The Official Opening of ESTEEM Teaching

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Speech By Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng During The Official Opening of ESTEEM Teaching at Karpal Singh Penang Learning Centre at 1, Jalan Kaki Bukit, Bukit Gelugor, Pulau Pinang On Saturday, 24 Jan 2015.

Spark the Light – The Importance of Education and Engagement Science Technology Engineering English and Mathematics (ESTEEM)

In this 21st century, it is undeniable that we live in a fast, ever changing environment where one is assured the path to success through a sound education system. To win the future, we must invest in education. If you want to create a virtuous cycle, you must create a labor force that is skilled so that they will have the social mobility to move up. That is why we have to offer them escalators of mobility and lifts of opportunities in our population.

The state government understands that education is an important factor to improve the people’s lives. According to Jacob Mincer, the father of modern labor economy, income distribution is correlated to formal and informal education. Each year of formal education increases a worker’s annual salary by 5-10%, and the same also with informal education, of course albeit at a lower rate of wage increase. With that said, education marks a huge importance to the younger generation as it equips them with social and economic mobility crucial for the foundation of their future and survival in the modern world.

Given the context of Penang as a highly industrialised state, we have little choice but to be the center of excellence in terms of science and technology. As we have no natural resources but only human resources, it is our responsibility to ensure that our education system has what it takes to meet the global challenges and changing market demands. To keep up with this purpose, the state government has set up several facilities. Firstly, the establishment of the Penang Science Cluster to provide scientific education and a RM25 million Penang Tech Dome to showcase Penang’s local scientific inventions. Secondly, the setting-up of Penang Science Cafes to conduct informal teaching of robotics to rekindle interests in Science for young children, and lastly, the establishment of the Penang Learning Centre to improve the capacity in ESTEEM - Engagement, Science, Technology, Engineering, English and Mathematics.

Today, we launch ESTEEM teaching at the Karpal Singh Learning Centre. Why is ESTEEM important? It is important because due to narrow and unnecessary political intervention, our national education system witnessed a decline evinced by internationally-recognised assessments such as PISA showing that Malaysia lags behind in Maths, Science and reading assessments not just to advanced cities like Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam but shockingly losing out to our poorer neighbours Thailand.

The 2012 PISA had placed Malaysia yet again at the bottom 25%, coming in at 39th out of 44 countries in a test on creative problem-solving. 15 year old Malaysian students were reported by the PISA assessment to be 3 years behind students of the same age in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, scoring below average and ranked 52 out of the 65 countries in Mathematics, Science and reading. What is more shocking is that Malaysia is worse off than Vietnam or Thailand in terms of Science and Mathematics. This is unacceptable!

Whilst Malaysia invests more than 20% in education as laid in our national budget, there is no value for money as such investment serves only to satisfy the needs of bureaucrats rather than meeting the aspirations of students in acquiring knowledge and skills in order to realise their talent and potential. In fact, Malaysia spends less than Thailand in terms of education for students in their first ten years of their education, from 6 years to 15 years old.

Unless there is a paradigm shift towards investment in education, accompanied by high aspirations as a nation to build on human capital, we cannot be a high-income developed economy. With that said, one solution towards resolving Malaysia’s education crisis is by rejecting the stultifying “one size fits all” uniformity and return to the basic principles of learning, pursuing excellence and the teaching of both cognitive (factual knowledge) and non-cognitive (team work, leadership and communication) skills.

The time has also come for teachers to be empowered through rewards and thereby getting the best out of them to be able to help students who fall behind. Malaysia has no choice but to develop high-performing education systems with specific focus on both cognitive and non-cognitive skills. We cannot permit our education to fail our economy.

That is why the Penang State government cannot just sit idly by and wait to die when our education policy-makers fail our children. We must be confident and daring enough to invest in education. We must provide our youths with opportunities and supply them with platforms to demonstrate their talent and strengths. For, it is only when we are bold enough to invest in education can we truly win the challenging future.

In this light therefore, the Penang state government will be adopting a 3-pronged approach towards strengthening our education system namely:

1. Providing an annual funding to all existing half-funded vernacular and religious schools;

2. Building Learning Centres adopting the concept of STEM - Teaching of Science, Technology, English and Mathematics as their main focus; and

3. Attracting world class universities as well as adopting the German vocational school system within multi-national corporations. We look forward to be the first state in Malaysia that conducts German vocational education in Malaysia.

