The Yeangs Shd Bhd's Show Unit Opening

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Speech by YAB Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister on 10 Oct 2015 at The Yeangs Shd Bhd's Show Unit Opening at No 24 Cantoment Road, Penang

Good Morning and welcome to the launching of The Yeangs Sdn Bhd’s project Show Unit designed by Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang.

Dato’ Prof. Jimmy Choo, internationally renowned designer OF OUR VERY OWN from Penang is also here with us.

We should be proud to be Malaysians, especially PENANGITES because PENANG, According to Yahoo, is a place ranked as ONE OF THE 10 ISLANDS TO EXPLORE before you die.

PENANG, according to Forbes International, is a place voted 3rd best city to retire inexpensively in the world.

PENANG, according to UNESCO, is a place with harmonious MULTIRACIAL and WELL-PRESERVED HERITAGE BUILDINGS.

PENANG FOOD is second to none! According to CNN, is a place where ASSAM LAKSA is voted 7th Best Food in the world?

The list goes on and as we know Penang is a place with many expats and foreign retirees…BRITISH, AMERICAN, INDIAN, JAPANESE, KOREAN and CHINESE, and MORE are calling it home.

I’m here to promote PENANG to the world, as PENANG is voted to be one of the most liveable cities in the world.

And are you aware that PENANG is to be our first green state in Malaysia with the first no free plastic bags, ban on polystyrene boxes and the highest recycling rate in Malaysia at 32%

Y-CANTONMENTS houses are GBI-Gred rated

- Bioclimatic or climate responsive,

- Low energy, 

- Rainwater harvesting,

- Natural daylight, passive solar shading,

- Water saving features.

ACHIEVING A GOLD RATING by GBI (GREEN BUILDING INDEX) is a great achievement by Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang, 



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主席 :章瑛行政议员




- 任期为3年,即 2015年10月9日 起至2018年10月9日。

- 委员会的操作已趋向行政式的操作,不像刚开始般繁复,因此,人数也从16人减至11人,都以个人身份受委。

- 教育部“停止聘请母语班教师”(POL)在国小和国中做为撙节措施之一是不明智的举措,无形中剥夺了学生学习母语的权利。这种舍本逐末的措施不但对国家经济发展毫无帮助,还影响目前在上母语班的教师和学生,可见国阵领袖的无能,只知道在非常时期向人民开刀,把应该承担的责任当作一种施舍。

- 根据联邦宪法第152(1)(a)條文,即除了官方用途,沒有人可以阻止任何人使用、教导和学习其他語文,教育部的宣布间接致使一些学生无法上母语班,这样有违联邦宪法。

- 我认为,只有严打贪污滥权,才能真正稳住我国的经济发展。 国家银行总裁丹斯里洁蒂也曾表示,只有在一马发展公司(1MDB)的问题获得解决后, 马币汇率才有望回弹。

- 另一方面,我呼吁身为国阵成员之一的马华和民政向槟州政府看齐,宣布无条件承认统考文凭,聘用独中统考生为公务员。 槟州政府早在2008年就无条件聘用独中统考生在政府权限下的州政府子公司担任高职,即聘用统考生邓晓璇为槟州绿色机构的总经理,因此,我希望马华和民政能为独中生争取。

- 针对单源流教育因巫统喉舌《马来西亚前锋报》的炒作而再次引起热议一事,我希望马华总会长廖中莱除了谴责,更应以最实际行动来证明,不要再让类似的煽动性言论破坏国家和平。马华部长是否有在内阁里纠正副首相阿末扎希发表“多源流教育阻碍国民团结”的言论是违联邦宪法第152(1)(a)條文?

- 这些年以来,虽然资源有限,州政府依然坚持制度化拨款给全槟125间学校,即华小、国民型中学和教会学校,还有5所独中。至今已拨出约5600万令吉的制度化给这些学校。除了制度化拨款,州政府至今已宣布拨逾43依格的地段给华校供发展用途,受惠的有恒毅中小学、直落公芭养正小学、威南日新中学、明德正校、益华小学、峇六拜中山小学、中华孔圣庙中学、北海光华小学及时中正校等。

- 除此之外,州政府也扮演桥梁向联邦政府反映州内华校所面对的问题,当中包括师资不足及独中文凭不受承认等课题。我们多次呼吁联邦政府以人民的利益为重,可是7年后的今天华教课题依然没有解决,制度化拨款也迟迟没有落实。最让人不满的是,一些不负责任的政治人物反而还发表“消灭华小”的煽动性言论,企图将教育政治化、种族化和极端化。

- 这些国阵的领袖的言行举止让人不敢恭维,所以,不难明白为何我国的大学无法挤进世界大学排名中的100大。


- 另外,我在此宣布槟州政府2016年的制度化拨款即日起公开给全槟125间学校,包括独中、华小、国民型中学和教会学校申请,所有的学校可以通过网上申请系统E-sumbangan Sekolah Pulau Pinang提出申请,截止日期为11月21日。

- 槟州华校事务协调委员会秘书处已于本月8日寄出申请指南给州内的125所华小、国民型中学、教会学校及5所独中。同时也将在10月15日、16日及19日举办6场的网上申请讲解课程和简报会,协助校方上网申请。

- 我希望各校能给予合作,尽快在截止日期前呈上申请和所需文件,以便能在华协会能在明年年头完成分发拨款的工作。

- 任何疑问请致电给首长特别助理兼华协会秘书沈佩蓉017-5910366或04-6505558或电邮This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.询问。


Official Opening of Bandar Sri Pinang Hawker Centre and Market

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Speech by Y.A.B. Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang

Official Opening of Bandar Sri Pinang Hawker Centre and Market

9 October 2015 

First and foremost, I would like to thank IJM for inviting me to officiate the opening of Bandar Sri Pinang Hawker Centre and Market.

The State Government welcomes this from the developer, which is part of their obligation to provide a Hawker Centre and Market to serve the nearby community as well as Penangites.

I understand that the concept of the market is slightly different than other wet markets. The dry and wet areas are in different sections, live fishes and prawns are displayed in aquariums and purchases will be check-out at the cashier. This provides customers the convenience of purchasing livestock and commodities in a hypermarket-like environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are very pleased that IJM has transformed this quiet, sleepy town which used to be a fisherman’s village into a vibrant and exciting area. With the addition of Bandar Sri Pinang Hawker Centre and Market with Development Cost of RM8.5 million and 15-years lease period, the Penang State Government is proud to say that this is another good example of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) whereby the local council owns this area, while the private sector runs it.

Moreover, the nicely constructed pedestrian walkway and bicycle track along Karpal Singh Drive has attracted many people who frequent the area for leisure walks, cycling and family gatherings. This complements the lively Maritime, a F&B and entertainment hub which completes the whole Jelutong Waterfront.

Last but not least, I would like to again congratulate IJM and MBPP for the Official Opening of Bandar Sri Pinang Hawker Centre and Market.

Thank you.