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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang
On 24 October 2015 at Malaysian-German Society


This evening, we are here to celebrate this spirit of brotherhood and togetherness and I want to thank the Malaysian-German Society for holding this great festival in Penang continuously for 43 years, a record in Malaysia, and perhaps S.E. Asia too.

I want to congratulate the joint efforts between Germans and Malaysians working together as a team to make the annual celebration not only the longest but the biggest Oktoberfest event in this country.

After 3 years of hard work, the Penang government has finally launched Malaysia’s first German Dual Vocational Training Programme on 1 September 2015. The Penang state government is contributing RM2 million to pay school fees for 500-600 students, whilst the students have the benefit of an allowance of RM900 monthly by the participating companies. The State Government bear twenty (20) percent of the total tuition fees charged for every participant who enrolled a diploma course under the GDVT Programme in Mechatronics and the Participating companies bear the balance 80%. We are inviting more companies to participate in this programme.

We intend to open up more places for not just Penangites but for all Malaysians. We are willing to spend another RM2-4 million more if necessary to build new talent. Talent must be enabled with rights and responsibilities. To do that we have to grant them freedom, freedom of equal opportunity, freedom to be the best they want to be and realize their potential.

I also like to encourage you all to learn from one another the good values and practices from each culture and continue to meet through the social, cultural and language learning activities organized by MGS at this spacious premises here owned by the Penang government.

Finally, let me thank the organizing committee and all parties involved for the hard work to arrange this celebration and wish you all having a great time this evening of German culture and entertainments.



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Selamat pagi dan salam sejahtera,
Terlebih dahulu saya ingin merakamkan penghargaan dan ucapan terima kasih kepada Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai kerana sudi menjemput saya ke Majlis Pecah Tanah pada pagi ini.

Tujuan kita berkumpul pada pagi ini adalah untuk mengadakan majlis pecah tanah bagi pembinaan sebuah pasar baru yang bertujuan untuk menempatkan semula peniaga-peniaga dari Pasar Perai.

Pembinaan pasar baru ini dibiayai di bawah peruntukan Pembangunan P01 Butiran 64 Projek Khas Ekonomi. Projek ini telah dimulakan pada 8 September 2015 dan ia akan mengambil masa 8 minggu untuk disiapkan. Kos untuk projek ini adalah sebanyak RM 148,605.81. Kerja-kerja yang akan dijalankan adalah :
Kerja Pembersihan

Kerja-kerja menggali, membersih, merata dan memadatkan tanah.

Tambah Crusher Run

Kerja-kerja menambah crusher run setebal 0.1m dan dipadatkan.

Kerja Konkrit
Kerja-kerja konkrit lantai tapak dengan menggunakan konkrit GD25. Konkrit ready mix G30 sebagai asas penapak. Konkrit G50 untuk lubang.

Kerja Memasang BRC A7

Kerja Bata 112mm tebal bata diperkuat dengan EXMET. Lepaan simen plaster 12mm pada dinding baru.

Kerja Besi Tiang besi ms 50 x 50mm sahaja termasuk 12mm Ms plate serta skru & bold. Membekal dan memasang bumbung metal deck G28 serta kerangka tetulang untuk kekuda & alang. Besi jeriji sahaja 12mm tebal, 100mm x 100mm untuk dinding . 12mm bar keluli tegangan tinggi. 6mm bar keluli lembut. Kepingan jejaring no A7.

Kerja Paip Membekal & memasang sinki jenis aluminium termasuk L bracket sebagai asas tapak & saluran paip keluar (15 nos). Membekal & memasang paip tembikar licin 150mm termasuk kerja konkrit. Membekal& memasang paip tembikar 225mm. Permohonan PBA (meter secara individu sebanyak 15 unit)

Kerja-Kerja Lain
Membekal & memasang pintu grill jenis lipat termasuk kerja kunci & lain-lain. Penutup lubang jenis cast-iron insitu 600mm x 600mm. Kerja-kerja sapu lapisan cat alas konkrit. Sapu 2 lapis cat kemasan dalam. Sapu 2 lapis cat rintangan cuaca. Cat besi.

Kerja Pendawaian.
Kerja-kerja pemasangan, pendawaian konduit bumi, kuprum, pemasangan lampu, powerpoint, DB box utama, sambungan sesalur utama TNB dan mengikut aspek kerja pendawaian yang diluluskan.(meter secara individu sebanyak 15 unit)

Inilah hasil sebuah kerajaan negeri bersih yang mampu mencatat lebihan belanjawan sebanyak RM453 juta dalam tempoh 6 tahun kami memerintah Pulau Pinang di antara 2008 – 2013 berbanding dengan RM373 juta yang diperolehi dalam tempoh 50 tahun kerajaan BN memerintah di antara 1957-2007. Jelas sekali 6 tahun memerintah oleh Kerajaan Negeri sekarang lebih baik daripada 50 tahun memerintah sebelum ini. Ini adalah hasil keuntungan yang diagihkan kepada rakyat dalam bentuk membina jalan, longkang, pasar dan dewan orang ramai.

