TechMentor Radio Telescope Program

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Speech by Chief Minister of Penang
In TechMentor Radio Telescope Program
on 13 October 2017

Good afternoon!

I am very happy to be here today to launch Penang Science Cluster’s TechMentor Radio Telescope Program. This is the exactly the type of program that makes me proud to be part of Penang.

Why do I say that?

This Radio Telescope program is put together by many parties working together to help inspire our next generation.

Firstly, our community of Penangites, volunteers brought together by their passion for astronomy and expertise in their respective fields. And, when I mean expertise, I really do mean experts, because in this team of volunteers, we have 7 PhDs! This group of volunteers worked together with interns from UTAR in Kampar to develop the hardware prototype, software program and testing. Once the prototype was proven functional, the team, aided by other volunteers from Industry, designed the final version suitable for our secondary school students.

That was just the hardware and software platform. In parallel to this, this team of volunteers, fueled only by coffee at Penang Science Café, developed the curriculum that allows secondary school students to start exploring the universe with optical astronomy followed by radio astronomy and then, enter the world of measurement with the construction of the Radio Telescope.

Many of you have frequently hear of me promoting PPP, Private-Public-Public-Partnership, working towards a common objective. It looks like in Penang Science Cluster Radio Telescope Program is the best example of PPP.

My appreciations also goes to Keysight Technologies for sponsoring the first 5 schools. Students in SMK Heng Ee, Chung Ling, St Xaviers, Penang Free School, and Phor Tay thanks Keysight Technologies for your sponsorship. I would like to encourage companies to sponsor more schools.

When the State Government started Penang Science Cluster together with industry captains 8 years ago, I expected good results from PSC. But I certainly did not expect the immense impact and diversity of programs that PSC has delivered promoting STEM in Penang.

With this, I would like to officially launch Penang Science Cluster’s TechMentor Radio Telescope Program.

Thank you.