Penang: A High-Income Model For Malaysia Through Inclusive Growth (EN/CN)

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang, Malaysia, Lim Guan Eng At Oxford University, England.
Title: "Penang: A High-Income Model For Malaysia Through Inclusive Growth"
Venue: T.S. Eliot Lecture Theatre, Merton College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Date: 14th October 2015


1. It gives me great pleasure to once again to be at the TS Eliot Lecture Theatre at Merton College in Oxford University. The last time I was here was on the 29th of May, 2013, a few weeks after the 2013 general elections when I was hosted by the Oxford University Malaysia Club. This time, I have the honour of being hosted by the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University thanks to Datuk Seri Nazir Tun Razak.

2. Reading through the profile of this very new school in the hallowed halls of Oxford University, I cannot help but be amazed by its many accomplishments since its establishment in 2010. In the 3 years since the first class of Masters in Public Policy (MPP) students were admitted in 2012, you have now grown to a cohort of 119 students from 55 countries for the class of 2015, including two Malaysians (Mark Hew and Yew Ren Chung).

3. During this short period, you have also attracted a diverse group of world class researchers and scholars including Professor Sir Paul Collier, the author of the Bottom Billion; Professor Winnie Yip, director of the Global Health Policy Program here at Oxford and last but certainly not least, Professor and Dean Ngaire (“nyree) Woods, Dean of the school as well as an expert in the areas of global economic governance and global development.

4. MPP students are no doubt interested in not just learning about public policy but also discerning for themselves the types of public policies which are effective in different contexts. I want to share with you some of my experiences as Chief Minister of Penang in the past 7 years and in particular, some thoughts on how we put in place an “Entrepreneurial State” in order to achieve the status of a High Income economy through inclusive growth. And I shall approach this from the angle of good governance; dynamic smart economy that is sustainable and collaborative; social inclusion; talent building; liveability and the environment.

Penang Attaining High-Income Economy Status In 2015 Hobbled By The 30% Depreciation In The Ringgit.
5. A short introduction of Penang, the second smallest state in Malaysia with a land size of only 1,048 square kilometres and a population of 1.7 million people, with no natural resources but has progressed to achieve high-income economy status through good governance, rule of law, integrity in leadership and sheer human talent.

6. The World Economic Forum Human Capital Report defined a high-income economy as one whose Gross Domestic Product or GDP per capita reaches USD$12,467 or RM 40,841 based on the then exchange rate of RM3.27 for USD$1 in 2014. Penang was expected to achieve a GDP per capita of RM42,251 based on a population of 1,681,922 people and a GDP of RM71,063 million by this year 2015. Penang’s GDP per capita of RM42,251 would have exceeded the benchmark of RM40,841 to become a high-income economy.

7. However I wish to lay an important caveat that the precipitous drop in the value of the ringgit due to extraneous factors such as the 1MDB RM42 billion financial scandals on world currency markets, makes Penang technically not a high-income economy this year. Instead of RM40,841 as the benchmark to achieve high-income status, the drop in the ringgit means that the benchmark has been increased to RM50,000. Of course should the value of the ringgit recover, hopefully by next year when all the political and financial scandals are resolved, then Penang can be restored to our rightful status as a high-income economy.

Business of Government Is Not To Get Into Business
8. The term “entrepreneurial state” is associated with Ms Mariana Mazzucato, and she is now one of the key economic advisers to the newly elected leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn together with other economic heavyweights including Nobel Prize Winner, Joe Stiglitz; Thomas Piketty; and your very own Professor Simon Wren-Lewis, a faculty member at the Blavatnik School of Government.

9. Her primary argument is for a wealth-creating agenda based on collaboration amongst “wealth-creators” involving not just business but also workers, public institutions, and civil-society organizations. Ms Mazzucato makes a strong proposition that the state can lead the way in investing in risky areas especially in research and development, innovation as well as retraining and upskilling, which the private sector would not touch. This is a strong counterpoint to the current mainstream thinking that those who govern best govern least and let the private sector do its job.

