The Karpal Singh Forum 2015

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Speech by the Right Honourable Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng

The Karpal Singh Forum 2015
18 April 2015
Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang


I thank the Penang Bar Committee as Organisers of today’s inaugural Karpal Singh Forum for inviting me to attend and launch this prestigious event. Karpal’s passing has left a void in all of us, especially during deeply troubling and challenging times such as these.

From an already archaic and draconian law, the Sedition Act with its latest amendments has morphed and mutated into a juggernaut that tramples on human rights, assaults the senses and curtails the freedom of citizens of this country in every way possible. Motivated by fear – fear of speech, thought and liberalism – the powers that be, have stopped at nothing short of attempting to programme everyone into being meek and mindless robots.

I am told by the Organisers that the theme for this Forum in memory of the late Karpal Singh was chosen more than 6 months ago. Yet the timing of this event to commemorate him a year after his untimely passing has seen a flurry of events unfolding which puts the future of this country and all Malaysians at stake. Far from moving ahead as a developed nation, we have regressed further and further. The country’s rich resources have been ravished by economic bandits and ingrained potential of its people are not given the prominence they deserve. We celebrate not excellence but mediocrity, we glorify not integrity but revel in corruption and waste.

Nobody can tell us with any certainty what ‘sedition’ actually is. The definition, or rather its absence thereof, is subjective and open to various interpretations with a wide discretion given to the prosecuting authorities that creates more room for abuse and selective prosecution by the authorities.

The Federal Constitution which is supposed to be the law of the land has now taken a back seat and the previous guarantee of equal protection of every Malaysian – regardless of gender, religious belief, and ethnic origin - is slowly diminishing. In defiance of the Federal Constitution, various laws have been put in place – bulldozed through at the wee hours of the morning during the last Parliamentary sitting. Parliament is a mere rubber-stamp for the powers that be who will have us believe that these laws are for protecting the country and its citizens. But every right-thinking man, woman and even child will realise that those laws are designed to do nothing more than infringe on our human rights and personal liberties.

Users of electronic media are not spared either as there is the threat of a prohibition order which can prevent someone from using a smartphone, tablet, desktop and any other electronic device if they are found guilty posting something seditious – or rather, deemed to be seditious by the authorities who have widespread powers.

Many people feel that the Sedition Act or the Prevention of Terrorism Act and other such laws do not affect them. Perhaps it is due to a sense of apathy or ignorance. But I assure you that it does.

The oppressive amendments to the Sedition Act is an open attack on the Malaysian people in 10 key areas:-

1. Attack on fundamental human rights of freedom of speech and expression as enshrined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and even our own Federal Constitution. There used to be freedom of speech but no freedom after speech in Malaysia. With these harsh amendments, that provides sentencing of up to 20 years in prison, there will be neither freedom after speech nor freedom of speech.

2. Attack on freedom of the press, especially the online media. Clearly the amendments permit the BN government to extend its tentacles to silence and stifle the free voices in the online media, just as have they have controlled and manipulated the mainstream media;

3. Attack on the rule of law where lawyers say there was still no clarity of what amounts to "seditious tendency" in Section 3(1), but there is now a new clause of seditious tendency that is vague. Further there is no justice when no consideration is given to a youthful or first time offender.

4. Attack on the judiciary where the fixing of a minimum sentence of 3 years imprisonment, is a gross interference with judicial discretion on sentencing. Further is the government not only disrespecting but also in contempt of the judiciary by making such amendments, when it is sub judice as the issue is still pending decision by the Federal Court on whether the sedition law is constitutional.

5. Attack on parliament and the parliamentary process by delimiting the right of MPs and State Assemblymen to enjoy the right of legal immunity of anything said in the House by even prosecuting for sedition the Penang DAP ADUN for Sri Delima, YB RSN Rayer when he attacked UMNO in the Penang State Assembly. Further, BN has treated Parliament as a mere rubberstamp by bulldozing bills in the early hours of the morning and only giving short notice of less than 2 days for such an important amendment bill.

6. Attack on honourable and noble conduct of keeping one’s word and promises, especially the Prime Minister's thrice repeated promise to abolish the Sedition Act. 15/9/2011, July 2012 and 2 July 2013. Failure to keep one’s promises gives politicians a bad name, if even the Prime Minister can do it without any shame or regret.

