Can Penang UMNO Be Trusted On Land Reclamation? (En/Cn)

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Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 22.11.2015

Can Penang UMNO Be Trusted On Land Reclamation?

UMNO State Assemblyman for Pulau Betong Muhamad Farid Saad’s motion against land reclamation in the Penang State Assembly on 20.11.2015, shamelessly ignored the previous Penang BN government’s abysmal track record of parcelling out 3,241 acres of land reclamation in contrast to the 60 acres of land reclamation approved by the present state government. Farid’s motion against land reclamation is absurd as it would include land reclamation approvals by the previous BN state government, which Farid as a member of the previous administration had fully supported it.

Farid’s motion had proposed that there should be public feedback on land reclamation, and all new reclamation projects be suspended until a complete detailed environmental impact assessment is conducted as well as any projects which brought negative effects to Penang should be cancelled. Farid’s motion was superfluous because the requirements of public feedback and approval of detailed environmental impact assessment(DEIA) were already a legal necessity under Federal law before any land reclamation can proceed.

Witness the Tanjung Pinang reclamation project by E&O Bhd, which involved a DEIA, exhaustive public hearings and consultations conducted by the Department of Environment and also the Town & Country Planning Department, both which are Federal government agencies. In other words, Farid’s motion was superfluous and brought nothing new in terms of public hearings and consultations or even DEIA, as these are compliance issues already required by Federal laws.

The real sticking point in Farid’s motion is that by postponing or suspending all new reclamation projects, exposes the state government to the risk of paying compensation running into hundreds of millions of ringgit. Farid had refused to address his role as a member of the BN state government that had approved reclamation projects.

Some of the reclaimed land by BN were approved without open tenders at giveaway prices of RM1 per square feet. Of the 3,241 acres of reclamation land approved by the previous BN state government, 744 acres had been reclaimed leaving 2,500 acres to be reclaimed.

Under the present laws of the sanctity of contract, the state government is bound by the land reclamation approvals of the previous BN state government. Any postponement or suspension of the remaining 2,500 acres, especially on those that had already complied with Federal laws on DEIA and public hearings, will likely invite issues of compensation payments. Compensation payments on such large tracts of reclaimed land involves hundreds of millions of ringgit if not more, and may ultimately bankrupt the state government.

To fully cover the state government from having to make compensation payments to suspend land reclamation approved by the previous BN state government, why is there no full indemnity of such payments by the Federal government offered to the state government? If Farid’s motion is passed, it would be patently absurd that the present state government would have to pay compensation to delay land reclamation approved by the BN state government. Any responsible government would not allow itself to be bankrupted in such a manner.

In other words, this motion would allow BN to play the hero in opposing land reclamation and also force the present state government to pay the price for stopping land reclamation approved by the BN state government. Such a devious and slick tactic of playing both sides, is a win-win situation for BN. At once a hero politically for opposing land reclamation and yet at the same time, their crony companies also adequately compensated for any delays or suspension of land reclamation.

How can UMNO be trusted on opposing land reclamation now when Farid refused to account nor apologise for his support for land reclamation when BN was in power? And yet there are some who are entrapped by UMNO’s devious and slick tactic until they are willing to trust that “a leopard can change its spots” forgetting the axiom that “kingdoms may change but not so easily one’s basic character”.

First is DAP Tanjung Bunga ADUN Teh Yee Cheu. Teh broke party ranks and stood with UMNO by voting for the motion. After an emergency meeting following the end of the Penang state Assembly involving all 19 DAP ADUNs, Teh told a press conference that he realised he had made a mistake and apologised to the party. He promised to return to the party and was willing to accept any punishment meted out.

All Penang DAP Assemblypersons are deeply unhappy that a DAP Assemblyman is willing to trust and stand together with UMNO – a first in DAP’s history. Voting in support of UMNO’s motion against his own party is unacceptable and warrants stern disciplinary action. Following Teh’s public admission of committing a mistake and public apology, his matter will then be dealt with through DAP’s internal party mechanism.

The 5 PKR ADUNs who abstained from voting can not be dismissed as an act of a loner, but pre-planned and organised. PKR whip Ong Chin Wen the ADUN for Bukit Tengah told the press that the PKR 5 abstained in accordance to their conscience and that it “reflected the current political situation”.

Does this mean that their own 4PKR ADUNs holding government posts, namely Penang Deputy Speaker Datuk Maktar Shapee, the 3 PKR EXCOs of Deputy Chief Minister 1 Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon, Datuk Abdul Malik Abul Kassim and Dr Afif Bahardin, who voted against UMNO’s motion have no conscience? What type of current political situation is he talking about when the UMNO ADUNs had earlier opposed PKR’s motion to ask that imprisoned PKR leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, be given medical treatment of his choice as well as refused to answer to questions relating to the RM2.6 billion donation scandal?

