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12 Oct 2019

Penang Children’s Home, 8-A Logan Road, 10400 Penang

Good afternoon everyone!

I would like to thank all of you for coming. We are gathered here today for one common goal – to raise funds to help the disadvantaged in our community through The Salvation Army. As many of you may already know, The Salvation Army started its work in Malaysia right here in Penang, back in 1938, and they have been faithfully serving the Penang community and many other communities across the nation since then. This year marks their 81st year of faithfully serving the less fortunate in Malaysia.

Over the years, The Salvation Army Children’s Home in Penang has helped countless children by ensuring they are sheltered in a safe home environment, receive an education and given the counselling and guidance they need to ensure they are able to cope and adapt to their new environment. All of this is done to ensure the children are raised to become responsible citizens of Malaysia.

The Salvation Army Corps and Community Service in Penang have also been dedicated in helping the needy through their feeding programme, food parcels, counseling sessions and family visitations. This is not forgetting the Family Thrift Stores that aim to help the environment by recycling old furniture, clothing and much more. A lot of these are also resold to needy families at very affordable prices.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Every Ringgit and cent you spend today will benefit the needy and many in Penang who are in need of hope to get through another day. The Salvation Army is dedicated to provide direct, compassionate, hands-on service to restore hope and dignity for many people who might otherwise remain invisible in our community. I urge you to give generously so that The Salvation Army can continue with their good work.

Sir Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, once said: "Where there is a need, there is The Salvation Army!" and this still rings true today. We are grateful that The Salvation Army is still standing tall amongst us today, with their flag flying high in 132 countries around the world.

Once again, I would like to congratulate The Salvation Army in Penang, and not forgetting all sponsors, donors, stall holders, staff, volunteers, members of The Salvation Army and all of you for being here to support this event today. A big thank you to all of you for making this event possible and for your continued support to help others. You are the true heroes of our community, so thank you for being a part of making Penang a better place to live.

AMCHAM Penang Dialogue 2019

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AMCHAM Penang Dialogue 2019

Thursday, 3rd October 2019

E&O Hotel, Penang


Distinguished guests, media friends, ladies & gentlemen

First and foremost, I would like to thank the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) for organizing and inviting me to speak at the AMCHAM Penang Dialogue 2019. I am also pleased to welcome The Honorable Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir, U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia, who is present with us today.

Once again, this specifically organised dialogue by AMCHAM clearly signifies the strong testimony that Penang remains a vital destination of choice for investment for many of the US multinational companies.

This year’s topic, “Global Shifts - Penang’s Resilience”, is very apt as it sets the tone for all stakeholders to exchange ideas and re-evaluate their respective strategies moving forward as the world is at the cusp of many developments. The reconfiguration of global supply chain, the proliferation of disruptive technologies among others would have deep implications on how companies run their businesses and whether existing government policies continue to remain relevant under such times.

From 2009 to the first half of 2019, the FDI from the US companies amounted to RM21 billion, representing 37% of Penang’s total manufacturing FDI receipt. Zooming into the first half of 2019, US companies contributed 73% of Penang’s total FDI. The notable reinvestments included those from Jabil, Plexus and Intel while the key new investments included Micron Technology and Advanced Energy Industries among others.

Without a doubt, the reinvestments from the US companies are evidence of Penang’s strong competitive edge in meeting investors’ stringent requirements in the areas of high skilled talents, robust supply chain, infrastructure and government support. Over the past 2-4 decades, US companies have continued to expand their capacity and operation activities in Penang. This includes business diversification into Research & Development (R&D), Design & Development (D&D) and Global Business Services (GBS).

Thanks to the major contribution from the US companies, in the first half of 2019, Penang recorded RM9.2billion of approved manufacturing investment, out of which, 93% is from the E&E related industry. Penang contributed 35% of Malaysia’s total manufacturing FDI in the first half of 2019, which is the highest among the states and it has already surpassed 2018’s full year FDI of RM3.7 billion.

Through InvestPenang, the state government will continue to focus on attracting high quality investments that emphasizes on cutting-edge technologies and skilled talents. In terms of nurturing Penang as a talent hub, the state through the Penang Future Foundation scholarship programme awards outstanding Malaysians in field of studies that are well demanded by our industries and service sectors.  Under InvestPenang’s umbrella as well is the establishment of Penang i4.0 seed fund for high potential technology start-ups with the objective to increase participation in the industry 4.0 revolution and digital economy. 

With our relentless effort, I am hopeful that Penang will continue leading Malaysia’s export. Having contributed close to 30% of Malaysia’s total export in 2018 and accounted for 80% of Malaysia’s RM120 billion trade surplus in 2018.

I am also pleased to note that AMCHAM has released its 2018/19 Economic Impact Survey for AMCHAM's E&E companies recently. The findings showed that 37 American companies that participated in the survey recorded RM1.9 billion taxes paid in 2018, signifying the importance of US E&E companies to Malaysia. The survey also showed some impressive figures in terms of US companies’ job creation, knowledge transfer and support for local SMEs in the country.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The proliferation of electronic devices and systems, the growing range of Internet-Of-Things and disruptive technologies increase our dependency on semiconductor chips. According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization, the global semiconductor sales were at 33 billion USD in 1987 and it is estimated to achieve 426 billion USD by 2020. Meanwhile, the research from J.P. Morgan showed that electric vehicles only represented 2% of total global vehicle sales volume in 2015 but it is estimated to reach 30% and 60% in 2025 and 2030, respectively.