10. In Penang, we are shaping a progressive economic policy that is investment-led, inclusive, and sustainable to create wealth through a public-private partnership that drives long-term growth and productivity. In many respects Penang is an entrepreneurial state except that we do not believe in becoming involved in market outcomes, especially competing with business in accordance with our mantra of “the business of government is not to get into business”.

11. In Penang as an entrepreneurial state, we see ourselves providing a catalytic role in providing public goods and services, basic communications infrastructure and spurring the development of key risky industries. But in other areas, especially where the private sector has a proven track record, the role of the government is to reinvent government and leave business to the private sector.

RM1.2 Billion Fish Farm Industry From The Benefits Of Reinventing Government
12. Let me illustrate this with an example which may surprise some of you.

13. Many of you who have visited Penang or are familiar with Penang would associate Penang with a number of things – a rich, diverse culture and peoples; a thriving electronics and electrical (E&E) industry; and of course, our wonderful food. But very few of you would think of fish farming when you think of Penang. It would surprise you to learn that this industry grew from basically nothing in 2008 to a RM1.2 billion ringgit (180 million pounds) industry 7 years later!

14. Much as I would love to claim credit, this amazing transformation was done without spending a single penny but merely dependent on reinventing government. The previous government benefitted its cronies with one or two chosen individuals being given thousands of hectares of sea, which they then sub-let to genuine operators under the classic rentier system. This is described by some as predatory capitalism.

41. Further the low unemployment rate is translated to households in Penang enjoying household income growth of 7.6% annually between 2012 and 2014. As a result of these progressive policies, our Gini Coefficient has been reduced from 0.42 in 2009 to 0.37 in 2012, an improvement of 11% over 3 years. While Penang’s Gini coefficient is better than Malaysia’s rate of 0.42, we still have some ways to go before we reach the Scandinavian levels of income inequality.

Enabling, Empowering And Enriching the People
42. Penang has consistently been rated one of the most liveable cities in Asia – the 8th in Asia according to ECA International and of course the most liveable in Malaysia. We have the best street food in the world. We have a UNESCO World Heritage site in George Town. We are committed to making Penang the first bicycle and green state in Malaysia en route to being the premier destination to invest, learn, work, play and eat.

43. The present debt crisis have shown that income inequality can not be solved by free markets. Free markets are said to be better than the state in provision of goods and services except a pro-market “rule of law”. However, investment public goods such as infrastructure, basic social services, research and development, innovative technologies can only be done by the “entrepreneurial” state, provided that the state exit at the earliest opportune moment to prevent undue interference. We are still learning to grapple about when to exit so as not to throw good money after bad or divert resources for other worthwhile ventures.

44. In the short time which I have been given, I have tried to paint vignettes of how Penang’s development is based on certain principles that are based on good governance and transparent decision making which enables them with skills and education, empowers with rights and responsibilities and enriches the people by sharing in economic wealth.

45. Whilst we are focused on providing a better life for our voters, we realise that we can only win the future by investing in education. Whilst embracing the challenges of globalisation, we will not shy away from preparing the young for the future as well as prepare the future for young.

46. I hope that in the course of your MPP program, you will get a taste of what it’s like to be involved in public policy, perhaps via your summer internship programs, in a tangible manner. I would like to invite to see for yourself what we have done in Penang.

47. Thank you and good luck!


-- CN --

槟州首席部长林冠英于2015年10月14日在英国牛津大学(T.S. Eliot Lecture Theatre, Merton College) 主讲“槟城:通过包容性增长(Inclusive Growth)为马来西亚打造一个高收入典范”,摘译如下:












槟州经济的主要驱动器就是人才,虽然槟城失业率创全国历史新低1.2%, 我们面对人力资源短缺问题,槟州主要的雇主不断地投诉具技能的工人不足,这是对症下药提供培训避免毕业生失业。

槟州政府与槟城技术与发展中心联办德国双元制教职计划 。
州政府不只拨出200万令吉赞助这批学生的费用,这些学生每个月还可以从参与的公司获得900令吉的最低薪金。 这意味着他们领钱读书。这从教职计划源自一流员工的德国。我们要证明这种世界级的双元制教职计划可以成为高收入及高附加价值的工作,特别是在制造业。