Abstention by the PKR 5, as a BN daily emphasised, is as good as supporting UMNO’s motion and an “act of mutiny from within”. Can the PKR 5 be counted upon as a reliable or dependable partner, ally or member of the Penang state government? This is politically untenable as one can not run with the hares and yet hunt with the wolves. In this regard, we appreciate Dato Salleh Man’s loyal support to the Pakatan Harapan Penang state government even though he remained a PAS member.

Equally disturbing is Ong’s claim that the 5 PKR ADUNs had decided to abstain and duly informed their party leadership. However he refused to say which PKR national leader he had informed. Ong also admitted that the other 4 PKR ADUNs who supported the Penang state government by opposing UMNO’s motion had no knowledge that the PKR 5 intended to abstain. This is a clear sign of dissatisfaction by the PKR 5 or even a mutiny against the 4 PKR ADUNs holding government posts.

If true, this shows that there is a party within a party in PKR, one comprising of those holding government posts and the other comprising backbenchers which appeared to be backed by national PKR leaders. The Penang state government does not intend to meddle into the internal party problems of a party ally and will give PKR time to resolve them before the state government decides how to deal with their preference to trust UMNO more than their own state government.

Finally the people of Penang will decide who they trust more on land reclamation – UMNO or their own state government of Penang.


-- CN--

槟州首席部长林冠英于2015年11月22日 在槟城乔治市光大发表的声明:


巫统浮罗勿洞区州议员莫哈末法力在2015年11月20日 的槟州立法议会上提呈的反对填海动议,无耻地忽视槟城前朝国阵政府批准3千241英亩填海面积的“辉煌”记录。与前朝相比,目前的槟州政府仅批准了 60英亩的填海面积。法力的反填海动议是荒谬的,因其动议也涵盖了前朝政府批准的填海计划,而他本身在当时,更是一个全力支持填海计划的立法议员。


以东家集团(E&O Bhd)在丹绒斯里槟榔的填海计划为例,此计划已经过详细环境评估报告、由两个联邦政府旗下的部门(即环境局及城市与乡城规划部)举办非常详细的公共咨询。换句话说,法力的动议是多余及没有新意的,因为详细环境评估报告及公共咨询是联邦宪法下的必备的条件。


一些由国阵批准的填海计划,是在没有经过公开招标的情况下,以每平方尺1令吉这近乎免费赠送的价格售出。在前朝国阵所批准的3千241英亩填海面积当中, 744英亩经已完成填海,只剩余2千500英亩的面积有待填海。







难道这代表着公正党本身另4名持有官职但在动议上投反对票的公正党议员,包括槟州立法议会副议长拿督玛达、3名公正党的行政议员,即第一副首席部长拿督拉昔、拿督阿都马烈及阿菲夫医生是没有良心的?这到底是什么当前政治局势啊?早前,巫统州议员还不是驳回了公正党议员提呈、要求让正在监狱受刑的公正党领袖拿督斯里安华可以获得他所选择的医疗之动议? 巫统也拒绝回答26亿令吉捐款丑闻。


同样让人感到不安的是,王敬文声称5名公正党议员决定弃权,并已正式通知该党领袖。然而,他却拒绝透露他到底知会了哪一名公正党全国领袖。他也承认,另4名支持槟州政府立场以反对巫统动议的州议员,事先对5名议员有意投弃权票一事毫不知情。 很明显的,这5名公正党议员对另4名持有官职的公正党议员不满,或根本就是对4名有官职的公正党议员发动“内部兵变”。






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Selamat pagi dan salam sejahtera,

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin merakamkan rasa bersyukur dan terima kasih kerana kita dapat bersama-sama dalam Majlis Sambutan Hari Penjaja dan Komuniti eniaga Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang 2015. Hari ini adalah merupakan hari yang amat bermakna bagi semua peniaga kerana anda diraikan bagi memberikan pengiktirafan terhadap usaha dalam memantapkan pembangunan ekonomi setempat.

Kita semua bangga bahawa makanan penjaja adalah terbaik di dunia dan digemari semua. Kerajaan Negeri dan Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang sedang dan telah berusaha keras dalam memastikan makanan yang dijual oleh penjaja dan peniaga diiktiraf diperingkat global. Baru-baru ini George Town telah diletakan pada kedudukan ke empat daripada sepuluh bandar terbaik didunia bagi senarai bandar yang perlu dikunjungi. George Town berada di belakang bandar Kotor di Montenegro, Quito di Ecuador dan Dublin, Ireland. Selain itu, pada tahun 2014, Lonely Planet juga telah meletakan Pulau Pinang sebagai World's No. 1 Destination For Food Lovers.

