V-Malaysia 2019 Gala Night

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Speech by the Chief Minister of Penang

YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow for V-Malaysia 2019 Gala Night

On 13 Sept 2019

SPICE, Penang

Ladies and gentlemen,

What an incredible evening! I am thankful for the opportunity to stand before you tonight and officially welcome you all to the beautiful city of Penang – my home, and your home, too, for the next five days.

But first, allow me to acknowledge some very special people in the audience, starting with the esteemed Founders of QNET Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Mr. Joseph Bismark, Tan Sri Tan Sirs, Dato-Dato and honoured guests who flew-in especially for this week-long celebration. And lastly, the 10,000 entrepreneurs in the audience, whose energy and motivation reverberate around the halls of SPICE Arena.

When I was invited to speak here tonight, I thought I’d find out more about this event called V-Convention and I was impressed when I learned that this is already the 8th V-Convention held in Penang - and the first one was back in 2008 when this venue was still called PISA or Penang International Sports Arena.

As a resident and public servant of this vibrant city, I share the pride and joy that my people feel knowing that every year for the past decade, we host this diverse group of dreamers, entrepreneurs and leaders as they come together to get inspired, learn, and reaffirm their commitment to leadership and success.

Lead to Inspire, Inspire to Lead – as this year’s theme goes is not only relevant in today’s world and the modern people’s need for leaders who truly inspire kindness and greatness from others, as well as people who inspire others to rise and be leaders themselves. As I look around me tonight, I can see that QNET and The V have an abundance of these people – leaders and inspirers determined to make a difference in the world.

So, once again, I am honoured to be here with you tonight and the incredible energy that is in this room is truly, as they say, one for the books. For those of you who have been coming to Penang for V-CON since 2008, I hope that our city continues to charm you as fervently as it did on your first visit. And for those who are here for the first time, I hope that Penang will captivate you as it did many others – with our history, hospitality, and good food.

Thank you and I wish you all a very successful V-Convention!

“World Seafood Congress 2019”

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Welcome speech by YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow,

Chief Minister of Penang at

the “World Seafood Congress 2019”

9 September 2019


Good morning. On behalf of the State Government of Penang, I am very pleased to welcome all of you to the World Seafood Congress 2019, held in one of the most beautiful islands in the region. Penang is proud to be the first destination in Asia to host this international event.

Indeed, the economy, culture and environment of Penang is defined as much by the land as by the sea that surrounds it. Fishing, shipping and maritime trade have historically dominated ocean activities in Penang. For many years, the fisheries sector in Penang played an important role in poverty reduction as well as in achieving food security. Malaysians are among the top fish consumers in the world - consuming about 57 kg of fish per person each year, it is therefore a critical source of food. In recent decades, in line with population growth, rising incomes and higher living standard, as well as emerging recognition of fish as healthy and nutritious food, demand for seafood products in Malaysia has notably increased. However, this growing demand has caused a significant collapse in fish stock in the country. Although there is an increasing number of certification schemes and initiatives that attempt to not only protect fish stocks but also the natural environments in which seafood is caught, this is still not enough to keep our oceans from severe environmental degradation and fishery collapse.

Relative to its land size, Penang has great marine and aquatic resources, which present it with wonderful opportunities. In 2017, its food fish sector, which consists of marine-capture fisheries, aquaculture fisheries and inland fisheries, produced about 96,970 metric tons, valued at RM1.4 billion. Currently, the wholesale value of Penang’s food fish production is ranked third in the country, after Perak and Kedah. Future scenarios, however, show that production from marine-capture fisheries on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia may become unreliable since many fish stocks are already over-exploited. Recognising this, various means of increasing production through aquaculture are now being explored. In fact, aquaculture sector is potentially the source to meet future demand for fish. During the past two decades, aquaculture fisheries in Penang have grown significantly at an average annual growth rate of 4.6% and 15.9% in production and value, respectively. In 2017, the aquaculture production in Penang gained the highest wholesale value in the country.

Although aquaculture offers an alternative to over-fishing, many aspects of aquaculture need enhanced scientific knowledge and technological advancement to become a sustainable source of food and an income generator.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Penang is poised to be a huge fish exporter in the region, due to its closeness to the Indian Ocean and its well-developed port and airport cargo transport facilities for shipping to the major East Asian markets. As Penang is a major transportation and logistics hub in the northern region and within the Indonesia-Thailand-Malaysia triangle, it naturally facilitates farmers in gaining access to the global market.