7. Attack on Malaysia’s role in the United Nations Human Rights Council, of which Malaysia is a member. Malaysia will become a laughing stock of being a member of a UN council promoting human rights when it is stamping out freedom of expression.

8. Attack on creativity and innovation which relies on the 3Ts of Talent, Technology and Tolerance of new ideas;

9. Attack on our future where our future generation will live in a climate of fear and be silenced by fear. What difference will this future be from the box-office movie The Hunger Games, where sedition is also severely punished.

10. Attack on the opposition, which has been victimised by selective prosecution and double-standards where the enhancement of punishment under these amendments, will automatically disqualify a member of Parliament or State Assemblymen. So far 160 people have been arrested, from law professors to a cartoonist representing all sections of society! Amongst the list of DAP leaders, MPs and ADUNs charged or investigated under the Sedition Act are as follows(see attached)

People like Karpal Singh have fought tooth and nail against any form of injustice and oppression. The current and future generations must do the same. Only when there is no longer any repression and oppression can we call ourselves a truly democratic and developed country free from corruption and abuse of power.
I wish to share a quote by Albert Einstein who said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”. That is the very philosophy and mantra of Karpal Singh; how he lived his life, how he positively affected, moved and inspired those around him. Let us honour him by doing something and standing up against those who do evil.

I lastly applaud and congratulate the Penang Bar Committee for holding this Forum in memory of Karpal Singh and to carry on the good fight by educating and creating awareness among the public and society at large, especially the younger generation, as to how unjust and oppressive laws like the Sedition Act affects each and every one of us.




据我所知这项以纪念卡巴星为主题的论坛,早在6个月前已经定案。在卡巴星骤逝一年后的此时此刻,发生了许多让人们慌乱的事件,把国家及全民的未来当赌注。我们的国家离先进国还远着呢,更甚的是我们不进则退。我国的丰富资源已经被经济强盗给玷污,让理应获得照应的国民一无所得。 我们不因卓越却为庸俗而欢呼,我们不因廉洁却为沉醉在贪污与挥霍中深感荣耀。








3. 对法治造成伤害。律师现在仍不清楚在煽动法令3(1)中“煽动倾向”的意义为何?其解释模糊,令人费解。这对年轻的初犯者来说并不公平,因为后者没有给予机会辩解。

4. 对司法造成伤害。其最低3年徒刑或不准保释的惩处,对我国司法审判来说是一项严重粗暴的干涉。目前联邦法院仍在讨论煽动法是否违宪当中,政府仓促修法,是不尊重且践踏司法。

5. 对议会造成伤害。恶法生效后将夺走议员在议会上的言论免责权,国州议员不再能够畅所欲言,就像槟州民主行动党斯里德里玛区州议员雷尔,之前不过是在议会上批判巫统议员,最后却落得被警方以煽动法令调查的结果。国阵现在视国会为橡皮图章,用以通过他们想要的法案。他们在凌晨中草草了事,在这么重大的事件上,他们给予的通知却少于两天;

6. 对政治人物的操守与承诺造成伤害,特别是政府领袖。人们不再对领袖所答应的事项有所期许,因为就连首相食言也毫无悔过之意;

7. 对马来西亚在联合国人权理事会的成员国角色造成伤害。马来西亚会因为践踏言论自由而成为联合国人权理事会成员国的笑柄。

8. 对创意及革新造成伤害。创意与革新仰赖人才、科技及包容,恶法将对此产生破坏;

9. 对我们的未来及下一代造成伤害,因为我们终将生活在恐惧及被噤声的氛围当中。这就像电影《饥饿游戏》一样,一旦发现煽动,就重刑侍候;

10. 对反对党造成伤害。选择性及双重标注的指控,加上刑罚增重,会让议员自动丧失资格。目前已经160名人士被逮捕,社会各阶层人士从大学教授到漫画家皆无可幸免。附件为民主行动党领袖、国会议员、州议员在煽动法令下被控或被调查的名单。






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Selamat Petang dan Salam Sejahtera.

