30 JULY 2020


YB Prof. Dr. Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy

Deputy Chief Minister (II) of Penang

YB Chong Eng

Penang State EXCO for Women and Family Development, Gender Inclusiveness and Non-Islamic Religious Affairs

YB Dato’ Haji Abdul Halim bin Haji Hussain
Penang State EXCO for Domestic & International Trade, Consumer Affairs & Entrepreneurship Development

YB Sim Tze Tzin

Member of Parliament for Bayan Baru

Dato’ YJ Lim

Plexus APAC President

Honored Guests

Fellow recipients

Members of the media

Ladies and gentlemen

Good evening.

First and foremost, on behalf of the Penang State Government and the ‘E-Learning Computer Program’ task force, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude towards Plexus Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. for their kind support towards our E-Learning initiative.

Well as all of us are aware, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on all segments of the population and is particularly detrimental to members of those social groups in the most vulnerable situations. Its effects and aftermath are expected to continue for some time even after the situation stabilizes. As mentioned by Dato’ Lim in his speech earlier, it is therefore important for us to find ways of adapting to the new norms and to mitigate the adverse effects it brings.

One lesson that we have learnt from this unforeseen pandemic is to always prepare ourselves for any unexpected situations. As such, as a state that has always prioritized human capital growth, we have set up the 'E-Learning Computer Program' task force dedicated to developing the education sector in the new normal. We are pleased that since the initiation of the 'E-Learning Computer Program' in May, we have received strong support from the private sectors with companies like Plexus stepping in to contribute to our efforts.

I am delighted to note that, to date, we have received and refurbished a total of 152 units of laptops and desktop computers that will soon be collected by the eligible students.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and as Penang progresses into the fourth industrial revolution, we are expecting a surge in our needs for good talents in Science and Technology. The industry is evolving rapidly, the manufacturing sector is no longer what you have seen in the past and the electronic manufacturing sector is now capable of handling even more sophisticated products. Take Plexus as an example, the company is involved from designing to manufacturing, and even after market services for many high-end products, including robotic surgery devices, ultrasound machines and pace makers.

This means that more and more job opportunities, both technical and non-technical, are being created for our younger generation. For this very reason, the State Government has been working diligently to nurture young talents that can fit into the industry needs going forward. Last year, we partnered with Plexus Penang to set up the first two MakerLabs in Penang Mainland and, looking at its successful partnership outcome, we hope to see even more industry players coming forward to join us in our efforts.

We are confident that, together with strong support from the private sector, we will be able to successfully develop the education sector and continue to guide and nurture our young talents.

Finally, to the young recipients who are with us here today, I hope that you will understand that these laptops given to you is not just a learning device, but also a tool for you to explore into the unlimited possibilities in the future. I hope that you will make full use of what has been sponsored to you and continue to excel in your education.

Thank you.

Pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Tingkat 28, KOMTAR, 10502, George Town, Pulau Pinang