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15 April 2017

1. I would like to thank The Habitat Penang Hill and the Harry Cockrell Family for organising today’s Symposium on the study of the biodiversity at Penang Hill and for bringing together participants from around the world, from as far as away as America and Australia, to meet here in Penang today.

2. The topic for today’s gathering is, “Initiating the Bio Blitz: Canopy Science & Forest Conservation in Penang.” Conservation of Penang’s forests is something which is near and dear to the hearts of all Penang-ites and indeed, also to myself and the entire State Government.

3. The Habitat Eco-Tourism Project is built on State Land measuring approximately 10.04 acres and is situated on a site that allows us to appreciate the natural beauty of Penang Hill. Creative Quest Sdn Bhd, in response to a Request for Proposal, was awarded a long-term concession by the State Government in 2013 to build and operate a world-class eco-tourism project on Penang Hill. The entire project will cost RM35million when completed.

4. Penang Hill, which is about 700 meters above sea level, is the best place to enjoy not only the exquisite views of George Town but also the whole of Penang Island and Seberang Perai. Penang Hill is the best place to view the 130 million year old rain forest at the heart of Penang Island, which has been a protected Virgin Jungle Reserve since 1911.

5. The State Government is committed to ensuring that the environment is highly protected especially the forest reserve and water catchment areas. Unlike some states cutting down over 200,000 hectares of forests land, not a single inch of forest reserve has been touched in Penang and all water catchment areas have been gazetted. In line with this, the State Government has agreed to have Penang Hill Corporation work with The Habitat to list Penang Hill as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Program.

6. Prof. Dr. Margaret D. Lowman, described as the 'Real Life Lorax' by National Geographic and "Einstein of the Tree Tops" by the Wall Street Journal, together with a team of local and foreign experts, will undertake a Biodiversity Expedition into the Penang Hill Rainforest in October this year for submission to UNESCO.

7. George Town is already listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Working towards a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve listing will further establish Penang as a world-class destination for not only advanced, high tech manufacturing and tourism, but also world class scientific research in rain forest conservation and environmentally sustainable tourism.

8. I am confident that The Habitat Penang Hill, together with Penang Hill Corporation and the Penang State Government, will be successful in this initiative to create a world class eco-tourism landmark on Penang Hill's 130 million years old rain forest. We will work hard together to land another award by UNESCO for Penang as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

9. I hereby officially launch today’s Symposium, “Initiating the Bio Blitz: Canopy Science & Forest Conservation in Penang.”

10. Thank you.


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11am | Friday, 14 April 2017
Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

Good morning.

Please allow me to start by saying how delighted I am to be joining you here today to officiate the launch of the second edition of the Meeting Planners Guide published by Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau.

Business Events is a key component of Business Tourism, which sees the business traveller spending an average of RM7000 compared to RM2000 spent by the leisure traveller. According to Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), the tourism industry is a significant contributor to Malaysia’s GDP, maintaining an average growth rate of 12% per annum since 2004. Malaysia will be a major business tourism destination by 2020 with a GNI of RM3,947 million.

Penang has risen to become a preferred second-tier destination in the region in for Business Events. In 2016, Penang hosted 141,864 delegates from 1,251 business events, contributing an estimated RM808 million in economic impact to the state. Almost 42% of this estimated economic impact was recorded from internationally-sourced meetings, corporate events and incentives. Developing this sector will boost the overall tourism industry, further driving the local economy for businesses as well as the people of Penang.

In March, PCEB kickstarted an industry wide awareness campaign called The Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) to shed light on the value of meetings to people, business and communities. PCEB’s industry partners, hotels and venues banded together to play a part in the international social media campaign carrying the hashtag GMID, putting Penang on the global meetings destination map. Throughout Penang, the meeting industry creates thousands of jobs, generating hundreds of millions of ringgits in revenue, supporting the local community. Last week, the Penang State Government proclaimed the 6th of April 2017 as the Penang Meetings Industry Day to recognise the impact of meetings and the meetings industry to our communities, businesses and economy.

Ladies and gentlemen,

This year, we aim to increase the economic impact of Business Events by 20% and hope to break the RM1 billion mark. Hosting international business events is a driver for development in the state, with business tourists spending nearly four times more than the ordinary tourists. We have built capacity in the form of infrastructure and developed transport plans for greater connectivity. We are developing capability by building human capital and software for hospitality and professional management

The Penang Meeting Planners Guide 2017/18 features over 130 listings comprising of convention centres, hotels, unique boutique meeting venues, restaurants, and suppliers from all over Penang. Penang is blessed with a variety of offerings for the Business Events segment, from luxurious hotels and grand convention centres to distinctive venues and established restaurants that capture the contemporary cosmopolitan and cultural heritage of Penang.

I believe this publication will serve as a useful resource to promote and highlight the outstanding values and unique opportunities that Penang’s Business Events industry has to offer to the world - service, quality and integrity.

My heartiest congratulations to PCEB for successfully publishing the second edition of the Meeting Planners Guide. I wish the Business Events industry every success in promoting Penang’s Experiences Unfiltered.

Thank you.


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Terima kasih saudara pengacara majlis.

Salam Sejahtera diucapkan kepada semua.

Terlebih dahulu saya bagi pihak Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang, ingin mengalu-alukan kehadiran pasukan dan peserta bagi acara ini, juga merakamkan ucapan terima kasih atas sokongan padu serta kerjasama erat yang telah diberikan kepada pihak penganjur supaya dapat menjayakan Kejohanan Bola Keranjang Piala PYDC.