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan ucapan terima kasih kepada semua yang sudi hadir bagi bersama-sama menjayakan majlis yang cukup bermakna pada petang ini

Saya dapati ada sebuah sekolah Tamil di Pulau Pinang, iaitu SJKT Ladang Alma yang masih tidak mempunyai tadika lagi. Saya memandang hal ini sebagai satu kekurangan yang perlu diberikan perhatian serius. Hal ini adalah kerana pendidikan pra-sekolah adalah sangat penting bagi setiap kanak-kanak.

Tahun lepas saya diberitahu bahawa dua buah sekolah Tamil di Pulau Pinang belum mempunyai tadika dan saya telah menasihati sekolah-sekolah itu supaya bekerjasama dengan Jawatankuasa Khas Sekolah-Sekolah Tamil Pulau Pinang untuk mengatasi kekurangan itu. Kini saya dapati bahawa kelas tadika telah pun dimulakan di SJKT Ladang Transkrian dan Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang sedang membantu sekolah itu dengan membina bilik kelas tadika dan membekalkan kemudahan-kemudahan pembelajaran yang lain. Sehubungan dengan ini, sambil mengucapkan syabas kepada SJKT Transkrian. Kini kami berharap SJKT Ladang Alma akan mengambil langkah-langkah serupa.

Dalam hal ini saya meminta Kementeriaan Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) supaya membekalkan kemudahan tadika di semua sekolah Tamil di negara ini tanpa mengira aliran.

Saya dapati di negeri Pulau Pinang hanya di tujuh buah (7) sekolah sahaja kemudahan tadika disediakan oleh KPM. Di sekolah-sekolah lain tadika diuruskan oleh sama ada PIBG atau pihak swasta. Tadika-tadika ini diuruskan dengan yuran yang dikutip dari kanak-kanak. Kami tidak boleh meminta mereka supaya jangan kutip yuran kerana mereka perlukan wang untuk membayar gaji guru dan membeli bahan bacaan dan peralatan pembelajaran.

Malangnya, perlu juga diingat bahawa ramai ibu bapa yang menghantar anak mereka ke sekolah Tamil tidak mampu membayar yuran ini. Disebabkan inilah kebanyakan kanak-kanak yang mendaftar di sekolah Tamil tidak dapat menghadiri tadika. Untuk meringankan beban inilah Kerajaan Negeri mengambil keputusan untuk menghulurkan bantuan khas, RM 100,000 setahun ini.

Di sini saya juga ingin menegaskan bahawa kami tidak menghadkan sokongan, malah cuba meningkatkan prestasi tadika-tadika di sekolah Tamil dengan membekalkan komputer, printer, Alat Bantu Mengajar (ABM) dan alat permainan yang sesuai bagi kanak-kanak dan projektor LCD kepada tadika-tadika ini.

Dalam Majlis ini Kerajaan Negeri juga akan menghulurkan peruntukan khas kepada Jawatankuasa Khas Sekolah-Sekolah Tamil sebanyak RM 100,000 untuk menampung kos keperluan-keperluan kontingensi di sekolah-sekolah Tamil dan juga untuk pengembangan pendidikan Tamil di sekolah kebangsaan, sekolah menengah kebangsaan dan institusi-institusi pengajian tinggi di Pulau Pinang.

Maka, dengan bangganya saya mengumumkan jumlah wang yang diperuntukkan seperti berikut:

1. Tadika RM100,000.00

2. Tabung Khas Jawatankuasa Khas Sekolah-Sekolah Tamil RM100,000.00

Saya berharap peruntukan ini akan digunakan dengan cermat demi membantu memajukan pendidikan Tamil di negeri Pulau Pinang.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Without The Immediate Implementation Of The RM 353 Million Dredging Works To Deepen The North Channel To 15 Meters And The Low Price Paid By Seaport Terminal (Johore) Sdn Bhd, The Privatisation Of The Penang Port Can Be Misinterpreted As Another ‘Piratisa

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Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 6.4.2015.

Without The Immediate Implementation Of The RM 353 Million Dredging Works To Deepen The North Channel To 15 Meters And The Low Price Paid By Seaport Terminal (Johore) Sdn Bhd, The Privatisation Of The Penang Port Can Be Misinterpreted As Another ‘Piratisation’ Of Public Assets For Private Benefit.

