Penang International Science Fair (EN/CN)

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 Speech by Chief Minister of Penang At Penang International Science Fair 2015 on 14th November, 2015

A very good morning to all present today and a very warm welcome to the fourth Penang International Science Fair. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be here this morning to officiate the opening of the largest Science Fair in Malaysia, the Penang International Science Fair, 2015. Each of you represent one of the 60,000 people that we are expecting at the Fair over the next 2 days.

Penang International Science Fair (PISF) is an initiative begun by the Penang State Government in 2011 and organized as part of the Penang Science Cluster's (PSC) mission of “Inspiring Innovation”. PSC focuses on developing young minds by exposing them to science and engineering through a unique, stimulating and innovative experience. This event is a collaboration between the Penang State Government and the manufacturing industries that form the backbone of the PSC as part of Penang State Government's Public, Private and people's Partnership (PPP) to involve the private sector.

Some of you may recall the very first Science Fair in 2011, organized by Intel Technologies, a Pillar Head of the PSC. It attracted 12,000 visitors for a 1 day event. Since then, the fair has been expanded to 2-day events, with visitor numbers increasing year on year. Last year, we ran the event for the first time in a sports stadium, at SPICE. More than 50,000 visitors turned up. So this year, we welcome you back to SPICE again, and we expect to see more than 60,000 of you here for the next two days.

The PSC has 5 pillars and each of the pillar heads take turns organizing the PISF. Last year was B. Braun and was superbly organized.

This year, Motorola Solutions, as the organising chair, is providing the leadership to make this 4th Penang International Science Fair another milestone. My sincere thanks to the leadership team of Motorola Solutions for making this happen, specifically to Dr Hari Narayanan, the MD of Motorola Solutions.

This year's fair promises another 2 days full of fun activities with exhilarating learning experience. There will be a total of 45 different exhibitors, hands-on workshops with 4000 slots to choose from, various competitions such as Lego Robotics, Kung Fu Robot, Soccer Robot and Space War, and the National finals of Young Innovate Malaysia. My congratulations to the 30 teams who made it to the finals, out of the 175 teams who competed nationwide. You will hear more about these activities from Dr Hari.

The Penang International Science Fair is truly a very unique event with active support from every segment of the community ranging from industry, government, universities to individuals. This is not a science fair that we put together as a single event. The fair is the culmination of all the thousands of activities that were organized by the Penang Science Cluster at schools, at our science cafes and outreach initiatives over the course of the year and leveraging on our dynamic electronics and medical devices cluster.

We are proud that the PISF is the largest science fair in the country – so large that we had to hold it in a sports stadium. Once again Penang Leads in rekindling interest in science and technology to put the wonder and magic back to science. The PISF costs RM450k and the state government contribute RM141k.

PISF wants to demonstrate not just the wonder of science but also the magic that a science- based career can enrich your lives as well as reward you with wealth – look at all the millionaires and billionaires here!

Once again, my appreciations for Penang Science Cluster, the pillar members - Keysight Technologies, National Instruments, Intel, Dreamcatcher, Exabytes, B Braun and especially Motorola as chair person of the organizing committee for making this fair another big success, and not forgetting exhibitors, sponsors and participants. Also the volunteers who worked for free – Penang is proud of you!





《槟城国际科学展》是“槟城科学圈”(Penang Science Cluster)其中一项“启蒙创意”的任务。这项活动透过别致又刺激的创新体验,开发年轻一代对科学与工程的思维。这项国际科学展是槟城州政府与槟城科学圈内的各跨国厂商共同努合作以公私营伙伴计划成立槟城科学圈所带来的成果。









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Date: Sat. 14 Nov 2015
Venue: PSAG
Time: 3.30 p.m.

Salam sejehtera,
Good evening,

I am delighted to be invited to speak at the premier exhibition in the 2015 Syed Thajudeen PSAG calendar, the Syed Thajudeen Retrospective.

I wish to congratulate Syed Thajudeen Shaik Abu Talib for being selected as the 9th Malaysian artist to be accorded the prestigious PSAG (Penang State Art Gallery) Retrospective. He joins the illustrious list of previous recipients: Khoo Sui Hoe (2007), Lee Joo For (2008), Dato’ Tay Mo Leong (2009), Ismail Hashim (2010), Eric Quah (2011), Chong Hon Fatt (2012), Tan Chiang Kiong (2013) and Cheung Poooi Yip (2014).

This Retrospective Exhibition which is accompanied by an impressive monograph on the artist, is the Penang State Government’s highest recognition of the achievements of an outstanding Malaysian artist.

Syed Thajudeen hails from Penang’s “Little India” which is just a stone’s throw from this venue. He had his primary and secondary education in Penang.

In addition to his countless group exhibitions, he has held 9 solo exhibitions, the first being at the Penang State Museum & Art Gallery in 1975.