Saya juga ingin mengucapkan syabas kepada 7 pasukan wanita yang sudi bertanding dalam kejohanan ini. Saya mengucapkan syabas kepada kepada pemain wanita, terima kasih kerana sudi menyertai pertandingan ini.

Seperti mana semua sedia maklum, terdapat jumlah 56 pasukan telah menyertai kejohanan ini bagi 2 kawasan dalam 3 kategori iaitu Kumpulan lelaki berumur 15 tahun ke 20 tahun, Kumpulan lelaki berumur 21 tahun ke 30 tahun dan Kumpulan wanita yang berumur 15 tahun ke 30 tahun.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian,

Bagi pihak PYDC, juga menjalankan kajian dan soal selidik di antara golongan belia, untuk persediaan Pelan Tindakan Pembangunan Belia Negeri Pulau Pinang. kami harap dapat menemui cabaran dan permintaan golongan belia, supaya dapat memahami fikiran dan cabaran golongan belia daripada aspek pendidikan, sosial ekonomi, kehidupan, pembangunan diri, tahap penglibatan masyarakat dan agama.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian,

Sebelum mengakhiri ucapan ini, saya mengucapkan syabas dan tahniah kepada pihak penganjur, iaitu PYDC, dan JKKK Taman Kota Permai juga Persatuan Bola Keranjang Negeri Pulau Pinang, telah menjayakan pertandingan ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.

FMM Dinner with CM & Corporate Leaders

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang

FMM Dinner with CM & Corporate Leaders

On 8 April 2017, 7.30pm
Equatorial Hotel, Penang

Good evening! Congratulations for celebrating FMM Penang Branch’s 47th anniversary!

Besides being the voice for the manufacturing sector, the FMM Penang Branch is also very active in organising corporate social responsibility programmes. They have just finished their FMM CEO Forum 2017 earlier today and I saw a big crowd of participants including students from the University and various schools and colleges. Well done FMM Penang Branch for nurturing the young minds for a better Penang.

From this CEO Forum, a sum of RM100,000.00 is donated to the Penang Future Foundation for deserving underprivileged students. On behalf of the State Government, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to FMM Penang’s sponsors.

The Penang state government will continue efforts to establish Penang as an entrepreneurial state and also the first ‘welfare state’ where we can enjoy both economic advancement and prosperity, without the poor getting poorer and be left behind by investing in infrastructure to overcome the triple challenges of traffic congestion, affordable housing and flash floods. We are also building human talent by investing in education as well as sharing out the fruits of economic prosperity. This is Penang’s road map towards unity and prosperity – an entrepreneurial and welfare state. We can only be an international and intelligent city if Penang is a liveable city that is clean, green, safe and healthy. Penang has amongst the highest GDP per capita in the country and we also implement a form of universal basic income. We top up the household income of any families who receive less than RM790 per month. More than RM412 million has been given out as cash aid to 1.7 million Penangites since 2008.

The state has also recorded a total investment, including both FDI and domestic investment, amounting to RM59.2 billion from 2008 to 2016 which is a 73.3% increase from the RM 34.2 billion recorded in the similar 9 year period from 1999 – 2007. This shows the success of our aim to become an entrepreneurial state within eight years. Penang’s ambition to become an international and intelligent city is also aided by the vision of an entrepreneurial state with a ‘balanced society’. We recognise the need to adopt more holistic development strategies where ideas, private investment and public infrastructure come together in partnership to produce an economically dynamic place that is also more liveable, more sustainable and more inclusive.

As Penang moves towards 2020, the state government will continue to play its role in creating an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship in all sectors of the economy can flourish. We will collaborate with the private sector on any initiative to support the innovators who want to create the next Malaysian business. Our role is to remove the barriers, facilitate growth, and to support the creativity of Malaysians.

The State Government is working hard with the relevant government agencies to ensure that Penang continues to enjoy the FDI from various countries and at the same time, encourage local investments. Moreover, claims that foreign investors are leaving or Foreign Direct Investments(FDIs) no longer interested in coming to Penang is absolutely untrue. Figures from MIDA from 2008-2016 reveal that Penang came out third in Malaysia for FDIs, with RM 41,554 million, losing out only to Johor’s RM 55,751 million and Sarawak’s RM 48,371 million.

I echo the message from the Chairman of FMM Penang Branch that manufacturing companies must strive to move up the value chain instead of continuing with the traditional assemble and production. Today’s manufacturers, especially the SMEs must embrace new technologies and focus on design, research and development to bring their businesses to the next level.

Ladies & Gentlemen, a new technology park is being developed in Batu Kawan to house SMEs in the automation industry. The park is estimated to cost some RM63 million and will be developed by Penang Automation Cluster Sdn Bhd. It is scheduled to complete in the second half of 2019 and would accommodate 18 SMEs. The will bring the SMEs in the automation industry to the next level.

Under the Penang Transport Master Plan which is the future engine of growth, the Penang South Reclamation Scheme will reclaim 4,500 acres of land off the south coast of the Island. From this, a large plot of reclaimed land will be dedicated to a high-tech manufacturing and R&D cluster.

Ladies and gentlemen, before I end my speech, I would like to congratulate FMM Penang Branch on its 47th anniversary.

Thank you.