Without the immediate implementation of the RM 353 million dredging works to deepen the North Channel to 15 meters to allow bigger vessels to dock Penang Port and the low price paid by Seaport Terminal (Johore) Sdn Bhd, the privatisation of the Penang Port can be easily misinterpreted as another ‘piratisation’ of public assets for private benefit. I am surprised at the low price paid for the privatisation of Penang Port to the company linked to tycoon Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, as revealed by the written reply to my parliamentary question below.

Unfortunately my question on the RM 353 million dredging project to deepen the North Channel went unanswered, indicating that the Federal government has surrendered this important requirement that was even included in the Ninth and 10th Malaysian Plan. Without deepening the depth to 15 meters, Penang Port would slowly come unstuck in shallower and shallower waters, because it is unable to handle the bigger vessels that is now the norm in sea transport requiring at least 15 meters depth.

The Penang state government is disappointed at the unhealthy silence and ominous secrecy surrounding the privatisation of Penang Port by the Federal government. Until today, there is no official announcement of the transfer of management except when the matter is raised by me in Parliament or public announcements by Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB) of a 30% rise in productivity at Penang Port (that could not be quantified into ringgit value) since it was taken over last year.

Pertanyaan Lisan

Tuan Lim Guan Eng[Bagan] minta Perdana Menteri menyatakan status penswastaan Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang serta mekanisme pengurusan, jumlah wang yang dibayar, jumlah hutang yang perlu ditanggung serta bilakah kerja pengorekan dasar laut sebanyak RM353juta untuk mendalamkannya kepada 15 meter akan dimulakan.


Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Untuk Makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, Syarikat Seaport Terminal(Johore) Sdn Bhd telah mengambil alih operasi dan pengurusan Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang termasuk pengambilalihan kakitangan pelabuhan berkenaan. Pembayaran sebanyak RM170 juta bagi tujuan pengambilalihan ekuiti juga telah dibuat oleh Syarikat Seaport Terminal (Johore) Sdn Bhd. Walaubagaimanapu, pemindahan ekuiti dari Syarikat Penang Port Sdn Bhd kepada Syarikat Seaport Terminal (Johore) Sdn Bhd masih di dalam proses kerana pihak syarikat sedang berunding dengan pihak bank-bank yang terlibat untuk menstrukturkan semula hutang PPSB yang berjumlah melebihi RM1.2bilion.

Bagi kerja-kerja pengerukan dasar laut kepada kedalaman 15 meter, ianya akan dilaksanakan berdasarkan perancangan syarikat dan keperluan daripada kapal-kapal yang berlabuh di Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang. Kerja-kerja pengerukan ini akan dipantau oleh Suruhanjaya Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang memandangkan ianya merupakan sebahagian daripada obligasi syarikat sepertimana di dalam Perjanjian Penswastaan.

Sekian, Terima Kasih

-- CN version --


再不立即推行3亿5300万令吉的北部航道海床加深至15公尺的工程,加上Seaport Terminal (Johore) 有限公司出低价,槟城港口的私营化,可以被误为另一种“强盗化”,将公共设施占为私有谋利。

再不立即推行3亿5300万令吉的北部航道海床加深至15公尺的工程,加上Seaport Terminal (Johore) 有限公司出低价,槟城港口的私营化,可以被误为另一种“强盗化”,将公共设施占为私有谋利。我对于与丹斯里赛莫达有关的公司出低价将槟城港口私有化感到惊讶,国会在书面回答中揭露此事。


槟州政府对于联邦政府在槟城港口私有化的课题上不健康的沉默及令人不安的保密感到失望。至今为止,我们没有看到任何关于管理层交接的正式宣布,除了我在国会书面提问时,或槟城港口有限公司(Penang Port Sdn Bhd, PPSB)公布槟城港口自去年被收购后其生产力提升30%(不能量化为令吉)




Syarikat Seaport Terminal(Johore)私人有限公司已经接管槟城港口的运作及管理,包括接管港口的员工。Syarikat Seaport Terminal(Johore)私人有限公司也已经支持了1亿7000万令吉以收购股票。但是,槟城港口有限公司还在办理将股票转移给Syarikat Seaport Terminal (Johore) 有限公司的手续,因为他们正与涉及的银行商讨重组槟城港口有限公司超过12亿令吉的债务。

至于加深海床至15公尺的工程, 将取决于公司的计划及停靠在槟城港口的船只的需要。海床加深计划将由槟城港务局监督,因为这是私营化协议中公司的其中一项义务。