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1 Januari 2019
Padang Kota Lama

Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Yew Tung Seang
Datuk Bandar, Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang

Ahli-ahli EXCO Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang

Ahli-ahli Ahli Parlimen/ADUN

Ahli-ahli Majlis, Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang

Ketua-ketua Jabatan, Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang

Ahli-ahli Jawatankuasa Pengelola City Walk 2018

Rakan-rakan media

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan

Selamat Pagi dan Selamat Tahun Baru 2019.

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih dan syabas kepada Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) kerana saban tahun tanpa gagal berjaya menganjurkan acara tahunan berjalan kaki pada hari pertama setiap tahun baru ini.

Saya difahamkan ini merupakan acara berjalan kaki tahunan kali ke-7 dan ia sememangnya sangat dinanti-nantikan dan sentiasa mendapat sambutan yang amat mengalakkan daripada rakyat Pulau Pinang khususnya. Meskipun ia dijalankan pada awal pagi, ia tidak pernah menjadi penghalang untuk kita semua berkumpul dan menyemarakkan lagi acara ini.

Saya amat gembira dan bangga melihat penyertaan dan semangat warga Pulau Pinang yang telah menonjolkan semangat kesukanan yang bersedia berkumpul dari awal pagi lagi untuk memulakan cabaran Malaysia Baharu.

Saya difahamkan terdapat hampir 7,000 penyertaan untuk acara berjalan kaki sejauh 5km ini di mana 930 orang adalah terdiri daripada kanak-kanak dan 167 orang pula adalah terdiri daripada OKU.

Saya amat berharap acara tahunan ini akan dijadikan platform untuk menyatukan rakyat pelbagai lapisan masyarakat serta mengoptimumkan semangat silaturahim dengan memulakan tahun baharu bersama sebagai satu rakyat yang berjiwa perpaduan.

Kepimpinan Kerajaan Negeri akan terus menaiktaraf dan menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan, perkhidmatan serta mempelbagaikan lagi program-program bagi meningkatkan kualiti hidup rakyat negeri ini.

Akhir kata, marilah kita semua berganding bahu dan bekerjasama bagi merealisasikan hasrat Kerajaan Negeri bukan saja menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebagai sebuah negeri yang bersih, hijau, sihat dan selamat tetapi berganding bahu dalam menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebuah negeri yang bertaraf antarabangsa selaras dengan harapan untuk merealisasi visi Penang2030.

Sekali lagi saya ingin mengucapkan ‘Selamat Tahun Baru 2019’. Semoga Pulau Pinang terus maju dan mampan.

Sekian, terima kasih.




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30th Dec 2018 (8.30pm)
Butterworth Art Walk

A very good evening to all of you.

First of all, thank you for being present here for the official launching of The Path of Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2019.

I am pleased to see these works of art by so many young kids who have put in so much effort in creating this magnificent display. It is a great honour for me to grace this event especially when the community participates and takes pride of their involvement. The Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for the past years has been organised especially for the public, where it is funded by the Penang State Government. It is just one of the many events and programmes organised where locals especially can come and enjoy. And as most of you are aware, not only are these events and programmes undertaken on the island, but also on the mainland.

Gone are the days when the island and mainland of Penang seemed two separate places. Look how well we are connected now. Two bridges, the ferry service and now an integrated transportation hub. Penang Sentral caters to about 4,000 commuters a day. Its facilities include ticketing counters, convenient stores and F&B outlets. A bridge on its second floor connects the hub to the Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal and a link-way to the KTM Train Station. This integrated hub for bus, rail, taxi and sea transportation services, with a land area over 9ha is a RM2.9 billion project modelled after KL Sentral. Future phases of the project include commercial, retail, office as well as residential developments. With stronger connectivity to the mainland, we can progressively expect a better flow of tourists over to this side.

Up till October this year, passenger arrivals to the Penang International Airport (PIA) show a 15% increase compared to last year. In fact, since the start of 2018, there has been a double digit growth of passenger arrivals every month to PIA. To facilitate this increasing traffic flow, PIA will undergo terminal optimisation works in due course as Malaysia Airports is now in the midst of preparing tenders to appoint contractors where it involves the relocation of airline ticket counters plus increasing of check-in and Immigration counters. For now, PIA is looking into implementing short-term measures to reduce congestion in the airport, especially during peak hours.

Whilst plans to upgrade PIA are underway, a joint venture to expand the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal between Penang Port and Royal Caribbean Cruises was sealed recently with a total investment of RM155 million. The redevelopment plans of the Cruise Terminal are expected to take a year to complete. It will include extending the existing berth to 660m from the current 400m, enabling the terminal to berth two of RCCL’s new mega cruise vessels at the same time that carry over 4,900 passengers. Furthermore, there will also be improvements undertaken to the terminal which will allow it to handle 12,000 passengers at any given time.

Ladies & gentlemen,

I have said this before, the ‘mainland holds the future of Penang’. Since the development on the island has been stretched, limiting its spaces, the State will be working to make Seberang Prai more livable. Right now, the focus is on Batu Kawan where massive development is already taking place. A 10.12ha plot here is currently under the development of Aspen Group and IKEA Southeast Asia and yes, IKEA will be opening soon, in March next year. The mega-scaled mixed development projects in Batu Kawan are indeed bringing progress and job opportunities to Seberang Perai.