He has not looked back since, going on to establish himself internationally as a master story teller of myths and legends with his large canvases of nubile dark skinned women with pouting lips painted in the warm, spicy colors of India.

I congratulate the guest curator Puan Rokian Ismail for her industrious and dedication in producing this extraordinary exhibition and editing the 320 page monograph.

The Penang State government supports the PSAG in its efforts to recognize Malaysian artists through retrospective exhibitions as well as in collecting their works so that a Permanent Collection of quality is gradually built.

The Penang State government has so far provided a grant of RM500,000 for this purpose. I look forward to seeing the new acquisitions of the PSAG Permanent Collection in the planned exhibition in 2016.

Although the state government can play a small part, the artists themselves can help build a PSAG Permanent Collection that we can all be proud of. I hope that all artists will support the PSAG so that their best works will eventually be in the PSAG Permanent Collection. What better legacy is there for an artist than to leave some of his best works for posterity to enjoy?

Everyone knows that it is not easy to be an artist. And I wish all the artists present here know that the Penang State Government values its artists highly. A town or city without art, music and culture is indeed a soulless place. For Georgetown to be a truly great cultural center, our artists have to continue to produce inspiring artworks.

So today we assemble here to honour Syed Thajudeen and hope that his impressive artistic career will inspire all our younger artists to persist and continue to produce art even though recognition may take some time to arrive.

It now gives me great pleasure to declare the Syed Thajudeen Retrospective Exhibition open.

Thank you.


Green Pinang Award Presentation Ceremony 2015

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Opening speech by Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang and Chairman of Penang Green Council during Green Pinang Award Presentation Ceremony 2015 at Seberang Perai Arena on 14 Nov 2015:

Ladies and gentlemen, a very Good Morning and welcome to the Green Pinang Award Presentation Ceremony 2015.

Today’s ceremony celebrates those who had made a difference in helping Penang to go green either with good practices, promoting education awareness and introducing green technology that is economically viable.

This year, PGC introduced two new awards, the Penang Environmental Sustainability Award and Penang Environmental Stewardship Award. These two awards pay tribute to organisations and individuals for their significant and sustained commitment, dedication and leadership to improvise and conserve the environment.

We would like to congratulate winners of Penang Green School Award, Penang Green Office Project Certification. Penang Green Journalism Award and Penang Green Video Contest will also be awarded today. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our panel judges.

Today, we will also give Certificate of Appreciation to honour 4 individuals and organisations in Penang that obtained recognition for their contributions and hard work.

From next year, Penang Green Office will reach out to 26 main government offices in Penang. Our target is to achieve 100% Green Offices in the government sector by the end of 2018.

In a recent public survey conducted by Penang Green Council named “Human Behaviour Towards Solid Waste Segregation at Source and Recycling Practices” on 1484 respondents, 78.6% of respondents have segregated the recyclable items before it placed in the trash. 86.5% of respondents agreed if by- laws are enforced to encourage recycling and increase rate in Penang. Our No Free Plastic Bags campaign launched in July 2009 has made some progress, 80.7% of the respondents now bring their own bags for shopping.

World Bank has pointed out that "A city that cannot effectively manage its waste is rarely able to manage more complex services such as health, education or transportation". Penang holds the national record for the highest recycling rate in the country at 32%, which is far exceeding the current national recycling rate 10.5%, it is also higher than the national target, of only 22% and that also by 2020. We hope to achieve a recycling rate of 40% by 2020. The Federal Government has started to practice mandatory separation at source since September this year. The Penang state government will make sure waste separation at source will be implemented smoothly throughout the state by end of 2016.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to our working partners, co-organisers and sponsors: MBPP,MPSP, Eco-world, Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Infitech Machinery Sdn Bhd, Guppy Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Automotive Lighting Sdn Bhd, Muda Paper Mills Sdn Bhd, Suiwah Corporation Berhad, Eastern & Oriental Berhad, Mahsing Group, Canon Marketing, Sandwich Multimedia, Popular Bookstore, Matahari, Jasper Promenade, and Photobooth0808.

Last but not least, congratulations to all! These awards are valuable recognition of your commitment to lead the state to be a Green State in the near future. Moving forward, we pledge to continue to deliver excellent accomplishments and commitments to a positive environmental change. We hope to inspire more people to strive as a sustainable and livable city by providing cleaner, greener, safer and healthier living environment for everyone in Penang.

Thank you!

Lim Guan Eng

-- BM--

Ucapan Perasmian oleh Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang merangkap Pengerusi Penang Green Council semasa Majlis Penyampaian Anugerah Green Pinang 2015 di Seberang Perai Arena pada 14 November 2015:

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, selamat pagi dan selamat datang ke Majlis Penyampaian Anugerah Green Pinang 2015.