槟城持续被ECA International列为亚洲第八名的宜居城市。我们有全世界最美味的街头美食。我们拥有联合国世界文化遗产城。我们立志打造槟城成为全马第一个脚车绿州,能让人们踏遍投资、上学、工作、玩乐及饮食目的地。

目前的债务危机已经显示自由市场不能解决贫富悬殊的问题。自由市场可说是比政府分配商品及服务好,除了亲市场的“法治”。但是,公共货物的投资如基建 、基本社会服务、研究及发展、创新技术只能通过企业才干型州属才能出现,州政府也必须在适当时机退出市场以避免不适当的干预。我们还在学习什么时候才是政府放手的良机,以免赔了夫人又折兵,、花钱来填无底洞,或把资源转移到其它更有价值的事业。

林冠 英


Chief Minister of Penang (Incorporation) signs Management Collaboration Agreement with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Think City Sdn Bhd

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16 October 2015
George Town, Penang

Chief Minister of Penang (Incorporation) signs Management Collaboration Agreement with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Think City Sdn Bhd

Both The Right Honourable Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng and His Highness the Aga Khan will be witnessing the signing of a Management Collaboration Agreement between Chief Minister of Penang (Incorporation) (“CMI”), Think City Sdn Bhd (“Think City”) and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (“AKTC”) today in the picturesque heritage hamlet of Chantilly, France.

The genesis of this Management Collaboration Agreement is derived from a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) signed between AKTC and Think City in November 2013, under which AKTC provided technical assistance for the protection, development and enhancement of Penang’s historic George Town which was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008. This Management Collaboration Agreement serves to expand the scope of that existing partnership and extend the collaboration period for another three years.

The earlier 2013 collaboration between AKTC and Think City saw the deliverance of a Strategic Master Plan (“SMP”) and identification of significant conservation and development projects within the old city of George Town. A public exhibition of the proposed projects was carried out in early 2014. They are now being incorporated into the George Town Special Area Plan. Accompanying the SMP are recommendations for the policies and actions to be pursued with regard to land use, conservation and development, traffic, infrastructure, and institutional management.

As the Management Collaboration Agreement marks the second phase of the collaboration; CMI, AKTC and Think City are expected to contribute significantly to the regeneration of George Town, particularly through the establishment of a project implementation vehicle known as George Town Conservation and Development Corporation (“GTCDC”), and the training of young professionals in the conservation and sustainable development of the city heritage.

Preparatory technical work has already started in two key areas: Armenian Street Park and Fort Cornwallis on the North Seafront. These activities are aimed at providing state-of-the-art solutions in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures and public spaces, promoting inward investment and spurring social, economic and cultural development for Penang. CMI is the majority shareholder of GTCDC which will feature a board of directors elected from the three partners to oversee a dedicated management team that will manage, operate and implement projects recommended by the SMP.

The AKTC is renowned internationally and recognised as one of the foremost organisations involved in matters of architecture, conservation and urban planning. Noted for their commitment in beautifying and preserving cities, landscapes and buildings, a city that attracts the interest of AKTC is deemed to have make its mark on the global heritage and cultural map, a marquee testimony of one’s pedigree and excellence. AKTC’s Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme which will be the main collaborating partner under the Management Collaboration Agreement, promotes planning, conservation and urban revitalisation in historic cities. It also undertakes the restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures and public spaces in ways that can spur social, economic and cultural development.

Individual project briefs go beyond mere technical restoration to address the questions of the social and environmental context, adaptive re-use, institutional sustainability and training. Its projects include major parks in Cairo and New Delhi and urban revitalisation projects on sites as diverse as Zanzibar in Africa and Kabul. As part of the Aga Khan Development Network, AKTC undertakes cultural projects within a broad continuum of development activities that usually encompasses economic, social and cultural initiatives.

The Penang State Government hopes that George Town will attain international and intelligent status with the participation of AKTC as well as Think City. Indeed this is a dream come true for Penang!


