Yang Berhormat Jagdeep Singh Deo

Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang


Yang Berhormat Wong Hon Wai

Penang State EXCO for Tourism and Creative Economy


Yang Berbahagia Datuk Loh Kian Chong

Executive Chairman of Oriental Holdings Bhd. and Hotel Owner


Mr. Alfred Chew

Executive Director of BSG Property Sdn. Bhd.


Mr. Yaep Chin Yee

Executive Director of BSG Property Sdn. Bhd.


Mr. Mark Saw

Executive Director of Knight Frank Malaysia


Mr. Ramesh Jackson

Area Vice President – Indonesia & Malaysia, Marriott International


Mr. Subash Basrur

Complex General Manager of Penang Marriott Hotel, Marriott Executive Apartments Penang & Marriott Residences Penang

Tourism Partners,

Distinguished guests,

Members of the media,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon.

I am truly honoured to address you today on the auspicious occasion of the grand opening of the Penang Marriott Hotel. This event marks a significant milestone in our journey towards progress and prosperity, reflecting the dedication and vision of many individuals and organizations who have contributed to the realization of this magnificent establishment.

Penang, renowned as a jewel in Malaysia's crown, is cherished for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality. Accordingly, the State Government remains steadfast in its commitment to positioning Penang as the premier tourist destination in the country. We have undertaken various transformative projects such as the North Seafront Masterplan, Penang Hill Cable Car Project, and Penang Transport Master Plans, which are visionary endeavours designed to create a sustainable and vibrant future for our beloved state.

These initiatives, coupled with events like the George Town Festival, Penang Hill Festival, and Penang Bridge International Marathon among others, are integral components of our efforts to showcase Penang's unique offerings to the world.

Beyond the well-known attractions, Penang boasts hidden treasures awaiting discovery, such as The Other Side of the Island in Balik Pulau and Teluk Bahang, as well as The Opposite Side of the Island in Seberang Perai. These locales epitomize the natural beauty and agricultural abundance that define our region, beckoning both locals and visitors to explore and revel in our diverse landscapes.

Furthermore, Penang is evolving with exciting new attractions, including the Penang Waterfront Convention Centre (PWCC), Fort Cornwallis, and the upgraded Penang State Museum. The visionary RM247 million seaside park project, Gurney Bay, is set to redefine waterfront leisure, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of our state.

The State Government is also grateful for the RM25.0 million allocation from the Federal Government for the conservation and management of George Town's UNESCO World Heritage Site. This funding plays a crucial role in preserving the historical excellence of this site, focusing on the repair and conservation of Category I and II heritage buildings, upgrading pedestrian infrastructure, and supporting community-based cultural initiatives, that aims to propel Penang to greater heights.

I must say, our optimism is grounded in tangible progress, as Penang showcased remarkable resilience in 2023, welcoming nearly 7 million passenger arrivals — an impressive recovery rate of 84.14% compared to pre-pandemic levels. This achievement underscores Penang's enduring appeal as a premier destination for travellers worldwide.

Moreover, Penang's emergence as a preferred port of call for cruise liners has further solidified our state's position on the global tourism map. In the past year, we witnessed a significant surge in cruise tourism, as we welcomed 573,178 international tourists, reflecting a significant increase of 39.82% compared to 2019. This indeed enhances Penang's global visibility and creates new opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and cultural exchange within our local communities.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As we embark on this journey of progress, sustainability, and cultural preservation, it is vital to acknowledge the collective efforts of all stakeholders involved. The Penang Marriott Hotel stands as a testament to our aspirations for hospitality and guides us toward a future where progress harmonizes with tradition.

The development of the Penang Marriott Hotel holds immense potential for the economic, social, and cultural advancement of our state. Through its 223 rooms, it provides valuable employment opportunities across various roles, contributing to the well-being of our residents and enriching their lives.

Moreover, the hotel's presence elevates Penang's tourism sector, attracting domestic and international visitors with its luxurious accommodations, cutting-edge facilities, and exceptional service standards. This influx of tourists will bolster tourism revenue and solidify Penang's status as a premier travel destination.

The Penang Marriott Hotel also serves as a catalyst for investment and economic growth within our local community. By fostering strategic alliances between local enterprises and international hospitality giants, the hotel creates a ripple effect that positively impacts various sectors of our economy.

Additionally, as a vibrant nexus for cultural exchange and collaboration, the hotel facilitates events, conferences, and exhibitions, providing a conducive environment for individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries to converge, fostering dialogue, innovation, and mutual understanding.

Last but not least, the Penang Marriott Hotel underscores our commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism practices. Through eco-friendly initiatives and the promotion of local culture and heritage, the hotel ensures that our developmental endeavours are socially conscious and environmentally sustainable, safeguarding Penang's intrinsic charm for generations to come.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Marriott International team, the developers, and all contributors to the realization of this remarkable project. The future of Penang is bright, promising boundless opportunities, thriving culture, and the enduring spirit that continues to inspire generations.

To that end, together, let us continue to build a future where opportunity knows no bounds, where culture thrives, and where the spirit of Penang continues to inspire generations to come, in keeping with the Penang2030 vision.

With that said, I thank you all, and wish Penang Marriott Hotel every success.


Pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Tingkat 28, KOMTAR, 10502, George Town, Pulau Pinang