Launch Of B. Braun Genetics Week

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Speech By Chief Minister Of Penang
At The Launch Of B. Braun Genetics Week
26 September 2016

Good morning.
I am delighted to join all of you at the launch of the B. Braun Genetics Week. First, let me begin by thanking B. Braun for always generously contributing to build the future of the youth of Penang. This time, B.Braun is stepping forward in a unique way to organize Genetics Workshops, run by a world-class German University, to inspire our youths and generate interest in the Genetic Sciences.

I understand that 248 students from the ages of 10 to 18 from 14 primary and secondary schools on Penang island and the mainland will be taking part in these Genetics Workshops. Why I sincerely appreciate B. Braun’s effort is because in 2009, the new Penang State Government then were made keenly aware that a key factor for Penang’s economic growth and success lies in the strength of our human talent, especially those specializing in the areas of science and technical-based subjects. We were alarmed at that time when we were told that interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, S.T.E.M., was fast declining among our students. The PISA rankings even put our 15 year Malaysian students behind Thailand and Vietnam.

We had to arrest that decline. So, the Penang State Government, schools and private sector companies formed a partnership in 2010 to promote science education and inspire the spirit of innovation among Penangites, especially among the young. The outcome of that public-private partnership is the Penang Science Cluster, which remains highly dynamic and continues to break new ground today.
Over the past 6 years since its inception, many initiatives have been successfully implemented under the banner of the Penang Science Cluster to spur interest in the STEM subjects, such as the Penang International Science Fair and the STEM education centres, also called the Science Cafes, which are bringing a positive impact to hundreds of schools, and thousands of students across the state, both on the island and the mainland.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are sitting in one of the STEM Science Cafes - the Penang Science Cafe @ Heritage which was inaugurated just last December last year, it has since become an Oasis of Learning for those thirsty for scientific knowledge, who comes through its door. As the Pillar Lead for Life Sciences and Medical Health under the Penang Science Cluster, B. Braun has generated a strong interest in the Biomedical Sciences through these Genetics Workshops.

Genetics is still a new, relatively unknown and largely untapped frontier of science in Malaysia. There are opportunities in basic and clinical research, in medical professions, even in patent law, agriculture, marine biology, food, education and the environment. If you watch the TV series, CSI, you will know that none of the cases could be solved without expertise in genetics! As genetic testing becomes more common, and a part of many routine medical evaluations, more laboratory geneticists will be needed to perform the tests, clinicians and counselors will be needed to interpret and explain the results to individuals and families, and doctors will be needed to treat them. The career options available to those trained in genetics are countless, and more importantly, geneticists can make a difference in the lives of people and society, through their discoveries.

As Penang grows its biomedical industry, we see a convergence with the existing world-class electronics cluster. Penang can become a leading knowledge cluster in Malaysia with our 3 T's of talent, technology and tolerance of new ideas. We are fortunate that B. Braun is willing to lend a hand to realise this aspiration.
Thank you.



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Selamat pagi dan salam sejahtera

Terlebih dahulu, marilah kita memanjatkan kesyukuran kerana dapat berhimpun bersama-sama dalam majlis perasmian Sains Corner @ PPAPP ini.

Penubuhan Sains Corner @ PPAPP adalah satu inisiatif yang amat bertepatan dengan agenda negeri dalam memartabatkan lagi bidang sains, teknologi dan matematik di negeri ini.

Pulau Pinang tidak mempunyai pilihan lain selain terpaksa melibatkan diri dalam Revolusi Industri ke empat sekiranya kita tidak mahu ketinggalan dalam industri “kilang pintar” yang akan jadi teras teknologi masa depan. Seperti mana yang kita semua sedia maklum, Revolusi Industri yang pertama adalah dengan penciptaan enjin stim (the 1 st Industrial Revolution happened with the invention of steam engines). Revolusi industri yang kedua pula adalah dengan penemuan pengeluaran elektrik secara besar-besaran dan pengkhususan kerja (the 2nd Industrial Revolution with the discovery of electricity of mass production and specialisation of work). Revolusi industri yang ketiga adalah penciptaan komputer dan internet (the 3 rd Industrial Revolution with the invention of computers and internet) manakala Revolusi Industri yang keempat adalah yang berkisar tentang Big Data Analytics (BDA), Cloud Computing dan Internet of Things (IoT) (the 4 th Industrial Revolution revolves around the Big Data Analystics (BDA), Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT)).