Majlis hari ini adalah bagi meraikan mereka yang telah melakukan perbezaan dalam membantu Pulau Pinang ke arah hijau sama ada melalui amalan baik, menggalakkan pendidikan kesedaran dan memperkenalkan teknologi hijau yang berdaya maju.

Tahun ini, PGC telah memperkenalkan dua anugerah baru, Anugerah Pemuliharaan Alam Sekitar Pulau Pinang dan Anugerah Kemampanan Alam Sekitar Pulau Pinang. Kedua-dua anugerah ini memberi penghormatan kepada organisasi dan individu yang secara berterusan memberikan komitmen, dedikasi dan kepimpinan mereka untuk menambah baik dan memulihara alam sekitar.

Kami ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada pemenang Anugerah Sekolah Hijau Pulau Pinang, Projek Sijil Pejabat Hijau Pulau Pinang, Anugerah Kewartawanan Hijau Pulau Pinang dan Pertandingan Video Hijau Pulau Pinang juga akan diberikan hari ini. Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada barisan panel hakim.

Hari ini, kami juga akan memberikan Sijil Penghargaan untuk memberi penghormatan kepada 4 individu dan organisasi di Pulau Pinang yang mendapat pengiktirafan di atas sumbangan dan kerja keras mereka.

Mulai tahun depan, Pejabat Hijau Pulau Pinang akan menjangkau 26 buah pejabat utama kerajaan di Pulau Pinang. Sasaran kami adalah untuk mencapai 100% Pejabat Hijau dalam sektor kerajaan menjelang akhir 2018.

Dalam kajian soal selidik awam yang dijalankan oleh Penang Green Council yang bertajuk "Tingkahlaku Manusia Terhadap Pengasingan Sisa Di Punca dan Amalan Kitar Semula” terhadap 1484 responden, 78.6% daripada responden telah mengasingkan barang-barang yang boleh dikitar semula sebelum ia diletakkan di dalam tong sampah. 86.5% responden bersetuju jika undang-undang kecil dikuatkuasakan untuk menggalakkan dan meningkatkan kadar kitar semula di Pulau Pinang. Kempen Tiada Beg Plastik Percuma yang dilancarkan pada bulan Julai 2009 telah peroleh beberapa kemajuan, 80.7% daripada responden kini membawa beg plastik mereka sendiri untuk membeli belah.

Bank Dunia telah menegaskan bahawa “bandar yang tidak mampu menguruskan sisa dengan berkesan jarang dapat menguruskan perkhidmatan yang lebih kompleks seperti kesihatan, pendidikan atau pengangkutan”. Pulau Pinang memegang rekod kebangsaan bagi kadar kitar semula yang paling tinggi di negara ini pada 32% iaitu lebih tinggi daripada sasaran negara, hanya 22% dan juga pada tahun 2020. Kami berharap dapat mencapai kadar kitar semula sebanyak 40% pada tahun 2020. Kerajaan Persekutuan telah mula mengamalkan pengasingan wajib di punca sejak September tahun ini. Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang akan memastikan pengasingan sisa di peringkat punca akan dilaksanakan dengan lancar di seluruh negeri menjelang akhir 2016.

Kami juga ingin merakamkan penghargaan kepada rakan kerjasama kami, penganjur dan penaja, MBPP, MPSP, Eco-world, Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Infitech Machinery Sdn Bhd, Guppy Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Automotive Lighting Sdn Bhd, Muda Paper Mills Sdn Bhd, Suiwah Corporation Berhad, Eastern & Oriental Berhad, Mahsing Group, Canon Marketing, Sandwich Multimedia, Popular Bookstore, Matahari, Jasper Promenade dan Photobooth0808.

Akhir kata, tahniah kepada semua! Anugerah ini adalah pengiktirafan berharga komitmen anda untuk memimpin negeri ini sebagai Negeri Hijau di masa akan datang. Melangkah ke hadapan, kami berjanji akan terus memberikan pencapaian baik dan komitmen untuk perubahan alam sekitar yang positif. Kami berharap akan memberi inspirasi kepada lebih ramai orang untuk berusaha sebagai sebuah bandar yang mampan dan sesuai didiami dengan menyediakan persekitaran hidup yang lebih bersih, hijau, selamat dan sihat untuk semua orang di Pulau Pinang.

Terima kasih!

Lim Guan Eng

-- CN --


各位来宾,早安! 欢迎来到2015年绿槟榔颁奖礼。








我们也要感谢我们的合作伙伴、协办单位及赞助商,那就是槟岛市政厅、威省市政局、 Eco-world 、Continental Automotive Components Malaysia有限公司、Infitech Machinery有限公司、Guppy Plastic Industries有限公司、Malaysian Automotive Lighting有限公司、Muda Paper Mills有限公司、瑞华集团,、依恩奥集团、马星集团、 Canon Marketing、Sandwich Multimedia、大众书局、Matahari、Jasper Promenade及Photobooth0808。