For Penang to have a digital technological cluster that works, it must be a profitable one in the market place. Therefore, we must firstly have a sizeable start-up colony (“ecosystem”) followed by hundreds of start-up schools (“accelerators”) to drive and propel the ecosystem forward. In between of course, there is a need for entrepreneurial talent with digital knowhow or techno-preneurs to make digital technology work in the marketplace by being profitable.

The Karpal Singh Penang Learning Centre marks this starting point. While the Penang state government can provide the seed money and platform, the basis of success however, still depends on private sectors, individual entrepreneurs and digital experts. To this, I must credit ECM Libra Foundation for having allocated RM 4 million for this project. The Penang state government has allocated a total of 2.63 acres land for the site and it took a good whole 14 months for construction to be completed. This is a classic, successful example of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in action.

Apart from the Learning Centre, there is also a Penang Badminton Academy within. The badminton hall is equipped with 6 badminton courts, and the Penang Badminton Association is currently using it as a training ground for a young state player.

With the kick start of ESTEEM in the Karpal Singh Penang Learning Centre, we believe that this will mark the most important step for Penang to move forward and invest in our future, via education and STEM teaching. We have started STEM teaching - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through our learning centers not by using teachers but using engineers who leave work and breathe science.

In concluding, I would like to thank our sponsor, ECM Libra Foundation once again for the building contribution and M-Summit Group for the addition support in terms of renovation and CCTV provision. Not forgetting ESTEEM’s main partner – the Penang Science Cluster & Livingston House of Language, who willingly joined and agreed to take the lead in teaching.

I hope we can expand this ESTEEM group and provide our youth with lifts of opportunity and escalators to mobility. Thank you.


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槟州是高度工业化的州属,我们必须成为科学工艺的卓越中心。我们没有天然资源,而只有人力资源。我们有必须确保我们的教育系统有能力面对全球的挑战及千变万化的市场需求。州政府为此设立了数项设施。其一、成立槟州科学圈提供科学教育,以及2500万令吉槟城科学馆以展示槟城本地的科学发明。其二、我们成立槟城科学咖啡馆,以进行非正式的机器人组装教学,启发孩子们对科学的兴趣。最后,我们成立槟城学习中心以提升ESTEEM教学- 行动、科学、科技、工程、英语及数学。


2012年国际学生能力评估计划( PISA)把我国的教育水平排列在最后的25%,在创意解决难题方面,我国在44个受调查的国家当中排名39。一名15岁的马来西亚学生比韩国、台湾、香港及新加坡落后3年,得分低于平均分,数学、理科及阅读能力在65个国家中排名52名。我国在数理科的表现甚至比越南、泰国还差,这是不能接受的!






1. 为所有半津贴华小、淡小及宗教学校提供常年拨款。

2. 采纳STEM的概念兴建学习中心-科学、科技、数理、英文教学为主轴。

3. 吸引世界级大学并在国际公司采纳德国技职学校系统。我们希望成为全马第一个推行德国技职教育的州属。

卡巴星槟城学习中心是这一切的起点。州政府可以提供种子基金及平台,但是成功的基础依然仰赖私人界、个人企业及数码专家。因此,我必须感谢ECM Libra基金会为这项工程拨款了400万令吉。槟州政府拨出了2.63英亩地段并用了14个月竣工。这便是典型成功的公私伙伴关系。


Opening of Pantai Hospital Penang's Cardiac Rehabilation Ward

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Speech By Y.A.B Lim Guan En g, Chief Minister of Penang at Opening of Pantai Hospital Penang's Cardiac Rehabilation Ward.

Good Morning and Salam Sejahtera,

It is my great pleasure to be here today to officiate the opening of Pantai Hospital Penang’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Ward. This is the latest addition to Pantai Hospital Penang’s existing Cardiac Care Services; and hence will be an added benefit to the growing population of south west region of Bayan Lepas.

I am delighted that the Hospital has responded to the state’s call to develop Penang as a preferred healthcare and travel destination, especially being the only private Hospital in Bayan Lepas area, with continuous improvement and enhancement to its services & facilities to serve the people better.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Ward is equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system for better patient monitoring and patient management. With the team of top cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiac nurses and technicians who are committed to uphold Pantai's Hospital slogan of ‘Prompt Treatment Saves Lives’, as well as the addition of the latest medical technology. I am sure Pantai Hospital Penang will provide international and world-class cardiac care services to the Penangites.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Statistics from Ministry of Health Malaysia revealed that Malaysia's medical tourism revenue recorded RM690 million in 2013. In 2012, the revenue was 594 million; with an increase of about 16 percent from the year before. Penang contributes to two thirds of medical tourism revenue in the country. The state recorded RM295 million in 2013. In 2012, the revenue was RM265 million, an increase of about 11 percent from the year before.