槟城州首席部长机构与阿加汗文化基金会及Think City有限公司签署协同管理合约

首席部长与阿加汗殿下将见证槟城州首席部长机构(CMI)、Think City有限公司及阿加汗文化基金会(AKTC)于今日在法国风光明媚的古迹小镇尚蒂伊签署协同合作合约。

这项协同管理合约的起始于2013年11月阿加汗文化基金会与Think City所签署的文化备忘录。在备忘录之下阿加汗文化基金会提供支援,以保护、发展及优化在2008年已经被列入联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产的乔治市。这项协同管理合约,将扩大现有的合作伙伴范围,并且另再多延长合作3年。

2013年阿加汗文化基金会与Think City的合作有达致了策略大蓝图中为乔治市老城鉴定重要的古迹维护及古迹发展项目。各项计划中的项目已经于2014年公开展示。这些项目如今已经列入乔治市特别区域蓝图。策略大蓝图建议根据土地使用、维护、发展、交通、硬体设施及制度化管理等角度拟定各项政策及所采应有措施。

这项协同管理合约标识了合作关系进入第二期;首长机构、阿加汗文化基金会及Think City三方期望能携手促成乔治市重要的城市复兴工作,特别是成立了项目执行机构 - 乔治市保存及发展机构(GTCDC),并且培训年轻的专业人士维护及永续发展遗产城里的古迹。




在与阿加汗文化基金会及Think City的参与下,槟城州政府希望乔治市能成为国际及智慧型城市。槟城即将美梦成真!




Kerajaan Negeri Tidak Boleh Jalankan Vaksinasi Awam Ke atas Anjing Liar Kerana Tidak Ada Vaksin Dan Terpaksa Musnahkan Anjing Liar Mulai 15 September 2015 Sehingga Penularan Wabak Penyakit Anjing Gila Terkawal Pada 9 Oktober 2015.(BM/CN)

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Kenyataan Media Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng Di Komtar, George Town Pada 12.10.2015

Kerajaan Negeri Tidak Boleh Jalankan Vaksinasi Awam Ke atas Anjing Liar Kerana Tidak Ada Vaksin Dan Terpaksa Musnahkan Anjing Liar Mulai 15 September 2015 Sehingga Penularan Wabak Penyakit Anjing Gila Terkawal Pada 9 Oktober 2015.

Kerajaan negeri tidak boleh jalankan vaksinasi awam ke atas anjing liar kerana tidak ada vaksin dan terpaksa memusnahkan anjing liar mulai 15 September 2015 sehingga penularan wabak penyakit anjing gila adalah terkawal pada 9 Oktober 2015. Adalah dikesali setengah NGO yang tidak rasional masih mengeluarkan kenyataan palsu dan fitnah bahawa kerajaan negeri sepatutnya menjalankan vaksinasi awam ke atas anjing liar lebih awal lagi dan bukan memusnahkannya, sungguhpun perintah menghapuskan anjing liar yang dikuatkuasakan pada 15 September 2015 telahpun dibatalkan pada 9 Oktober 2015.

Kerajaan negeri rela menjalankan vaksinasi awam sekiranya ada 40,000 vaksin untuk 40,000 anjing liar, tetapi pada masa itu dan sekarang, vaksin pun tidak mencukupi untuk anjing-anjing bertuan, tak payah ambil kira anjing liar. Oleh itu kerajaan negeri tidak ada pilihan lain kecuali mengeluarkan perintah memusnahkan anjing liar agar menyekat wabak penyakit anjing gila.

Mujurlah perintah 15hb September 2015 yang tegas telah berjaya menyekat penularannya di Pulau Pinang dengan hanya 4 kes anjing liar yang dijangkiti rabies dan tidak adapun seekor anjing bertuan yang terlibat. Ini berbanding dengan 20 kes di Perlis dan 18 kes di Kedah. Sebelum ini Kerajaan Negeri telah mewartakan penyakit anjing gila atau rabies di Negeri Pulau Pinang berkuatkuasa pada 15 September 2015 seperti yang termaktub di bawah Akta Binatang 1953 (Akta 647) setelah didapati kes Rabies telah menular ke Pulau Pinang dan disahkan pada 14 September 2015 yang lalu.

Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang bersama-sama Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Negeri, Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri, Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang dan Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai, telah menubuhkan Jawatankuasa Pengawalan Wabak Rabies negeri Pulau Pinang. Jawatankuasa ini juga telah memulakan Operasi Pengawalan dan Pembasmian Rabies pada 16 September 2015, sehari selepas perintah dikeluarkan oleh saya mengikut Pewartaan Penyakit Rabies di Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Kerajaan negeri membatalkan perintah memusnahkan anjing liar selepas merujuk kepada Jabatan Veterinar Negeri Pulau Pinang, yang bersetuju dengan keputusan ini kerana kes terakhir anjing liar yang dijangkiti penyakit rabies adalah pada 21 September 2015, dan tidak ada kes baru selepasnya. Ini menunjukkan bahawa perintah menghapuskan anjing liar kerana tidak ada vaksin, memang berkesan dan efektik untuk mengawal wabak penyakit rabies.

Kini kami hanya tunggu kedatangan 40,000 vaksin yang dijanjikan oleh NGO selepas ia diperiksa dan disahihkan oleh Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani. Adalah diharapkan NGO tersebut boleh bersikap rasional dan faham bahawa kerajaan negeri mesti bertanggungjawab, dan tidak boleh bersikap tidak peduli atau tak buat apa-apa dan terpaksa menjalankan pemusnahan pada 15 September bila tidak ada vaksin. Susah untuk kerajaan negeri mengadakan dialog dengan mereka yang rasis, bersikap ekstrimis ataupun tidak rasional.

Semua operasi bersama penangkapan dan pemusnahan anjing liar dihentikan sejak 9 Oktober 2015 kerana Kerajaan Negeri berpandangan bahawa wabak rabies telah di kawal di Pulau Pinang. Kerajaan Negeri harap Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabeery Chik dan Kementerian agar memulakan usaha vaksinasi secepat mungkin bagi terus memastikan wabak rabies tidak berulang di Pulau Pinang. Kini perkara ini di bawah pihak Kementerian, dan pihak NGO harus membawa tuntutan kepada pihak Datuk Seri Ahmad.

Kerajaan Negeri mengambil maklum perkara ini dan atas kesediaan Kerajaan Negeri untuk mencari alternatif lain bagi mengelakkan penularan wabak ini, sehubungan itu, saya selaku Ketua Menteri mengumumkan penarikan semula pewartan penyakit rabies seperti yang termaktub di dalam Akta Binatang 1953 tetapi masih mewajibkan untuk pemilik anjing mendapatkan vaksinasi rabies, berkuatkuasa mulai 09 Oktober 2015.

Lim Guan Eng



如果州政府一早拥有4万剂疫苗,我们很愿意为分布在外的4万只野狗施打,但无奈的是,不管是之前或现在,固有的疫 苗已不足应付家犬的需求,遑论流浪在外的野狗?在別无选择之下,周政务唯有祭出捕杀令,以确保狂犬病获得控制。













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10 October 2015


Welcome to this unique gathering, which brings together key representatives from the technology, creative multimedia sector, multinational companies, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to celebrate the official launch of Penang @CAT- Penang’s Accelerator for Creative, Analytics & Technology. This unique colonial heritage venue is the new home where the tech community in Penang can unleash their inspiration, technological aspirations and creative talents.

I still remember when the idea to have an accelerator programme in Penang was mooted during our inaugural Penang State Shared Services & Outsourcing and Creative Multimedia Content Council (PSSCC) meeting on Jan 27, we hope to stimulate the establishment and growth of tech startups in Penang. 8 months have passed and we are proud with the efforts put in by @CAT council, InvestPenang and PDC to make this happen.

Wisma Yeap Chor Ee

Since @CAT is going to be another prominent initiative in Penang, we decided to house this programme in one of the elegant historic building within the George Town’s heritage enclave, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee (WYCE). WYCE, leased out by Wawasan Open University to Penang Development Corporation (PDC) on 29th June 2014 for 30 years at a cost of over RM14 million (RM40,402 per month), has successfully realized part of the state government’s dream in promoting science and technology and creative animation cluster. In addition, the restoration costs, to be financed by PDC works out to be RM5 million. Penang @CAT will be located at level 3, Creative Animation Triggers project at Level 2 and Level 1 will be leased to Penang Science Cluster.

