21 AUGUST 2023, 3PM

Good evening and Salam Malaysia Madani.

Today, we gather on this significant occasion to honour the remarkable history of Penang Hill Railway as we unveil the Penang Hill Railway Centenary Commemorative Stamp. I am deeply honoured to stand before you as we commemorate a century of this iconic railway's existence and the enduring legacy it has left behind.

The Penang Hill Railway, a symbol of progress and unity, embarked on its inaugural journey on the 21st of October 1923. Today, we stand at the threshold of its 100th year, reflecting on the memories, transformation, and unity it has brought to our community. This 100-year voyage is merely the opening chapter of a legacy that will continue to inspire generations yet to come.

In reverence of this remarkable centenary, PHC has launched a series of captivating programmes throughout the year. These include the 100th Anniversary Special Edition Fast Lane Funicular Ticket, the ‘The Great Hill' book, informative exhibitions, and a host of forthcoming initiatives, including a Commemorative Book and Revitalising Penang Hill Book, as well as the Vivid Penang Hill art programme.

These initiatives have been thoughtfully curated to not only commemorate this significant milestone but also to enhance the profound significance of the celebration, inviting everyone to delve into the captivating history and enduring legacy of this iconic landmark.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The celebration has been heightened through a remarkable collaboration between PHC and Pos Malaysia, dedicated to preserving our heritage and sharing the story through the art of philately.

On this day, we unveil to the public the special edition Commemorative Stamps and First-Day Covers of Penang Hill Railway, which stands as one of the main highlights of this centenary celebration.

This collection proudly displays a beautiful design and represents a remarkable set of items, including three differently designed funicular stamps, first-day covers, a miniature sheet, a postcard, and a folder. It captures and symbolises the significant moments of the Penang Hill Railway's century-long journey.

The main artwork features the three distinctive generations of the funicular: the first-generation wooden funicular, which operated from 1923 to 1977; the red and white second-generation funicular operated from 1977 to 2010; and the single-track third-generation funicular, which has been running since 2011 until now.

The century-old iconic funicular holds more than historical significance; it also serves as a gateway to the recently designated Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve, recognised as Malaysia's third UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

This designation emphasises the importance of preserving and conserving its distinctive biodiversity, as well as its natural and historical heritage, for the benefit of future generations.

Additionally, visitors are encouraged to explore the Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff to learn more about Penang Hill through its Funicular, Biodiversity, Heritage, and Culture galleries.

Ladies and gentlemen,

With that in mind, it is important for us to commemorate this historical significance through this commemorative stamp, where the three generations of the funicular have been captured. Each stamp carries a piece of the past while celebrating the present.

I am delighted to announce that these commemorative stamps and first-day covers will be available at selected post offices nationwide from 22nd August 2023 onwards, priced at RM64.20 for each complete set.

This collection is more than just a mere assortment of stamps; it is a commemorative item linking the past to our shared future, enabling everyone to own a piece of this cherished memorabilia.

The journey to this momentous launch has been one of dedication and teamwork. The tireless efforts of both PHC and Pos Malaysia in crafting these stamp designs have borne fruit. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Pos Malaysia for their tremendous support and commitment in bringing this dream to realisation.

As we unveil the Penang Hill Centenary Celebration Commemorative Stamp, I invite each and every one of you to join and share in this important occasion.

Let us seize this opportunity to grasp a piece of Penang's legacy – one that serves as an enduring reminder of our history – and to share the story of Penang Hill Railway with the world.

Thank you.

Pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Tingkat 28, KOMTAR, 10502, George Town, Pulau Pinang