Therefore, Penang has the potential to become a centre for fisheries and aquaculture R&D and produce high value-added fish and fish-based products because of the concentration of research facilities and world-renowned research institutes located here such as the Worldfish Centre, the Fisheries Research Institute, and the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

In line with its Penang2030 vision, the State Government of Penang is aiming to modernise and diversify agricultural production to position Penang as a high-tech Green Valley and aquaculture industrial zone. The seafood industry should be kept as sustainable as possible. We need to build a more sustainable relationship with our oceans, as they are vital for food security, economic growth, and sustainable livelihoods. Excesses, carelessness and short-sightedness should be curbed if we are to avoid detrimental conditions such as over-fishing and resource depletion, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, threats to food security and food safety, inadequate regulation and oversight across the value chain, and unintended consequences of bycatch.

Of course, governments play an important role in addressing these challenges, acting on their own and together with others. However, fish have no boundaries. Regional and international cooperation is therefore becoming ever more important. That is indeed a major reason why this congress is being held—to facilitate such cooperation.

Local communities are also the key for implementing sustainable fisheries and for promoting changes across the whole production chain. The community as a whole, both men and women, should be involved and engaged in fisheries policy-making and should contribute their specific knowledge, perspectives and needs.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year’s Congress has a great theme. “Seafood Supply Chains of the Future” with special focus on Innovation, Responsibility and Sustainability. It tackles the big issues. How can we ensure both business profitability and resource sustainability objectives? Where will we find the global seafood leaders of the future? What does industry 4.0 mean for the industry?

This Congress indeed provides a valuable opportunity for researchers, scientists, industry specialists and decision-makers to share their knowledge and experiences. I am grateful to the many experts who have come to share their knowledge with us. I also welcome the many representatives of governments, industry associations and NGOs who have joined us here. 

I am sure you will have fruitful and rewarding exchanges in these three days. I wish you every success and I look forward to learning about the outcome.

Thank you.


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8 September 2019

Stadium Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang


Selamat Pagi dan Salam Sejahtera.

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada jawatankuasa penganjur iaitu Persatuan Soka Gakkai Malaysia atas kesudian menjemput saya sempena acara pelepasan Larian Keamanan atau “Run For Peace 2019” pada pagi yang berbahagia ini.

Sejak penubuhan pada tahun 1984, saya percaya Persatuan Soka Gakkai Malaysia telah memainkan peranannya yang tersendiri dan menggalas satu tanggungjawab yang besar dalam membawa mesej keamanan dalam masyarakat tanpa mengira jantina, etnik mahupun kehidupan sosial.

Memilih bulan September selaku bulan keamanan Persatuan Soka Gakkai Malaysia, acara larian ini telah diperluaskan kepada 28 lokasi dengan melibatkan penyertaan sejumlah 115,000 orang di seluruh negara. Dan pada pagi ini di Stadium Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang, seramai lebih 8,000 orang peserta tanpa mengira umur dan latar belakang telah bersedia untuk menyertai acara larian dwitahunan bersifat bukan kompetitif sejauh lebih kurang 10km ini.

Tahniah dan syabas kepada semua.

Bagi pihak Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang, kita sentiasa dan akan menyokong sebarang usaha ke arah memperkasakan perpaduan dan keamanan di negeri ini. Dalam sebuah negeri yang unik dan kaya dengan kepelbagaian, sebarang persengketaan hanya merugikan dan tidak menguntungkan mana-mana pihak.

Justeru, keamanan dan kedamaian adalah teras utama kepada perpaduan rakyat negeri ini. Hubungan baik yang telah terjalin sejak sekian lama ini telah mewujudkan sinergi yang sangat kukuh di antara rakyat negeri ini. Dan sudah tentulah, ia melibatkan penyertaan semua lapisan masyarakat tanpa mengira batas agama, bangsa serta latar kerjaya dan kehidupan seperti mana objektif utama penganjuran larian pada pagi ini.

Akhir kata, semoga larian keamanan ini mencapai sasarannya yang tersendiri. Marilah kita semua memelihara nikmat keamanan yang terjalin ini agar Malaysia dan Pulau Pinang khususnya terus terpelihara dari segala anasir luar yang boleh merosakkan pintu perpaduan kita.

Dengan kata-kata ini, saya merasmikan acara “Run For Peace 2019” Peringkat Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Sekian, terima kasih.