Early this month, I was proud to officiate the opening of Vangohh Eminent, the first 5-star hotel in Bukit Mertajam. It will add on to the number of hotels that are doing rather well in the mainland. The hotels in Seberang Perai have been experiencing a 5% increase in occupancy progressively every year since 2015.

Without further ado, I wish to end my speech here by thanking the organising team of the Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2019 - AKA Balloons Sdn Bhd, together with the support of the Penang Island City Council (MBPP), Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) and Penang Global Tourism. I wish you all a successful event and I look forward to being there as well.

Thank you and good night.



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27 November 2018, 12.30pm – 2pm

Olive Tree Hotel, Bayan Baru, Penang


Good afternoon. It gives me a great pleasure to join all of you at the Penang SME Connextion 2018 organised by investPenang. This is the 5th edition of the Penang SME Seminar, which investPenang has refreshed and reinvigorated this year using the term ‘Connextion’, reflecting the trajectory for Penang small and medium enterprises to embrace the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 revolution. As the Chairman of investPenang, I am also encouraging more connections to be made among the SMEs, between the SMEs and government and supporting agencies. I am pleased that the event today has provided a meaningful platform for that.

Robust investment performance driven by domestic and foreign investment.

In 2017, Penang was the second top recipient of total manufacturing investment among states valued at RM10.8 billon. Penang showed robust investment performance with total investment growing by 151% year-on-year compared to 2016. Domestic investment driven by our local large companies and SMEs, also grew by 92% year-on-year to reach RM2.3 billion in 2017.  

Penang is also the top recipient among states, with approved manufacturing investment FDI in 2017 valued at RM8.5 billion, a growth of 209%, year-on-year. BBC in their feature video also named Penang, as the next Silicon Valley of Asia and highlighted the experiences of our local entrepreneurs, who ventured into tech-related industries to support the multinational corporations.  Penang is now home to more than 300 MNCs and more than 3,000 supporting SMEs.

The State continues to recognize our SMEs as significant contributors to the growth of our twin engines of growth - the manufacturing and services sectors. The SME Corp 2017/2018 Annual Report stated that Malaysian SMEs showed a robust growth of 7.2% in 2017, and Penang’s 66,921 SMEs represented 7.4% of total SME establishments in Malaysia.

The State’s support for SMEs and key growth areas

The State Government has a three-prong strategy to nurture the SMEs in Penang. The establishment of SMART Centre serve as a one-stop centre to facilitate SMEs to expand their business. Secondly, the State Government has set-up a 4-storeys 160,000 sq. ft. building in Bayan Lepas Industrial Park to nurture the SME to move up the value chain and reduce the cost of SME doing business by providing the option to rent at subsidized rental rates. Thirdly, a 150 acres SME Villages are developed by PDC in Batu Kawan Industrial Park to better serve the needs of SMEs to get closer to the MNCs. Lately in March 2018, the State has also initiated USD1 million Penang i4.0 Seed Fund to nurture and accelerate the growth of technopreneur start-ups in Penang. 

Penang’s industries growth continues to be anchored by the growing E&E industry, besides our emerging success in the medical devices, LED, avionics, food and halal sectors. Penang is also attracting more global business services (GBS) investments providing knowledge-based, high value opportunities in Penang. We encourage the SMEs to continue to partake in these sectors and take the opportunity especially with the localization of business activities from the MNCs.

We heard of Industry 4.0 in just several years and in the past 2 years, we have seen fast momentum moving worldwide and it gives a huge impact on the global industrial and manufacturing including the SMEs. In the National Budget 2019, in order to drive the Industry 4.0 transformation agenda forward, the Federal Government has allocated RM 210 million to support the transition and migration to Industry 4.0 in the next 3 years, RM2 billion to incentivize SMEs to invest in automation and modernization and RM3 billion fund with subsidy incentive of 2% for adoption of smart technology.

This morning, the seminar has also provided various discussion sessions with agencies and companies namely MIDA, MDeC, MATRADE, MIDF, SME Corp, Robert Bosch and Inari. I would like to urge the acceleration of the allocation to support the growth of local enterprises especially in high value-added industries. The incentives and support by these agencies are important as means to achieve the desired goal.

Digital Transformation Acceleration Program (DTAP) - a new joint initiative between MDeC & MIDA to provide support and incentives in the form of Matching Grant (1:1), targeted to Malaysian companies and focused on manufacturing and logistics. 

With all these assistance in place, I encourage the businesses present today to place innovation, creativity, the bigger goal of making your enterprises a successful business model and continue to create more footprints of “Powered in Penang” companies in Penang.

We are confident that Penang will remain a thriving growth hub for

many years to come and this is in line with the Penang2030 aspirations aimed at making Penang a model for the nation and the world.  Themed “A Family-focused Green and Smart State to Inspire the Nation”, the policy package is the state’s four-prong vision to increase liveability to enhance quality of life, upgrade the economy, empower the people to strengthen civic participation and invest in the built environment. 

Closing Remark

I would like to thank the speakers from various agencies and companies today for supporting this event, which also marks the continued commitment to facilitate the growth of our SMEs.  I hope all the companies here today will go back with better knowledge on market access and opportunities, enhancing competitiveness as well as enhancing access to funding.

Thank you.