Adalah diharapkan bahawa kontraktor akan menghabiskan kerja mengikut jadual pada bulan November ini. Dengan itu, saya merasmikan Majlis Pecah Tanah Pembinaan Pasar Baru Taman Inderawasih pada pagi ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.



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ON 23 OCTOBER, 2015

Good morning.
It gives me great pleasure to be present here this morning to officiate the opening ceremony of JA Solar Holdings’ first solar cell manufacturing facility in Penang, and in Malaysia. I am proud that JA Solar has chosen this location as its first manufacturing facility launched outside of China.

In recent years, Malaysia has become a frontrunner for solar manufacturers especially from China, and the world. Our strategic location in South-East Asia, favorable tax incentives, highly skilled and educated workers and engineers, reliable industry infrastructure and cost competitive environment make us attractive to high performance solar manufactures like JA Solar.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We believe Penang’s continuous and concerted initiatives to create a business an investment friendly environment together with the support from government related investment and environmental agencies like Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), Department of Environment (DOE) and InvestPenang, will help further strengthen Malaysia’s aspiration to become the preferred host to the largest solar industry in the world.

JA Solar Holdings is a NASDAQ listed company, and is one of the world’s leaders in solar cell production and shipments. Today’s launch of JA Solar’s facility in the Bayan Lepas Industrial Park marks yet another milestone the development of Malaysia’s solar energy industry as it will enrich the photovoltaic industry value chain.

JA Solar has invested over RM220 million to produce high performance silicon-based solar cells here. Advanced systems have been installed for manufacturing, environmental management and pollution control. This tier-one company’s stringent manufacturing processes are safe and clean, and do not use any radioactive materials or cadmium which is highly toxic. JA Solar has pledged its commitment to continuously develop environmentally green renewable energy to ease energy shortages as well as preserve the environment.

Another point to note is JA Solar will be providing approximately 700 jobs at this site. The company will also generate new high income jobs in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Technology for many of its workers.

On that note, we congratulate JA Solar on this auspicious occasion and we thank JA Solar for making Penang and Malaysia your investment and manufacturing location of choice.
Thank you.



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OCTOBER 21, 2015


1. Salutations.

2. Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for lending us your support today as we celebrate another significant development for the Penang Free WiFi service in public places.

3. As most of you here are aware, the Penang government launched the Free WiFi Service in public places in 2009. We were the first in the country to offer free broadband access to the public at 750 free wifi hotspots in specific public areas in the island and Butterworth.

4. Our objective was simple – we want to make the Internet easily accessible to everyone at any time. And judging from the number of registered users that we have today, which is about 600,000, I can say that we have achieved our aim.

5. We are indeed very happy that the free WiFi service in public places continues to be so popular, not just amongst Penang residents but tourists as well.

6. Today, six years after the launch, we have gradually increased the number of free WiFi hotspots to 1,560 in the island itself and the mainland, something that the public will be pleased to know, I am sure.

7. In addition to enabling more people access the free service, we have also as recently as February this year, upgraded the bandwidth from 75Mbps to 375Mbps. This piece of good news was welcomed by many as it meant that Internet users can get faster speed of up to 1Mbps. Previously it was 512kbps.

8. This is all part and parcel of the state government’s on-going efforts to make the free WiFi service experience a good one.

9. Today, I am here to share more happy news – you can now enjoy high speed Internet when you use the Penang Free WiFi Service!! Yes, that’s right.

10. 50 high speed WiFi hotspots are now available in the Heritage and KOMTAR areas. The speed that you will be getting is 3Mbps compared to the 1Mbps at the other WiFi hotspots.

11. With the faster speed now at your fingertips, I hope users will be able to do more things better, for example when downloading videos and images. Overall, their web browsing experience will be enhanced at these 50 high speed hotspots. The Penang State Government believes that faster internet or digital broadband speed is a necessary and sufficient condition to become a high-income economy and developed country. Whilst the Communication and Multimedia Minister may prefer lower broadband speeds, this is just like the declaring that we can move forward by going backwards. The Penang State Government intends to showcase a model of faster broadband speed vis-a-vis a slower one as to whether it is the faster Penang version or the slower one that will attain international and intelligent city status which is cleaner, greener, safer and healthier.

12. It is my pleasure to officially launch the 50 high speed 3Mbps free WiFi hotspots in public places in Penang.

13. Thank you all for joining us here today at this special occasion. I hope that you will take the opportunity and be among the first to enjoy the free high speed access.