The Launch Of Techfest 2022

Speech By The Chief Minister Of Penang

YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow

For The Launch Of Techfest 2022


14 September 2022


Dr Sean Seah,

PIKOM Chairman

Dato Loo Li Lian,

Chief Executive Officer, Invest Penang

Mr Tony Yeoh,

Chief Executive Office, Digital Penang

Madam Catherine Lian,

Techest 2022 Organizing Chair

PIKOM Council

TechFest 2022 Partners and sponsors

Members of the Press

Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you PIKOM for inviting me to launch TechFest 2022. It is my pleasure to be part of this great event which will not only enhance the image of Penang as a regional, if not global, hub of innovation and technology. Of equal importance, I believe it will be a catalyst, for technology-related businesses as well as tourism-related economic activities.

On the same token, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all our guests, delegates, and exhibitors. For those of you who are from other parts of Malaysia and from foreign countries, Welcome to Penang! Selamat Datang ke Pulau Pinang!

Ladies and gentlemen,

PIKOM Chairman Mr Sean Seah mentioned the fact that TechFest 2022 will enable visitors to gain exposure to a multitude of innovations, progress and the future of technology that will influence lifestyle and business.

I would like to add that such an exposure is most appropriate and timely, against the backdrop of the necessary adaption of the New Normal into our lifestyles in the post COVID-19 pandemic.

The global pandemic for the past 2 years opened our eyes on the marvels of technology and quickened our pace towards digitalization. It is now time for us to harness deeper on our digitalization skills and our understanding on how technology works to do much more in the key areas that will determine our economic survival and growth.

Hence, I am most confident that through TechFest 2022, our participants will be able to gain a better understanding on new technologies and innovations, that they can leverage on, and catch a glimpse of emerging and future technologies.

This ‘educating’ element in TechFest 2022 certainly augurs well with the efforts of the Penang state government to create an inclusive digital society, which is pivotal in our Penang2030 Vision of “A Family-Focused Green and Smart State That Inspires the Nation”, as outlined in the Penang Digital Transformation Masterplan (or simply known as the DTMP) 1.0 (2021-2023) document.

In developing the DTMP, we acknowledge the fact that digitalization is an experience and for the people, they must ‘feel’ the benefits of using technology to improve and enhance how they learn, work, live and play. I see TechFest 2022 is an ideal platform for the people to get that ‘feel’ on the benefits of technology.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The DTMP is not only about transforming the community or society we find ourselves in. The Masterplan takes a holistic approach towards the Digital Transformation of Penang and also includes strategic plans to transform the other aspects namely; our governance, the economy, and crucial infrastructure – all working in tandem for the betterment of our lifestyle and livelihood.

Similarly, those entrusted to implement the strategic plans contained in the DTMP should also make efforts to get the ‘feel’ of technology at TechFest 2022. I cannot stress enough here that it is most crucial to gain an understanding and an insight on new and emerging technologies which would be beneficial for future planning. Future planning here not only means how we chart our daily life but also refers to how we live our lives in the future that we can’t escape from.

For Penang-based tech companies and start-ups, I believe TechFest 2022 also offers business opportunities to showcase your products, technologies and innovations to potential buyers and investors. This is a great boost to the presence of our local and international leaders on technology to gain market exposure for your offerings at domestic, regional, and global levels.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Penang celebrates the 50th anniversary of our industrialisation journey which began in the 1970s with the establishment of the free trade industrial zone in Bayan Lepas. Since then, Penang has grown to be recognised as a global manufacturing hub of electrical and electronics products and later, as the “Silicon Valley of the East”, with the strong presence of multinational silicon chip manufacturers. With the DTMP, we now look forward to becoming a powerhouse in the digital economic era.

Before I end here, I would like to thank PIKOM once again for the invitation to me to be part of TechFest 2022. On behalf of the Penang State Government, I would like to express our heartfelt pleasure we derived in this partnership with PIKOM.

I believe this is an excellent example of how a State Government and its agencies can collaborate with the industry for mutual benefits. Perhaps, it is not too much to suggest that other State governments should also look into having similar collaborations with the industry for the good of all stakeholders.  

With that, it is now my honour to officially launch TechFest 2022 and congratulations for having done a great job!


Pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Tingkat 28, KOMTAR, 10502, George Town, Pulau Pinang