7 October 2023 | 12.00PM
COEX @ Kilang Besi, 123 Jalan Timah

Ar. Liou Hung Woei
Founder of MinitAgo

Mr Eddy Eau
CEO of MinitAgo

Dato’ Khoo Boo Lim
Brand Ambassador

Mr. Richard Wilson

Foreign Investor

Mr Ken Khor

Local Investor

Media Friends


Ladies & Gentlemen,

A very good afternoon to all of you.

Today marks an extraordinary moment in the vibrant tapestry of Penang's innovation and progress. We have gathered here to celebrate the launch of MinitAgo, an exceptional homegrown creation that holds within its digital embrace the promise of transforming our beloved island state. I believe MinitAgo will not only benefit our community but also align seamlessly with our objective for rapid growth and the realization of the Penang2030 Vision.

MinitAgo, as the very first of its kind in Malaysia, stands as a testament to the inventive spirit that thrives within our own Penang. This picture-mapping platform takes the ubiquitous 'LIKE' and transcends it, transforming it into tangible value. But its significance extends far beyond the digital realm; it resonates deeply with our local community.

From my understanding of the Apps, MinitAgo places the heart of our community at its core. By mapping ongoing happenings in real-time, it serves as a digital chronicle of the moments, experiences, and gems that make Penang so special. It is a platform that empowers every Penangite to not only appreciate these gems but also contribute to our collective narrative. It connects businesses and individuals, fostering a sustainable ecosystem where local entrepreneurs can thrive.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

To catch up with today's rapidly evolving digital landscape and the economic opportunities it offers, the Penang state government is adamant in leading the way towards the revival of the State’s urban core. This is done by nurturing a dynamic digital ecosystem that gathers forward-looking entrepreneurs or technopreneurs, tech start-ups, software companies and digital services.

In order to spearhead the development of this digital entrepreneurship sector, the Penang state government has come up with several initiatives of which the Creative Digital District (CD2) features most prominently in Phase II of the Penang2030 Vision, which is Accelerating Penang2030.

Creative Digital District (CD2) @ Georgetown is located in the strategic heart of Penang and spans across 113 acres which functions as a digital financial and educational hub, surrounded by wholesome cuisines which Penang is famous for as well as exciting cultural sites. It serves as a focal point for modern technology and the creative arts and it has already attracted leading companies such as BlueSkies, Angkasa-X and SecurityMetrics to set up their offices there.

Hence, I am happy to note what MinitAgo achieves today actually captures the very essence of our digital culture. It offers accessibility and real-time engagement, catering to the preferences and habits of a tech-savvy generation. In doing so, it complements the State Government’s efforts to position Penang at the forefront of the digital age, aligning seamlessly with our aspirations for growth and technological advancement.

I also take this opportunity to welcome MinitAgo’s foreign investor who flew to Penang all the way from Australia to attend this official launch of the Apps. Your participation not only underscores the global appeal and potential of this innovative platform but also opens up avenues for international collaboration and partnership. This is a further testament to Penang's attractiveness as a hub for tech investment and innovation.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

MinitAgo is not just an app; it is a vision, a commitment, and a bridge to a brighter future for Penang. It empowers our community, embraces the digital age, attracts global investment, and bolsters our aspirations for a Smart City under the auspices of the Penang2030 Vision. It reminds us that innovation and progress are not distant dreams but living realities that we, as a community, can shape and celebrate together.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to the visionary minds behind MinitAgo, to the investors who have shown faith in our potential, and to every Penangite who will make this platform a part of their daily lives.

Together, let us embark on this exciting journey, as we map our moments, celebrate our gems, and build a brighter, happier, and more prosperous future for Penang.

Thank you.

Pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Tingkat 28, KOMTAR, 10502, George Town, Pulau Pinang