In 2013, Malaysia received 770,134 number of patients from around the globe while in 2012, the nation received 671,727 number of patients. Meanwhile in Penang the number of healthcare travellers increased to 351,673 in 2013 from the 297,850 number of patients in 2012. The State Government aspires to be a medical city in the region, encouraging all the hospitals to develop itself to the highest standard of healthcare. We can only achieve that by constantly innovating our line of services, upgrading and improving our existing services to compete at the international level.

Healthcare services cost in Malaysia are relatively lower compared to the United States, Europe, Australia & Hong Kong. Pantai Hospital Penang has proven itself to be constantly innovating its services and upgrading itself to be among the best in providing healthcare. In 2014, Pantai Hospital Penang launched its Stroke Centre which is the only stroke centre in the northern region of Malaysia. This new Cardiac Rehabilitation Ward will complement the Stroke Centre services for a complete comprehensive specialist care.

Here, I would like to congratulate Pantai Hospital Penang for the launching of its Cardiac Rehabilitation Ward to serve the community better.


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23 JANUARI 2015

Salam sejahtera

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan syabas dan tahniah kepada The Light Hotel Sdn. Bhd. atas kejayaan membina sebuah hotel setaraf 5 bintang. Saya percaya lokasi The Light Hotel yang terletak di Seberang Jaya ini amat strategik berikutan permintaan yang tinggi untuk sama ada untuk penginapan mahupun penganjuran seminar dan mesyuarat di Seberang Perai.

Pembukaan The Light Hotel di Seberang Perai ini sedikit sebanyak membantu usaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dalam merealisasikan hasrat menjadi negeri yang bertaraf antarabangsa dan pintar bukan sahaja di Bahagian Pulau tetapi juga untuk Seberang Perai seiring dengan pembangunan yang seimbang dan mampan.

Pembinaan The Light Hotel (M) Sdn Bhd yang menelan perbelanjaan kos sebanyak RM120 juta dilihat sangat tepat pada masanya dalam memacu pertumbuhan ekonomi di Seberang Perai memandangkan Pulau Pinang akan menyambut Tahun Melawat Pulau Pinang 2015 tidak lama lagi.

Sejumlah Keluasan The Light Hotel ialah 350,000 kaki persegi, hotel menpunyai 300 pelbagai bilik untuk pelanggan memilih, 1,533 meter persegi ballroom, restoran, kolam renang, spa gimnasium dan sebagainya. Saya dimaklumkan hotel ini merupakan hotel pertama yang setaraf 5 bintang di Seberang Perai. Tahniah kepada The Light Hotel!

Para hadirin yang saya hormati sekalian,

Dalam usaha untuk menaiktaraf infrastruktur di Seberang Perai, Kerajaan Negeri sedang melaksanakan 5 projek pada tahun 2014 yang menelan perbelanjaan hampir RM5.5 juta bagi keselesaan penduduk di kawasan tersebut. Antaranya ialah:

Kerja-kerja menaiktaraf sistem saliran di Taman Siakap, Seberang Jaya yang menelan perbelanjaan sebanyak RM1,990,917 bagi menyelesaikan masalah banjir kilat

Cadangan pembinaan rumah pam dan naiktaraf parit di Taman Seri Jaya dan Taman Sungai Rambai, Bukit Mertajam dengan perbelanjaan sebanyak RM2,409,330.

Pelantikan untuk kajian dan menyediakan pelan sistem perparitan induk di Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Lokan, SPU sebanyak RM455,434.

Cadangan pemasangan pintu air di Parit Monsun Taman Bagan, SPU sebanyak RM400,000.

Cadangan kajian mengatasi banjir di Taman Machang Bubok, SPT sebanyak RM249,912.

Pada tahun ini, Kerajaan Negeri di bawah bantuan MPSP telah bercadang menaiktaraf parit konkrit di Taman Kerjasama, SPT dan menaiktaraf sistem perparitan di Lengkok Tenggiri Seberang Jaya, dengan anggaran kos sebanyak RM1,541,000.