At State level, we have formed an Executive Council for WYCE, chaired by myself and YB Chow Kon Yeow (alternate) and members consisting of Dato’ Lee Kah Choon, Dato’ Rosli Jaafar, Loo Lee Lian and Chang Wing Mow, responsible for policy, tenant selection and provision of resources required in operation of WYCE.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tech Startups

@CAT at WYCE will be the heart of Penang’s tech start up ecosystem where the Penang State government’s enterprising plan is to boost the local tech sector and to bring the state’s many players under one roof. @CAT aims to accelerate the establishment and growth of creative and technology based startup companies, to nurture new talents in the new sunrise fields of cloud computing, applications technology, Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Internet of Things (IoT). I believe, developing the state’s talented young people to move up the value chain and promote new creative ideas and innovative technology is our priority today.

Over the last 40 years, Penang’s economic success has been driven by manufacturing sector. It will still be the state’s core business and in addition to the convergence of the manufacturing, services and public sector, the establishment of @CAT will unleash new synergies in both new and existing industries. If Penang is to win the future, we have to invest not only in education but also master disruptive technology, innovation and automation. The @CAT is one of our initiatives to master these difficult challenges especially in BDA, cloud computing and IoT.

The recent trend of the global semiconductor industry has been shifting towards the Internet of Things (IoT) where wearable technologies, machines, software and sensors that use cloud computing to communicate with each other is in rising demand. This is where the Penang @CAT fits in as we also believe in venturing into IoT and creative multimedia industry that bonds technology and arts together, could ultimately transform Penang in achieving the vision of becoming an international and intelligent city.

In this 21st century, millennials generation are powerful, creative, controversial and the future game changers in the marketplace. We want to help to develop the innovation-driven millennials who want to build their own businesses and tech startups through the platform of @CAT.

@CAT (Accelerator for Creative, Analytics & Technology)

@CAT will occupy the entire top floor of WYCE. The accelerator programmes shall help students, individuals and startup entrepreneurs gain access to mentors, training, shared facilities and space, professional assistance and other value added services that will position them on the fast and right track towards budding their success.

Next, @CAT will also offers various packages for co-working space that are accessible with competitive rates from as low as RM25 daily and up to RM200 monthly and equipped with full facilities and support. In addition, this unique place will also be a magnet for various tech-community driven organizers to house their events to aid startup entrepreneurs and tech community to network, incubate and accelerate their ideas as well as enhance their business and technical skill. The flexible function and event space would be able to cater up to 100 people and is perfect for inspirational bootcamps, webcamps, seminars and private networking events.

I believe Penang has a unique tech start-up scene made up of a close community of local start-ups and founders involved in various activities ranging from e-commerce, mobile applications, IoT, and many more. As our local tech start-ups are scattered all over Penang, this @CAT space will serve as a platform and launch pad in bringing the tech-startup community under one roof and provide the necessary support and services to build a strong ecosystem.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Upcoming programmes and events at @CAT

I am excited to announce some of the lineups of our upcoming @CAT Accelerator Programmes and community events for this year such as
Startup Weekend George Town - 16th Oct to 18th Oct 2015
IoT Accelerator Lite - 23rd November to 4th December 2015 (Co-organized by MDeC, @CAT & TE4P), which I believe Dato’ Ng Wan Peng will share further during her session
Pre Start-up Program – 2nd week of December 2015
Founder Institute (Penang Chapter) on startups trainings – 8th March to 24th May 2016, which will also be shared further by Mr. Chan later

As for the supply of talent for start-up company goes, Penang has already started with the ‘Coding Shophouse’ programme early June this year. This programme, an initiative by Mr Douglas Khoo an entrepreneur himself, is aimed at providing opportunities to Penang’s tech and non tech community in learning programming and improving career marketability. As a start, 15 students have already graduated from the 3-months first batch course which focused on ‘Ruby on Rails’, a web application framework. I understand that the 2nd intake is scheduled to take place early next month (November 2015), which this time will turn its focus on the foundation and basics of HTML & CSS, a 2 months course.