Pengiktirafan antarabangsa ini serta Pulau Pinang sebagai pusat makanan jalanraya yang paling sedap di dunia adalah merupakan salah satu bukti bahawa Kerajaan Negeri dan Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang sentiasa memberikan tumpuan ke atas aktiviti penjaja dan peniaga agar semua orang dapat berkongsi limpahan ekonomi yang dicetuskan selepas pelaksanaan urustadbir yang baik melalui penerapan nilai-nilai Cekap Akauntabilti Telus.

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan sekalian,

Semenjak Kerajaan Pakatan mengambil alih pentadbiran kerajaan negeri, Majlis Bandaraya telah melaksanakan pelbagai projek menaiktaraf kompleks pasar/penjaja dan tapak penjaja secara drastik. Pelaksanaan projek bermula pada tahun 2009 dengan pelaksanaan berikut:-



Projek Naiktaraf 2009

Harga Kontrak


Pasar Jalan Anson

RM 90,493.00


Pasar Taman Tun Sardon

RM 275,146.30


RM 365,639.30


Projek Naiktaraf 2010

Harga Kontrak


Tapak Penjaja dan Pasar Batu Maung

RM 768,877.06


Pasar Awam Lebuh Cecil

RM 941,919.00


Kompleks Makan Batu Lanchang

RM 184,764.19


Astaka Coolie Line, Bukit Bendera (Astaka sahaja)

RM 3,476,813.35


RM 5,372,373.60


Projek Naiktaraf 2011

Harga Kontrak


Pasar Awam Jelutong

RM 810,370.00


Pasar Awam Air Itam

RM 876,937.50


Pasar Awam Pulau Tikus

RM 877,754.00


Tempat Penyembelihan Ayam di Pasar Tanjung Bungah

RM 90,539.00


Kompleks Makan Bukit Gedung

RM 1,552,119.30


RM 4,207,719.80


Projek Naiktaraf 2012

Harga Kontrak


Tempat Penyembelihan Ayam di Pasar Padang Tembak

RM 155,000.00


Pasar Awam Jalan Kuantan

RM 433,761.52


Pasar Awam Teluk Bahang

RM 277,530.00


Pasar dan Kompleks Makan Desa Mayang

RM 78,460.00


RM 944,751.52












Projek Naiktaraf 2013

Harga Kontrak


Pasar Awam Chowrasta

RM 12,190,206.40


TPS Jalan Utama (Fasa 1)

RM 336,398.00


TPS Jalan Utama (Fasa 2)

RM 448,824.50


Kompleks Makan Desa Genting

RM 679,000.00


Pasar Awam dan Kompleks Makan Tanjung Bungah

RM 1,580,000.00


Pasar Awam Padang Tembak (Mengecat)

RM 132,970.00


RM 15,367,398.90


Projek Naiktaraf 2014

Peruntukan 2014


Pasar Awam Batu Ferringghi

RM 4,000,000.00


Kompleks Makan Padang Brown

RM 2,900,000.00


TPS Lengkok Batu Maung

RM 300,000.00


Pasar Awam Batu Lanchang

RM 1,400,000.00


Pasar dan Kompleks Makan Bayan Baru

RM 400,000.00


RM 9,000,000.00


Projek Naiktaraf 2015

Peruntukan 2015


Pasar Lebuh Campbell

RM 1,200,000.00


Pasar Awam Tun Sardon

RM 1,000,000.00


RM 2,200,000.00



Sungguhpun MBPP telah membelanjakan RM37.46juta untuk kerja-kerja menaik taraf Kompleks Pasar/Penjaja dan Makanan tetapi bayaran sewa tidak naik dan tetap kekal sampai sekarang. Semua perbelanjaan ini dapat dijalankan ke atas rakyat kerana urustadbir Cekap, Akauntable dan Telus(CAT) di mana pentadbiran yang bersih dapat menjimatkan wang untuk manfaat rakyat.
Antara kompleks pasar/ penjaja dan makanan yang dinaik taraf dan kini menjadi tumpuan orang ramai ialah Kompleks Makan Bukit Gedung yang melibatkan perbelanjaan sebanyak RM1.55 juta, Kompleks Makan Padang Brown sebanyak RM2.9 juta serta Pasar Awam Chowrasta sebanyak RM12.19 juta.
Pada masa yang sama, Tapak Astaka Kota Selera, Padang Kota yang terletak di atas tanah milik Perbadanan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang (CMI) merupakan antara salah satu ikon kawasan pelancongan di Pulau Pinang. Kini, ianya telah dipermodenkan dengan satu tapak penjaja yang cantik dan bersih yang dinamakan sebagai Esplanade Park dengan kos RM500,000.
Di samping lokasi astaka yang amat strategik kerana terletak di dalam kawasan Bandaraya Pulau Pinang berdekatan Fort Cornwallis, astaka ini juga turut menjadi tumpuan pelancong kerana merupakan antara lokasi syurga makanan bagi Pulau Pinang.