Kerja-kerja menaiktaraf di Jalan Raja Uda akan memasuki fasa kedua pada tahun ini. Selain itu, Kerajaan Negeri telah memperuntukkan RM8.7juta untuk pelebaran Jalan Siram, yang dijangka siap kerja pada tahun ini.

Akhir kata, saya mengucapkan selamat maju jaya kepada pihak The Light Hotel Seberang Jaya. Semoga hotel ini sentiasa memainkan peranannya sebagai sebuah hotel yang unik dari segi perkhidmatan – perkhidmatan yang ditawarkannya kepada para pelanggan.

Sekian. Terima kasih.

Official Opening of Penang Hill Multi-storey Car Park

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Speech by YAB Chief Minister of Penang
Official Opening of Penang Hill Multi-storey Car Park
on Monday, 19th January 2015 at 1.00 pm

I am pleased to be here this afternoon on the auspicious occasion of the launching of the RM11.49 million Penang Hill Multi-Storey Car Park, which was constructed and funded by the Penang Development Corporation.

I am also pleased to note that this Penang Hill Multi-Storey Car Park, which was built to cater for the increasing number of visitors to Penang Hill as well as to facilitate traffic flow and dispersal, has facilities for a total of 306 parking lots for vehicles and 182 lots for motorcycles, and 5 special parking lots for the physically challenged people (OKU).

There is also a commercial area on the ground floor, including 11 stalls, one food court as well as bus lay-by for buses to drop and take passengers. The car park is also fitted with disabled-friendly ramps with direct access to passenger lift.

This is a vast improvement on the facilities provided for the visitors to Penang Hill as well as locals, compared to the original car park completed in March 2011 which provided only 96 car parks, and whereby the State Government had decided to demolish the said building in June 2012.

Although the completion of this car park building was timed for November 2013, the construction was initially delayed due to the need to remove vast quantity of rocks and boulders during the piling works which took up a lot of time, as State Government and PDC had to be cautious to ensure the safety of nearby residents and visitors to Penang Hill.

The project was eventually completed on 7 November last year, pending the issuance of certificate of completion and compliance (CCC) for the building, almost a year from its original contract completion date of Nov 25, 2013.

Ladies and gentlemen, looking forward, I am confident that this new facility will play an instrumental role in solving the parking woes experienced by visitors especially during peak period of visitors to Penang Hill like the recent school holidays and the coming Chinese New Year period.

The car park will complement the facilities provided by the Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) funicular railway to provide visitors with an enjoyable and meaningful visit up Penang Hill.

On this, I am pleased to inform that due to the efforts of the State Government through the PHC, the visitor arrivals to Penang Hill, one of Penang’s premier tourism destinations have increased by leaps and bounds over the years.

I am very delighted to hear that the total number of visitors in 2014 has reached 1,364,074 surpassing the target set for the year (1.3 Mil) and 2013 figures of 1,233,556 passengers by 11%. Furthermore the performance of funicular operation has also been maintained and this has helped in improving the customer’s experience while taking the funicular service up to Penang Hill.

The total collection of ticket sales and other incomes of PHC have increased about 14.9% from the year 2013. What a great memorable year to remember and next year our target should be 1.45 million passengers.

Indeed Penang Hill has carried out so many meaningful projects last year such as hill top view deck together with slope stabilization, micro biological balancing technology implemented in food waste and in septic system and heritage trail.

Our vision of Penang Hill being “The Hill Resort of Choice In Malaysia” can only be achieved if we stay united with team spirit, determination to improve our competency by acquiring knowledge and maintaining our integrity in our work performance.

The current cars’ and motorcycles’ parking rates are as follows:
Payment                     per hour (RM)   “Season Parking” (RM)
Cars (1st Hour)           RM2
After 1st hour (hourly) RM1                 RM120 per month
Motorcycles                        FREE

To optimise the usage of the building, the Penang Hill Corporation, which is also experiencing a shortage of office space, will also be taking up floor space at the car park.

I wish to again congratulate the Penang Development Corporation for its perseverance and fortitude in bringing this project to fruition, inspire of the initial setbacks. The efforts of the PDC in this project are a testimony of the commitment of the State Government/PDC to complete the project for Penang Hill visitors and locals, including residents in the area, before the Chinese New Year, as promised.

My grateful thanks also go to the various Government agencies, Federal and State, including TNB, for their assistance and support to the project, and to the residents of this area, I thank you for your patience and support which has resulted in the project finally taking off.

On this note, I am pleased to officially launch the Penang Hill Multi-Storey Car Park.

Thank you.