In addition to this, to unleash the inner power of our young Penangites, Penang @CAT plans to offer more education and enrichment in programming and coding classes, in various popular languages such as Java, Python, Objective-C, C#, SQL and etc. Engaging into IT related activities, trainings and exposures that feed the people’s passions in becoming an aspiring web developers or tech entrepreneurs.

This morning, in conjunction with our landmark launch, we are proud to have GDG DevFest George Town 2015, an international tech community event supported by Google as the first ever event to be held at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee. This program will be extended till 6.00pm and has attracted over 200 attendees.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

@CAT Council & Advisors

Today’s opening of @CAT has been made possible by the advice of the newly formed @CAT council, consisting of Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, COO of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and successful entrepreneurs such as the founder of Jobstreet, Mark Chang, founder of Exabytes, Chan Kee Siak and founder of, Douglas Khoo, Curry Khoo and investPenang as the project lead.

In laying the foundations of transforming Penang into high-income knowledge economy, we will strive to enhance capacity, capability and competency in Penang’s creative industry. We believe that Penang has the 3Ts to establish a creative cluster, the Talent, Technology and Tolerance of new ideas. We believe that our most passionate value of freedom will allow @CAT to produce world-class content and be a national hub for multi-media information and digital content services.

Moving Forward

I want to see in Penang, groups of young generations exploring creative and tech enterprises. In terms of the business standpoint we are proud to have many successful accomplished homegrown local companies like Jobstreet, Exabytes, Piktochart, Vitrox Technologies etc. Piktochart, an infographic design app company has crossed the US$1 million turnover milestone but what’s more crucial is that it currently boasts over 2.7 million registered users; Vitrox, manufacturer of machine vision inspection systems born in 2000 have reported revenue of MYR 38.9 million today, Exabytes, a webhosting and e-commerce solutions provider has recorded RM32 million in revenue and Jobstreet as you are all aware of, an online job portal was acquired by Australia’s SEEK Ltd for more than RM1.7 billion.

I hope, with the Penang @CAT programme in place, we would be able to increase the number of successful startups originating and developing from Penang.

And today we are also proud to announce our Penang @CAT official website,, tailored for the general public especially startups entrepreneurs – contain information on accelerator programme, tech events, co-working space etc.

Before I end my speech, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to investPenang, PDC, MDeC for collaborating and distinguished speakers from Magic, Cradle, Founder Institute (Penang Chapter) for sharing in this event and I wish to thank all of you for finding time to attend this important launching ceremony. I wish to also thank the General Manager of Invest Penang Ms Loo Lee Lian for providing @CAT with the essential content and software. Also PDC General Manager Dato’ Rosli Jaafar for making the Wisma Yeap Chor Ee physically ready. It is our greatest wish that Penang @CAT will continue to walk and grow alongside our tech startups in efforts to make Penang prosperous.

I invite other government agencies such as MaGIC and Cradle to actively work in force together with us to nurture Penang’s new generation of tech entrepreneurs. We have always envisaged Penang as a platform for dream makers to make your dreams come true. Let us make Penang @CAT our dream platform where we establish convergence in manufacturing, services and the local internet community to create new synergies in new and existing industries.

It is my pleasure to declare the @CAT at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee and website officially launched.

Thank you.







既然“@CAT新创加速器”将成为槟城重要的创举,因此地点就此计划选在充满历史气息的乔治市古迹大楼 – 叶祖意大厦。槟城宏远大学在2014年6月29日以30年1400万令吉(每月4万402令吉)的租约租给槟州发展机构。这阶段性实现了州政府要推广科学、科技与创意动画圈的梦想。另外,槟州发展机构挹注了500万令吉作为修复该大厦,“@CAT新创加速器”位于该大厦三楼,CAT创意动画进击区位于二楼、一楼则是租给槟城科学圈。


Ladies and Gentlemen,







@CAT新创加速器 将设立在叶祖意大厦顶层。加速器计划协助学生、个人及新创企业家获得咨询、训练、共享配备与空间、专业支援及其他附加价值的服务,以让他们能快速走上成功的正轨。



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