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan sekalian,

Demi memastikan kualiti dan kelazatan makanan jalanraya dapat dilindungi dan dikekalkan, adalah penting rasanya dan kepakaran memasak tidak hilang. Mulai tahun 2016, Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan di Negeri Pulau Pinang akan mengambil tindakan penguatkuasaan ke atas penjaja yang menggunakan Tukang Masak Warga Asing untuk memasak. Jenis tindakan yang akan diambil adalah seperti membatalkan lesen penjaja Establisymen Makanan yang telah dikeluarkan setelah pihak majlis berpuas hati dengan pelanggaran syarat lesen. Dengan pelaksanaan ini, kita akan mampu memelihara citarasa masakan tempatan Pulau Pinang dengan meningkatkan populariti masakan tempatan seperti asam laksa, char koay teow dan nasi kandar. Marilah kita terus berusaha menjadikan Pulau Pinang lebih bersih, hijau, sihat dan selamat.

Akhirnya, saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk merakamkan ucapan tahniah kepada semua penjaja dan peniaga yang telah menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebagai salah satu destinasi pilihan untuk pengemar makanan dan saya berharap usaha-usaha ini perlu diteruskan dan ditingkatkan pada masa-masa akan datang. Dengan ini saya merasmikan Sambutan Hari Penjaja dan Komuniti Peniaga Tahun 2015.


Halal Malaysia Award Ceremony for Pizzeria La Tavernetta Restaurant Of the Costa Victoria Cruise Liner

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Speech by CM
Halal Malaysia Award Ceremony for Pizzeria La Tavernetta Restaurant Of the Costa Victoria Cruise Liner

21 November 2015

It gives me great pleasure to be here for the Halal Malaysia Certification Award to Pizzeria La Tavernetta Restaurant of the Costa Victoria cruise liner. This event marks another milestone in the development of the halal industry in Penang. It’s also a great honour for us to have this award certification done in the presence of our honourable Tourism Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz.

The event today signifies the increasing awareness among Muslim travellers on the importance and availability of halal products especially for food and beverage. The state government initiated the development of Penang International Halal Hub or Halal Penang, to serve the growing demands for halal products, services and solutions where a collaboration between government, private and academic quarters form the basis of its administrative structure.

Penang’s strong drive for tourism has managed to draw a substantial number of high spending tourists from the Middle East countries especially in the months of July to September every year, which is their peak travel period. Also aside from the Middle East market, potential tourists for Halal products and services can be extended to the over 30 million Muslims in China.

While most of the leisure oriented Muslim tourists are mainly attracted by the sea, shopping, and some by Penang’s heritage and culture, food is one of the essential elements of the tourists’ experience in Penang. As we proudly highlight Penang as being the Asian Food Capital, we also need to offer the Muslim tourists, Halal food that is varied and widely available.

For your information, Muslim Travel Shopping Index 2015 listed Penang as one of the ‘Top 10 Favourite Cities For Muslim Travel’. Penang was ranked #9 where it pitted against 40 international cities affiliated with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The Muslim Travel Shopping Index 2015 was created by MasterCard and CrescentRating, which is touted as the world’s leading authority on Muslim-friendly travel.

We are indeed proud of this accolade as it gives us the confidence that we are on the right track to establishing ourselves as a premier halal hub in the region. It is without a doubt that Halal Penang has played a pivotal role in this achievement where it is progressively reaching out to the Muslim travellers both foreign and domestic. In 2012, a comprehensive guidebook called ‘Experience Penang – a Muslim Travel Guide’ was translated to Arabic language. Aside from print, this guidebook will be made available online in both English and Arabic by the 1st quarter of 2016. Additionally Halal Penang is also working on a ‘Muslim Training Module for Tour Guides in Penang’ after which it will launch Muslim Tour Packages to be promoted extensively by the 1st quarter of next year.

Penang also offers our UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town as a celebration of our multi-cultural and multi-racial diversity, a cultural and art centre. Lonely Planet, the largest travel web-portal in the world recently listed George Town as the 4th best to travel and 4th most charismatic city in the world due to our growing art and cultural scene. What better way to see George Town in its full glory than to dock in your ship in Swettenham Pier and walk 5 minutes to this heritage city.

Speaking of tour packages, I’m very sure Costa Victoria will attract many groups where specialised programmes and activities will be conducted on board the ship. The ‘Pelayaran Islamic’ package tours will surely attract many domestic Muslim travellers as well.

Last but not least, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Costa Victoria towards the success of its new venture as a halal cruise liner.

Thank you.