Penang Automall Pakelo Lubricants Autofest 2014 - Street Challenge

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Speech by Penang Chief Minister 

Penang Automall Pakelo Lubricants Autofest 2014 - Street Challenge

Automall, Persiaran Karpal Singh

14 September 2014 (Sunday), 12.30pm

Good afternoon, Salam Bahagia and Salam Bersih.


It is a great pleasure to be invited here today to officiate this special event, and to share a few words before the roaring start of The Pakelo Lubricants Autofest Street Challenge 2014 at the newly named Karpal Singh Drive. This, ladies and gentlemen, the return of the four wheel auto racing to the streets of Penang after a 20 year hiatus is another historic milestone for auto racing in Penang. 


Younger generations may not know this but the State has been a popular venue of the Penang Circuit Races back in the 70’s and 80’s. Back in the days when we see sandbags put up around the Esplanade area means the races are back in town, and it got our adrenaline all worked up. Today, with the dedication of many fine men and contributions from various corporations in Penang, we are all fortunate to again feast our eyes on the excitement that is about to begin.


We could see that the popularity of this form of motorsport is growing fast, and that is because of its ease of accessibility, and relatively low cost of participation. The Pakelo Autofest 2014 - Street Challenge offers the perfect venue for young, avid racers to show off their skills and mental mettle in a comparatively safer environment under the supervision of professionals.


I was duly informed that the highlight of today’s event is the auto gymkhana. It is no less historic where you will witness it being held for the first time on a street along Persiaran Karpal Singh. The term auto gymkhana might be less familiar to some, and to shed some light it is a form of autocross, and the goal is for the driver to memorize the course to achieve the fastest time possible. It is to test not only the car’s performance but also the driver's physical skills and mental concentration in navigating their way around the course.


Finally, I wish to congratulate the organizer Pakelo and LCT Oilmaster Sdn Bhd and Automall for a job well done, may the day be as fabulous as the event for all of us. Thank you for having me, salam sejahtera and have a great day.


Flag Off Ceremony of Journey of Hope Charity Fun Ride @ Padang Kota Lama

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Speech by Y.A.B. Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister 

On 14th September 2014  @ 7.00am

at the Flag Off Ceremony of Journey of Hope Charity Fun Ride 

@ Padang Kota Lama ( Seaside near Basketball Court)


Cycling has becoming the new cool sport in Penang for several years and today, Junior Chamber International Entrepreneur Metropolitan has make this healthy sport a central piece of their charity drive.


Journey of Hope Charity Fun Ride, is one of the major fund raising activities for the “Hearts for Hope Partners against Poverty Program”. This is the 4th year Hearts for Hope Program is hosted to raise funds to provide education supplies for underprivileged students from 10 selected schools in Penang State open to all regardless of race. This program has adopted more than 600 students so far. 


The state government has provided full support to Hearts for Hope all these 4 years and we are proud that JCI E-Metro Hearts for Hope Program was awarded the Best Local Project of the World from Junior Chamber International in 2013. 

Thanks to all the cyclists who has registered for Journey of Hope Charity Fun Ride to help the underprivileged students in Penang. 


Poverty Ends when Educations Begins. 


Sekian Terima Kasih. 



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