YB Dato’ Haji Abdul Halim bin Haji Hussain

Penang State Executive Councilor for Trade, Industry & Entrepreneur Development

Ms. Nhu Nguyen

CEO of Salt Tech Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Distinguished Guests

Members of the Media

Ladies and Gentlemen

Salam sejahtera and a very good morning.

It is my pleasure to be here today for the launching ceremony of Salt Tech Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

The year 2022 will see technology continue to dominate our lives. We live in a time where information is available at the touch of a button and is becoming more readily available than ever.

Not to mention, the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that technology can assist us in overcoming almost any challenge. The previous MCO, or Movement Control Order, has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies, especially online learning.

This is why I am enthusiastic about this new company as they are bringing great solutions together to create innovative solutions.

With the growing demand for online education and training, there is a greater need for more interactive solutions than simply video conferencing with students. Currently, the widely used online platforms, lacks the ability to be more interactive during class sessions.  

Fortunately, this is where Salt Tech comes into play. They provide trainers and trainees with a platform to deliver engaging content via their proprietary virtual classroom solution called Edulive, which allows interaction through the combination of video calls and interactive whiteboards.

I am confident that with such platform, Salt Tech Solutions would be able to help trainers and trainees to communicate faster and better with each other, progressing towards a higher quality of education even when it is done online.

This is also in line with our State Government’s Penang2030 vision to accelerate digitization and innovation to support economic growth. It’s crucial that we continue to invest in technology to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve.

With the uptake of the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), technologies that drive productivity and growth, innovation, and talent are imperative to speed up Penang’s digitalization journey along the way.

The current global pandemic has shown how important it is to embrace digital transformation in order to survive and thrive in the future. I am confident that Salt Tech is dedicated to assisting Penang businesses in adapting to these changes and preparing them for the next wave of technological advances.

For instance, with the launch of Salt Meet, we hope to bridge the gap between trainers and trainees regardless of location or language. Furthermore, providing support for digital marketing and website development services will ensure that businesses can leverage the latest web design trends and build user-friendly websites, resulting in increased business sales, which will aid in the recovery of our current economy.

To this, I must add that the Penang State Government is committed to achieving not only a knowledge-based economy, but also a flourishing digital economy that will create new opportunities for businesses and the education sector.

A fitting example is the Creative Digital District (CD²) @ Georgetown which is the pilot project under the State Government's CD2 initiative. It aspires to be an ecosystem of digital tech companies, both large and emerging start-ups, supported by a skilled talent pool, with a community made up of the tech professionals, residents and students.

It is my vision to propel Penang further in becoming a smart and connected city at the forefront, inspiring the nation towards more remarkable advancement in every aspect of digitalization.

As such, I would like to thank Salt Tech Solutions for its contribution towards making this a reality, and I wish you continued success.

With that, I hereby officiate the launch of Salt Tech Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Thank you.

Pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Tingkat 28, KOMTAR, 10502, George Town, Pulau Pinang