Suka saya maklumkan bahawa PPAPP merupakan Perpustakaan Awam pertama di Malaysia yang menawarkan kemudahan teknologi kepada masyarakat, dan ia semestinya menjadi satu kebanggaan kepada kita.

Sains Corner @ PPAPP dilengkapi dengan peralatan dan perkakasan robotik, komputer dan rangkaian yang membolehkan pengguna meneroka dimensi baru dalam dunia sains. PPAPP telah menjalinkan kerjasama dengan Penang Science Cluster dan Cytron Technologies dalam memberikan latihan pembangunan pengaturcaraan dan pengekodan robot-robot tersebut.

Buat permulaan, sebanyak 13 buah kit robot yang disediakan dan pengguna berpeluang untuk mengakses kit robot tersebut berserta sukatan pelajaran atas talian yang direka khas bagi mempelajari konsep asas dan proses pembangunan robot.

Terdapat 106 pusat perkhidmatan di seluruh negeri Pulau Pinang dan saya rasakan masyarakat perlu mengambil peluang ini untuk menggunakan sepenuhnya perkhidmatan yang disediakan. Hari ini bahan bacaan bukan hanya datang dalam bentuk bercetak, tetapi dalam pelbagai format seperti seperti e-book sebanyak 1800 judul, e-newspaper dalam dua bahasa, jurnal atas talian yang dapat diakses dengan gajet pintar, bahan braille dan Tactile (yang menggabungkan tulisan dan bentuk yang boleh disentuh) yang mampu memenuhi gaya kehidupan masing-masing.

Saya mengharapkan selepas Sains Corner @ PPAPP ini, banyak lagi program-program atau pembaharuan yang akan diketengahkan oleh PPAPP. Dengan ini saya merasmikan Sains Corner @ PPAPP. Terima kasih.



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24th September 2016, 9am @ Esplanade

I wish you all a very good morning and thank you for being present here at the unveiling of two new freshly painted Buddy Bears, representing Penang and Malaysia.

These two new Buddy Bears will now join the rest of the UNITED BUDDY BEARS at the Penang Esplanade until 30th October. Yes indeed, the UNITED BUDDY BEARS shall continue promoting tolerance and understanding… peace and unity, in spite of the challenges faced during the start of this exhibition.

As you are already aware, the UNITED BUDDY BEARS from Berlin arrived in Penang, just in time for the National Day celebration and saw through the Malaysia Day celebration. Aside from these two national celebrations, the UNITED BUDDY BEARS is also organised in conjunction with Visit Penang Year. At a cost of RM862,000, it is presented by the Penang State Government for free to the public. We thank PGT and MBPP for their co-operation. And it has been really overwhelming to see visitors from near and far coming to see the display at all hours of the day and night, rain or shine.

A Buddy Bear Design Contest was organised at the start of this exhibition where today’s two new additions are the winning creation of the contest. The contest was open to Malaysians from 12 years old and above. Shortlisted designs were then posted on Facebook for an open voting by the public. My heartiest congratulations to Kenny Lee Ooi Meng who succeeded in this Buddy Bear Design Contest. Hailing from Bukit Tengah, but currently residing in KL, Kenny’s winning design features our multicultural community living in harmony, local food, heritage architecture as well as unique modes of transport like the ferry and trishaw.

The Malaysia Buddy Bear will join the rest of the UNITED BUDDY BEARS and travel on world tours arranged by the organiser E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd. Whereas the Penang Buddy Bear will remain in Penang at a suitable place where public can still have access to view it anytime.

Before ending my speech, my heartfelt congratulations again to the winner, Kenny Lee. Thank you and have a pleasant evening.