face of global challenges which will only intensify in the coming years.    

Lastly, I wish to congratulate the Diocese of West Malaysia for your services for the state and nation for the past 49 years, and I look forward to hearing more of the milestones you will reach and the legacy you will leave behind. 

Thank you.


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13 OCTOBER 2019,



First and foremost, I would like to thank Gleneagles Hospital Penang for having me here today, to commemorate and be a part of this meaningful ‘Pink October’ campaign which aims to raise public awareness on breast cancer and its prevention measures. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all of you who have made an effort to be present here today.

Respected members of the audience,

According to the Malaysian Study on Cancer Survival (MySCan) 2018, 41.3% of breast cancer cases presented are at the late stages (stage III & IV of cancer) despite having screening programmes available for breast cancer in the country. Also reported was that diagnosis at late stages was a significant determinant for poor cancer survival rate. Comprehending this and the fact that breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst Malaysian females, only raises the urgency of the need to strengthen the awareness and promotion on cancer prevention and screening programme in the community.

Therefore, events such as today’s Pink October campaign is extremely significant in help the public to gain more awareness on the early detection of breast cancer at an early age. Early prevention is the answer to stopping this disease in its tracks. Prevention, early screening, testing and treatment are most important to ensure cancer patients have a higher chance of survival and even cure. The graver challenge here is to create such awareness and to get women to come forward for screening.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Penang State Government is determined to raise the awareness and encourage even more women for screening through the State’s Mammogram Initiative under ‘Program Penang Sihat’. In line with the Vision of Penang2030, the ‘Mammo Penang’ program coincides with the State Government's efforts to make Penang a state that is not only green, safe and clean but a healthy state as well. The program, which commenced in March 2019, had successfully enrolled 1,565 Penang women from the age of 35 and above for mammogram screening tests at mammogram centres registered under the National Population and Family Development BOARD (LPPKN). More than 50 percent of registered women have undergone mammogram screening with 1 percent (16) have been referred to a hospital or medical centre for further investigation. Through the state’s initiatives as such, I am greatly hopeful that it CREATES further awareness and encourages even more women to take part in such programmes for the betterment of themselves and the state at large.

Distinguished members of the audience,

I must say, I am indeed happy and greatly encouraged to see the active involvement of so many people and hospitals such as Gleneagles Hospital Penang in the activities of the Breast Cancer Awareness month. The battle against breast cancer cannot solely be the responsibility of the government, nor should it be confined to health care professionals. The campaign against breast cancer need to be brought right down to the ground level. We need to harness the active support of everyone including the voluntary organizations. Leveraging on their community links and network, they can help to increase public awareness of breast cancer, as well as help the victims and their families cope with both the medical and psycho-social aspects of the disease. From community engagement programmes like today to every small showcase of support, can make a huge difference.

While the government, health care professionals and voluntary organizations will continue to improve the infrastructure for cancer education, treatment and research, each Malaysian must also do his or her part in this battle against breast cancer. We must actively help ourselves, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, by taking food in moderation, by not smoking, by exercising regularly. We should also undergo the various screening tests for the different cancers, as and when advised by our doctors. Such habits will lower the risk against cancers in general.

In a nutshell, it is my hope that with the help of all of you and the activities planned as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we can spread the specific health education message for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer to all Malaysian women and motivate them to put their knowledge into action for the benefit of all women.

With that, I hereby with great pleasure launch the Breast Cancer Awareness Month for Gleneagles Hospital Penang.

Thank you.


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13 Oct 2019

Good evening everyone and welcome to Cheah Kongsi. We are in the heart of the iconic and vital stretch of Penang’s heritage zone and it is indeed an appropriate venue for the closing ceremony of Penang Coffee Festival 2019.

Penang has all the necessary ingredients to become a society that is progressive, creative, sustainable, prosperous and empowered. But for us to realise this vision, we must allow arts and culture to be the tool to educate and contribute towards realising Penang2030.

It is, therefore, vital for the state government as well as stakeholders to strategically immerse ourselves in the diversification of recreation, sports, arts and cultural facilities as well as to foster an ecosystem that nurtures creative industries and niche business services.

The inaugural Penang Coffee Festival which is held from 20 September to 13 October 2019, is precisely such a vital step. Spreading across different distinctive venues in Penang, this fantastic and remarkable coffee adventure aims to celebrate the diversity of a slew of traditional and exotic coffee all around the island and the mainland, in addition to bolstering and encouraging the development of the coffee industry in Penang.

It is little wonder that The Pearl of the Orient has transformed into an alluring coffee paradise that will engage, enlighten and entertain, brimming with a smorgasbord of coffee choices that are bound to spoil the crowd.

And this evening, we are celebrating the conclusion of the one-month-long Festival with The Coffee & Musical Party.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Penang state government has always been a firm believer in nurturing and supporting tourism, the arts, culture, and heritage. The Penang state government will continue to develop Penang Coffee Festival into an international platform for local coffee makers to showcase their works, allowing their masterpieces to be witnessed and tasted by an international crowd and gain global fame.

I also hope that this year’s Penang Coffee Festival has added colours and excitement to brighten up Penang, making it a happening city.

I want to take this opportunity to thank PETACH office, volunteers and all the participants for making Penang Coffee Festival 2019 a great success. 

As I declare the closing of Penang Coffee Festival 2019, I look forward with extreme excitement to what will be in store for next year’s Festival and in the years to come.

Enjoy the evening and see you again at the Penang Coffee Festival next year.