Similar upward trend, Fortune Business Insights, an industrial research firm, reported that the global medical devices market valued at 398 billion USD in 2017 and it is expected to reach 602 billion USD by 2025. Technological advancements and the rising demand of innovative therapies to overcome unmet needs in the healthcare sector was cited as one of the factors that supporting the growth of the medical device market.

All these research findings are underpinned by one common driven factor - technology innovations will be the key element that would impact any industries in the long term.

To ensure that we are in tandem with the global transformation, Digital Penang will be established to act as a platform on behalf of the State Government to ensure that the economic enablement through digital technologies is possible, where we will see a future Penang that is underpinned by digitally integrated modern lifestyles. Through close collaborative efforts with the business community and the State’s persistent emphasis on advanced readiness of the manufacturing industry for the digital age, I am optimistic that my Penang2030 vision will be realized. And to have Penang as a role model that inspires the nation in modernizing the country’s manufacturing industry.


Once again, I wish to congratulate AMCHAM for successfully organising today’s dialogue and thank you to all the speakers who have made time to participate in today’s discussion.

Thank you.


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Thursday, 3rd October 2019

AutoCity, Prai, Penang



A very good morning to everyone.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Kemikon Sdn. Bhd., a contract manufacturer of semiconductor equipment, for inviting me to be part of this auspicious day and to officiate the launch of its production facility.

Penang has more than 50 years of industrial experience and the State is currently housing more than 300 MNCs while the number keeps increasing. Penang has successfully established itself as one of the key E&E hubs in the region, having world class semiconductor companies like Intel, AMD, Agilent and Broadcom, each progressively growing their roots in Penang over the years.

In the first half of 2019, Penang recorded RM9.2billion of approved manufacturing investment, out of which, 93% is from E&E related industry. Encouragingly, Penang contributed 35% of Malaysia’s total manufacturing FDI in the first half of 2019, which is the highest among the states and it had already surpassed 2018’s full year FDI of RM3.7 billion.

Leveraging on Penang as a liveable city as well as our proven track record as a destination of choice for investors, the State Government, through InvestPenang, continuously focuses on attracting strategic investments and putting our resources on companies that specialises in cutting-edge technologies which create high value skilled jobs for our people.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The proliferation of electronic devices and systems, the growing range of Internet-Of-Things, the need for more memory and many other foreseeable structural changes due to the disruptive technologies will increase our dependency on semiconductor chips, and more importantly at a much faster pace than ever before. This megatrend is certainly fast and is even unstoppable. A trade war could cause a hiccup on the global economy in the short- to mid-term but it could never prevent the evolution of technology in the long term.

According to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization (WSTS), the global semiconductor sales were at 33 billion USD in 1987 and it ballooned to 469 billion USD in 2018. Meanwhile, according to IC Insights, a semiconductor research company, the global semiconductor shipment grew from 32 billion units in 1987 to 1,068 billion units in 2018.

Against this backdrop, companies like Intel, Samsung, and TSMC need to continuously increase their production to satisfy the growing demand for chips, even though their investment may be at a slower pace in the near term due to the high uncertainties arising from the trade war. In fact, according to SEMI, while the global semiconductor equipment sales are estimated to drop by 16% in 2019, sales growth is expected to resume next year. Global semiconductor equipment sales are expected to achieve 59 billion USD in 2020, representing a 12% year-on-year growth.

Ladies and gentlemen,

At the local front, the Penang State Government through InvestPenang, is inclined towards further enhancing our E&E cluster value chain by making Penang a location of choice for semiconductor equipment companies. I believe that the vast ecosystem of specialized suppliers in Penang is our added advantage and Kemikon Sdn. Bhd. is definitely one of the good examples.

Specialising in building metal structures, parts and modules for semiconductor equipment manufacturers, Kemikon has a strong client base with 80% of its clientele coming from the US. The company’s strength is its ability to understand and fulfil the very detailed and specific manufacturing methodologies that is critical for the compliance of the industry’s strict requirements. Importantly, Kemikon is modernizing and reinventing the traditional metal fabrication by investing in a state-of-the art factory and production equipment, as well as adopting the Industry 4.0 elements in its operations.


Kemicon’s philosophy in modernising its operations and being an employee centric company, as mentioned by Mr. Marcel Wismer (CEO of Kemikon) earlier, is very much in line with my Penang2030 vision. One of the initiatives that I often emphasize in the Penang2030 vision is the “Advance readiness of manufacturing industry in the digital age”. With this and together with another 15 initiatives, I am hopeful that Penang could achieve the vision of “A Family-Focused Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation” by 2030.    

Last but not least, I wish to congratulate Kemikon Sdn. Bhd. on the opening of this new facility and I look forward to your progressive growth and continuous effort to be a leading contract manufacturer in the high-tech equipment industry in Penang.

Thank you and have a good day.